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Sandwich Recipe

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Sandwich Recipe
Sandwiches remain a popular snack and sometimes even double up as a meal. Check out simple sandwich recipes, from cucumber sandwich and club sandwich to chicken salad sandwich and sandwich wraps.

Hunger cramps wreak havoc on you .. and you need something quick. You can consider a sandwich - quick, simple and wholesome. Sandwich can be part of picnic lunch, midday meal and or eaten as a whole meal accompanied by soups, chips, coleslaw and salads. Sandwiches can be made with stuffed meat, vegetable or cheese in between slices of bread along with sauce and any seasoning. The flavor of the bread can be improved by buttering it or by coating it with flavored oil.

Sandwich takes its name after the 4th Earl of Sandwich. It is understood that he was fond of playing cards and did not want to break for lunch. He wanted to eat meat yet didn't want the meat to stick to his playing cards, and thus the sandwich was born. Check out more on chicken salad sandwich, tea sandwich, Cuban sandwich, cucumber sandwich and Panini sandwich. Pick up simple sandwich recipes. Read more on finger sandwich, egg salad sandwich, club sandwich and sandwich wrap.

Club sandwich

Also called the clubhouse sandwich, a club sandwich is usually prepared using three slices of toasted bread. Club sandwich is a double-decker sandwich and is cut into quarters before serving. Stuffing in the club sandwich is usually crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, bacon, turkey and mayonnaise. These are spread over a toasted slice of bread. Ham and chicken breast can be used in place of bacon and turkey. Use a sauce of your choice.

Club sandwich has its origin dating back to 1894 when this type of sandwich was prepared at the Saratoga club house in Saratoga Springs, New York. In England, King Edward VII and his wife Wallis Simpson were very fond of club sandwich. On one toasted slice of bread apply butter and place broiled and dry bacon (thin slice), place chicken or turkey on the next slice, lay a juicy tomato slice on one side and a crisp lettuce leaf on the other and coat it with mayonnaise. Cut in to desired shape and serve.

Sandwich wrap

Instead of eating sandwich in the same boring fashion, why not try sandwich wraps! Sandwich wraps are ideal for school lunches. Actually the Chinese began the wrap culture and used anything from celery to rice wraps to wrap up anything. The best base for a sandwich wrap can be tortillas; they are readily available in the super markets. When warmed up, they can be rolled to any shape and size. You can heat them in the oven or in a skillet or on a stove top and wrap them with a stuffing of your choice. Roll them and cut to desired shape and size before you serve.

Sandwich recipe

Tuna wonder sandwich

Tuna 2 cans
Celery 1 stalk diced
Onion 1 small one diced
Salt, pepper, mayonnaise, vinegar, white pepper
Butter and bread

Mix all the ingredients and serve on buttered bread

Picnic ham sandwich
Honey baked ham 1 pound
Mayonnaise ½ cup
Onion ½ chopped
Celery 2 stalks chopped
Pepper ¼ tsp
Oregano ¼ tsp
Tomato 1 sliced
Sweet relish 2 tbsp

Blend mayonnaise, sweet relish, ham, onion, oregano, pepper and celery. Ensure ingredients are coarsely chopped and mixed well. On each bread slice, spread this ham mixture and top it with tomatoes and celery and cover with another slice of bread.

Chicken salad sandwich recipe

With this chicken salad sandwich recipe, you can be sure to find many takers. Chicken salad filling for sandwiches is generally prepared from the leftover chicken by combining it with vegetables, pickles, curry powder and spices to enhance the taste. It has its origin way back in 1863, when Liam Gray mixed his leftover chicken with mayonnaise, grapes and tarragon and served his guest.

Chicken salad sandwich

Hard cooked eggs 2, chopped
Cooked chicken 1 cup, finely chopped
Sweet pickle relish 2 tbsp
Celery ¼ cup, finely chopped
Mayonnaise 1/3 cup
Softened butter 3 tbsp
Salt and pepper
Sandwich bread

Mix chicken, celery, eggs, sweet pickle relish, salt, mayonnaise and black pepper. Spread butter on bread and then spread the salad mixture and cut into preferred shapes. Chill it in a covered container until ready to serve.

Magic croissant chicken salad sandwich

Croissants 4, large ones
Grapes ½ cup, halved
Green onions 3 chopped
Chicken breast whole, poached, cooled and cubed
Celery 1 stalk, thinly sliced
Pecan pieces ¼ cup
Chives 1 tsp chopped
Curry powder ½ tsp
Mayonnaise ¼ cup
Lemon juice 2 tsp
Salt and pepper

Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl. Cut the croissants along its length. Fill the croissant with the mixed ingredients carefully with a spoon.

