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Food and Nutrition Facts

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Food and Nutrition Facts
Whether you are looking for a mystical sauce that accompanies your Italian salad or the exotic Thai gourmet recipe,you will find plenty of information in this series of articles on Food.

Food is the sustaining force of life. Napoleon Bonaparte said that 'An army marches on its stomach'. Our body needs a minimum number of calories depending upon individual needs, for normal daily functions. Some foods add to our general well-being whilst others are detrimental to our health in excess quantities. Cooking is one of the oldest human activities. As society evolved, regional cuisine developed their own flavor and identity. Each region nurtured its own identity in the form of sumptuous culinary creations. Traditional recipes were passed down through the generations.

Cuisine is comparatively a restrictive term referring to only the cooking, serving and appreciation of food. It varies from one region to another, one culture to another and one season to another. We have in these pages try to cover as broadly as possible - a Gastronomic voyage - a melange of recipes - health implications of the ingredients and an ever expanding collection of recipes from all corners of the earth.

Food and Nutrition Guide

Our food and nutrition guide will focus on various regional cuisine. In addition, we will take a look at some specialty areas of cooking - desserts, baking and confectionery. We also take a look at various health food options - organic food, raw food, gluten-free food and the nutritional aspects of various foods. Our health food section will also focus on healthy cooking practices natural food and low-fat cooking.

Food and nutrition go hand in hand. Find out the nutritional benefits of many vegetables, roots and herbs. Find natural remedies in your food items, from antioxidant food to natural diuretics. Take tips on planning heart healthy meals, kid friendly meals and meals on a budget. Glean food and nutrition facts on brain foods, healthy meal planning and iron rich foods. Did you know the vast storehouse of nutrients in foods such as bamboo shoots, seaweed, wheatgrass and quinoa?

Food allergies are triggered by an immune system that releases massive amounts of chemicals and histamines. Our articles on food poisoning and food allergy give you a complete insight into the symptoms that characterize these conditions. Our food and nutrition guide examines the phenomenon of fast foods - their convenience and nutritional aspects as well as their repercussions on the dietary lifestyle of the young. well-planned meal goes well with the right beverages, be it wine, cider or cocktails. Our beverages section will set your taste buds tingling with an assortment of beverages. Learn to make a simple margarita recipe or non-alcoholic punch.

Regional food recipes

If you are seeking information and recipes on various regional cuisine - Japanese food, Mexican food, Thai food, Italian food or even Hawaiian food, look no further. We get you recipes ranging from crab cakes and hummus to apple crisp and meatloaf. Cook up a steaming hot Chowder, flip over a quesadilla or find comfort in a falafel.

Join us in this gastronomical expedition. Savor the flavors of distant lands. Look up various spices and condiments that go into flavoring meals. From the simple home cooked meals to gourmet meals and world cuisine, we have something for each one of you!

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