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Safe Food Storage

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Safe Food Storage
Safe food storage is vital to good health and cooking. Peruse our guide on food storage containers and plan for safer and healthier food storage.

Whether you live to eat or eat to live, eating good food, safe food is an integral part of healthy living. And, food storage plays an important role in ensuring consumption of edible food, its nutritious value duly retained. This article provides you tips on food storage, which can help you to reduce and restrict the risks of food poisoning. These safe food storage tips in home help to kill bacteria, moulds and parasites, stops them multiplying and stops further transfer or spread. Ensure your food is nutritious, clean and fresh in all respects. Reduce wastage of food and realize value for money by using the right food storage container.

Importance of food storage

Improper food storage is detrimental to maintaining a good health regime. Proper food storage does not contribute to improving the quality of food but prevents quality deterioration. Proper temperature is vital to safe food storage as well as retaining its fresh appearance, pleasant aroma and texture.

  • Preserving food quality including retention of natural nutrition, flavor and texture

  • Preventing spoilage thereby reducing wastage

  • Ensures food safety. Prevents food-borne illnesses.

  • Categorize food items into raw, cooked or convenience foods.

  • Use appropriate containers – tin, plastic or wraps.

Safe food storage

  • Use containers with covers for safe food storage.

  • Do not store food directly on the floor.

  • Keep the food storage area clean and dry.

  • Select storage places that are not prone to temperature build-up

  • Opt for aluminum foil, plastic wrap or bags, glass or plastic containers for storing food items cooked or raw.

  • Use food storage containers only for their specific use.

  • Empty opened packs of sugar, dried fruits and nuts into screw-top jars or airtight cans to protect them from pests.

  • Never use containers not meant for food storage.

  • Keep raw foods away from ready-to-eat foods

  • Store raw food below cooked food.

  • Do not store food near cleaning products or other chemicals

  • Certain foods if opened may need to be refrigerated.

  • Follow instructions such as ‘once opened, refrigerate' or ‘once-opened, consume within 3 days'

  • Do not refrigerate foods such as rice, pasta and flour, tinned foods and unopened jars unless specifically mentioned

  • It is unsafe to store food in plastic containers that are not intended for that purpose.
  • Store cooked leftovers with care so that they are safe to eat later.

Food storage container

With a wide assortment of food storage containers to choose from, it can be quite a task to choose ones that are convenient and safe. Choose containers that keep food fresh and tasty. Be it cookies and cereal or nuts and spices, the right food storage container can go a long way in retaining its freshness and flavor.

  • Labeling food storage containers makes for easier handling.

  • Not all food storage containers can be safely used for storing or reheating.

  • Containers made of glass, ceramic or porcelain are safer when compared to plastic or polystyrene containers.

  • Choose flexible bags or freezer wraps to prevent color, texture and flavor changes.

  • Food storage containers made of moisture-vapor-resistant material that is durable, odorless and easy to clean are the best bet.

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