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Edible Rice Paper

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Edible Rice Paper
Cooked or raw, edible rice paper has a unique authentic taste. Learn how to make rice paper cakes and rice paper rolls.

If your party theme is homemade cuisine, surely delightful dumplings, muffins or cupcakes, mouth-watering ice creams, fresh spring rolls, Turron Spanish candy, cookies might find their way to the table. An important item used for these delicacies, the edible rice paper is pending. You need it for wrapping, decorations and baking.

Cooked or raw, rice paper has a unique authentic taste. If you are planning on making your own edible rice paper, look no further! Learn more about rice paper rolls and rice paper cakes.

Edible Rice paper uses

Baking sheet liner: While making cupcakes, edible rice paper is used as a lining material in order to prevent the batter from sticking to the pans during baking. As against an ordinary liner paper, if edible rice paper is used, one can eat the whole piece even without peeling off the paper cup.

Wrapper: Thicker edible rice paper is used to wrap dumplings and spring rolls and foods of this type. The Vietnamese use edible rice paper as a wrapper for fresh summer rolls or spring rolls and some sweet recipes. Referred to as banh trang or banh da nem, the rice paper becomes a wrapper around the spring rolls or any sweet ingredient.

Cake decorations: Homemade cakes can turn into professional looking cakes with little effort; decorate homemade cakes with objects made out of edible rice paper. A sheet of edible rice paper can be cut into any shape like flowers, trees, numbers, letter, animals etc. A food-coloring pen can be used to color the shaped paper. To decorate unfrosted cakes, the process is different. A stencil of edible rice paper, a food-coloring pen, a clean hobby knife and some granules can get the job done and the output can be truly professional.

Digital image: Taking a step further, scenery, pictures or photographs can be printed using latest technology with edible ink on the rice paper. The printed sheet is then embedded on the cake providing an extra edge for the celebration.

Conversation piece: Imagine guests getting to taste the menu card! Menu cards can be made with edible rice paper. It can be designed to fit with the theme of party, printed or hand-written with edible ink or non-toxic pens on edible rice paper. Table-toppers, edible gifts, accessories to decorate dining table in the shape of a shallow-bowl, leaves and table mats can be created using edible rice paper.

Making edible rice paper

You can pick edible rice paper from a nearby supermarket or online. Another option is to make your own edible rice paper. Here is an easy to follow edible rice paper making guide. Check out how interesting a project it is.

  • Rice flour - 1bowl

  • Water mixing bowl and spoon or a ladle

  • Cheesecloth

  • Large stockpot with a lid

  • Quilting hoop (measurement same as stock pot)

  • Spatula Rolling pin

  • Cooling rack.

Step 1: Transfer a cup of rice flour into the mixing bowl and add water slowly. The result should be a smooth rice flour paste of pouring consistency.

Step 2: Set the quilting hoop, place the cheesecloth on the hoop and tighten it.

Step 3: Place the stockpots on the cooking range. Pour water half its total quantity and let it boil. Simmer and continue to boil steadily.

Step 4: Carefully, place the quilting hoop with the cheesecloth over the top part of the stockpot.

Step 5: Use a cup, take some rice flour paste and pour on the cheesecloth. Use a spatula and spread it into a thin layer.

Step 6: Take the lid of the stockpot and cover it. The rice paper should be let to steam above the stockpot for 2-3 minutes.

Step 7:Slowly remove the stockpot lid and take off the quilting hoop as well. Now, place the hoop on a cooling rack.

Step 8: The steamed rice paper should be rolled onto the rolling pin. Unroll it again onto another cooling rack. Let it cool for 12 hours. At the end of it, edible rice paper is ready for use.

Rice paper rolls

Homemade edible rice paper is ready for use. Making rice paper rolls with fillings of your choice is not only easy but incredibly tasty too. Here is a guide to making rice paper rolls. Give utmost importance to every step, which ultimately decides a successful output.

You can use chopped up pieces of avocado, red pepper, scallion, shredded carrots, tofu, shrimp, crab, noodles, mango, peanut sauce, cucumber, peas, cabbage, cilantro, etc as fillings. Mix fillings with peanut butter to keep it together.

  • Fill a bowl with water

  • Heat water to lukewarm temperature.

  • Place a sheet of homemade edible rice paper in hot water for 30 seconds.

  • During the process, small tears are bound to take place but avoid large rips.

  • After 30 seconds, remove sheet from water and lay flat on a flat work area.

  • Prepare filling of your choice

  • Place filling near edge of the sheet.

  • Carefully fold either end of the sheet over the filling.

  • Roll it slowly.

  • Wet the ends and seal.

  • Rice paper wrapped rolls are ready.

Do not let the paper linger in water for a long duration; it can turn sticky and unusable.

Rice paper cake: Making your own rice paper cake provides a unique opportunity to make a cake of shape, color and design you desire. For instance imagine making a teddy bear cake, train cake, garden cake, night sky, personalized photo or person cake night sky cake with stars twinkling etc.

Required items: Rice paper, non-toxic crayon, scissors, edible piping gel and cake.

  • Decide the desired shape.

  • Accordingly choose cake shape and size (one or two layered)

  • Bake and ice the cake.

  • Lay a rice paper sheet on a flat work area.

  • Ensure smooth side of rice paper is up.

  • Draw desired design with a food coloring

  • Cut design with a hobby knife.

  • Cover the rough side of rice paper with edible gel.

  • Turn rice paper over and promptly position on top of iced cake.

  • After few minutes, the rice paper should disintegrate.

  • Use additional gels, tubes of icing to make it perfect.

  • Fill designs and make outlines brighter for an appealing finish.

Alternate method

  • Choose desired design and use printer to copy images or objects.

  • Ensure color ink jet printer is food-safe.

  • Use only special ink cartridges filled with food coloring.

  • Cut images or objects.

  • Bake and ice the cake

  • Follow remaining steps given above.

Rice paper salmon recipe

Salmon filets 18 ounce cut into equal portions
Rice paper 6 pieces 6 inch diameter
Chopped mint leaves 2 tbs
Chopped basil leaves 2 tbs
Chopped cilantro leaves 2 tbs.
Shredded cabbage 2 cups
Red or yellow bell pepper ½ cup
Green bell pepper ½ cup

Soak rice paper in Luke warm water for 15 seconds. Remove and lay on flat work surface. Sprinkle with herbs. Ensure smooth side of rice paper is up. Keep salmon filet in the center. Fold the bottom part, all sides and roll up. Keep folded side down on sprayed baking sheet.

Bake for 12-15 minutes at 400 degrees. Check if it turns brown lightly and is firm. Spread finely shredded cabbage, peppers over it. Rice paper salmon is ready to be served.

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