Cuban sandwich

Cuban sandwiches have their origin in Cuba around 1930. Authentic Cuban sandwich is prepared using Cuban bread; butter is applied on both the sides of bread after the bread is halved. Roasted pork, ham, Swiss cheese and dill pickles are thinly sliced and are kept in layers when they are cold. Pork is slowly roasted along with Cuban spices thereby giving the pork a unique citrus and garlic flavor.

A sandwich press 'plancha' is used to grill the sandwich until the bread is crunchy and the cheese melts. Cuban sandwich does not contain mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato. These sandwiches are Miami's favorite snack and can be best enjoyed at snack bars in the street corners called 'loncherias'. Tampa is another place that boasts of the best Cuban sandwiches.

Tea sandwich

Tea sandwich - A tea time snack served along with afternoon tea to take care of hunger pangs. White bread that has been thinly sliced is used to prepare this sandwich. The bread is buttered and the fillings generally used are light such as mayonnaise, cream cheese, fresh vegetables like cucumber, asparagus and radish. Fillings such as smoked salmon, egg salad, curried chicken, fruit jam also may be used.

The crust of the bread is cut off before serving. The sandwiches should be prepared in such a way so that they can be held and eaten with ease. White bread can also be supplemented with wheat bread, rye bread or pumpernickel. In general the sandwich should be small enough to be eaten in two mouthfuls. The sandwich can be cut into any shape and length.

Cucumber sandwich

Two thin slices of bread are cut in triangular shape and thin slices of cucumber are placed in between the buttered slices of bread. The bread is sliced very thin and buttered from end to end to hold the cucumber at its place; the cucumber is dried on a paper towel before placing it on the bread so as to remove excessive sogginess.

Cucumber has excellent coolant properties and is used widely in sandwiches in India during summer along with a dash of mint chutney. Cucumber sandwiches are popular in America too; benedictine (a green soft spread) cucumber sandwiches are served at many a summer gathering. Chopped dill or spices, cream cheese and salmon are other famous variations of the cucumber sandwich in the U S.

Panini sandwich

Panino is an Italian word and the plural is panini, which means small piece of bread. Panini is prepared by cutting a small loaf of bread straight across and stuffing it with ham, meat, and salami and cheese. Panini sandwich is grilled in a device also called the panini. In Italy, the most famous type of panini is stuffed with slices of roasted pork meat. Making use of the panini grill helps compress the sandwich uniformly without cutting off the stuffing.

Ciabatta rolls, foccacia or baguette are the best choice of bread to be used for making panini sandwich. The stuffing can range from vegetables to any meat of one's choice. Once the sandwich has been stuffed, smear oil on the exteriors and place it in the panini grill and remove when cooked. You can further cook the sandwich for a few more minutes if you want it hot and toasted.

Finger sandwich

Finger sandwich is small in size and can be easily eaten by holding between fingers. Other sandwiches have to be eaten either with one or both the hands, whereas finger sandwiches can be nibbled away using only the fingers. Often they are cut in the shape of fingers and served at cocktail parties or appetizers. Finger sandwich is made with white bread and the fillings are either vegetables, chicken, pimento cheese paste, egg salad, paste of vegetables or any meat. After the sandwich is stuffed, it is cut into thin long pieces or small triangles or circles.

Egg salad sandwich

A sandwich with boiled egg filling is ideal for picnic hampers and journeys. Egg salad sandwich can be used up to 48 hours when properly stored in a refrigerator. Both the egg and yellow are used in combination or alone. Generally egg salad is served on toast so that the bread does not get soggy. The bread slice can be buttered from end to end or you can apply mayonnaise. The egg salad should be placed on the toasted bread slice along with celery, paprika, olives or any toppings of your choice. You can remove the crust of bread if you prefer it that way.

Cucumber sandwich recipe

White bread 2 thin slices
Cucumber 6 thin slices
Cream cheese 2 tbsp
Tomato 1, sliced
Red wine vinegar 1 tsp
Olive oil 1 tsp
Lettuce 1 leaf
Pepperoni 1 ounce sliced
Avocado ½ mashed

Apply butter on the slice of bread. Spread cucumber, add vinegar and oil. Spread tomato and lettuce and pepperoni. Spread avocado on other slice of bread close and serve immediately.

Rye cucumber wonder sandwich

Rye bread - 8 slices
Cucumber - 20 slices
American cheese - 8 slices
Tomato - 4 slices
Lettuce leaves - 4
Cream cheese - 1 package (softened)
Dill weed(dried) - ¼ tsp

Mix cream cheese and dill weed in a bowl and spread on bread. Lay cucumber, tomato, lettuce, cheese slice and cover with another slice and serve.

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