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High Satiety Foods

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High Satiety Foods
With high satiety foods, you can keep your weight under check. Eat well, feel full and satisfied, keep hunger pangs down for a long time, provide body with vital nutrients and shed pounds as well.

High satiety food is a diet weapon for anyone who is keen to satiate the high hunger hormones at work. In case you are on the lookout to outwit hunger pangs and shed pounds but at the same time eat well without compromising on food quantity, high satiety foods are the best choice. Check how high satiety food when combined with a healthy lifestyle helps beat excessive hunger, control appetite and keep body healthy, besides providing the body with essential fuel.

High satiety foods

A lot depends on the ability of the food to satisfy hunger. Some foods fill up better after just a few bites than other foods. These are high satiety foods, foods that provide fullness and have a high satiety factor.

When high satiety foods are consumed, it will make you feel fuller for a long period of time, help reduce cravings and extend the time between meals and gradually bring about a reduction in the number of meals you are used to. Here are some key features of high satiety foods that contribute to feeling full and satisfied.

  • A chemical compound in high satiety food is an influencing factor.

  • Anti-nutrients in certain high satiety foods contribute to feeling full.

  • More fiber, protein and water a food contains, the longer it will satisfy.

  • Satiety is strongly related to the weight of the food consumed.

  • Foods that weigh the most satisfy hunger best.

  • High satiety foods send signals to brain that you feel 'satisfied'.

High Satiety food guide

Australian researcher Dr.Susanna Holt from the University of Sydney, who propounded the Satiety Index, says 'Roughly speaking, the more fiber, protein and water a food contains, the longer it will satisfy.'

  • To feel full and at the same time consume few calories.

  • For shedding weight.

  • Anyone who has to reduce caloric intake.

  • Eager to eat satisfying foods and lose weight.

  • To avoid the overeating trap.

  • To control binge eating.

  • To get rid of a habit, 'on-the-go' grab.

  • To avoid succumbing to sweet and unhealthy snacks.

  • To get a desired body composition.

  • To avoid the cravings and grumbling stomach after 1 hour of mealtime.

List of High satiety foods

Most of the foods that are part of high satiety foods list are rich in protein, fat and fiber, which contribute to slowing down digestion and helping you feel full longer. If high amounts of carbohydrates are taken which tend to digest quickly, a feeling of hunger can creep in just after few hours.

Therefore, the key to eating a filling meal would be to include protein, fiber and carbohydrates in a balanced ratio. Check out what works best for you. In case the foods that you are eating aren't leaving you satisfied and full, it's time to give importance to selecting foods with high satiety levels.

It is not only important to know foods that are part of high satiety food index, it is equally important to know the satiety values and choose foods that are adapted to your system. Give due importance to your age, sex, occupation, life-style, habits etc. Also, refer the USDA Nutrient database. You can input all food and activities part of each day, and then calculate a nutritional and caloric assessment. It helps in building a healthful diet.

Eggs: Take scrambled eggs for breakfast or poached eggs on toast with whole meal bread. It can reduce your calorie intake at lunch and throughout the rest of the day because protein in eggs and fat helps curb appetite. If you are weary about the fat and high cholesterol levels, you may avoid the yolk but it has many beneficial ingredients.

It is mostly mono-unsaturated which is considered 'good fat'. Perfect protein, high satiety, nutritious, cheap, eggs should be part of a high satiety-eating plan. Research studies indicate eating two scrambled eggs for breakfast bring about a reduction in calories in the following 36 hours. Also, eating eggs for breakfast brings down the urge to snack in between.

Potatoes: It is a misnomer that potatoes are fattening. True, only if eaten in a wrong manner. Potato if eaten the right way extend numerous nutritional benefits. In fact, there is enough evidence to show that potatoes can actually aid in weight reduction. To take advantage of its fat resistant starch, eat potato in its low fat and low calorie format.

  • Mash a potato with garlic and olive oil

  • Toss potato with a host of other vegetables

  • Include fish or chicken and enjoy potato salad.

Salmon: Tasty, high in protein and an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, salmon is good for overall health, especially the heart. Best way to have salmon fish is to have them broiled or steamed. Steaming or grilling are the healthiest ways to prepare fish for rapid satiety and better overall health. Grilled salmon with steamed vegetables on the side is sure to fulfill the taste buds and make you feel satiated.

Whole-wheat pasta: Great variety to choose from and easy to cook, whole-wheat pasta (not the multi grain but whole grain) is very low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium, a good source of dietary fiber and rich in manganese and selenium. Low in glycemic index, whole-wheat pasta does not contribute to rising insulin level, keeps blood sugar levels low which is an important factor for consideration if a person is diabetic or is in the process of weight reduction.

Pasta is considered to be a very fattening food. It is not pasta but the flavorful sauces that are added which increase calories to the dish. To keep calories low, eat whole-wheat pasta topped with a low calorie sauce.

Broth based soups: High nutritional value, lower energy density, lower calories, promoting a sense of fullness with no restriction to volume consumed, these aren't the only facts that justify broth based soups as high satiety foods. A research study has two important facts for consideration. When broth based soups are consumed first prior to lunch, caloric intake at lunchtime is cut down by 20%. Secondly, a feeling of fullness extends for a long period of time even up to dinnertime.

Vegetables :Besides potatoes, most of the other vegetables have high satiety. The more bulky the vegetable and high in fiber, the satiety level will be high. Pumpkin, spinach, green leafy vegetables, asparagus, broccoli have necessary vitamins and minerals important for healthy living and the fiber provides roughage and contains antioxidants, that provide a feeling of satiety. While making salads with vegetables or fruits, make it fat-free dressing.

Porridge: Try whole grain porridge for breakfast and you will experience prolonged satiety for the next eight hours. Whole grain porridge can help you feel fuller for longer, mainly because it is high in fiber and starchy carbohydrates. A simple breakfast like oats porridge or rye porridge is a good source of a soluble fiber called beta-glucan, which helps to slow down the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates. To keep calories down, make oats porridge with water or semi-skimmed milk. Avoid sugar. Instead add honey. Add fresh fruit such as blue berries or a banana. This is sure to keep you satiated for a longer duration.

Fruits: Among fruits, apple, berries, bananas and oranges are considered to high in satiety levels. With high fiber levels, it makes you feel fuller. Make provision for one-third of the diet as fruits and vegetables. It aids in weight loss because the combination helps fill the stomach faster encouraging less high calorie foods to be consumed. Go for a variety of kinds and colors, to give your body the mix of nutrients it need.

Popcorn: Popcorn is a highly popular mini-meal that is part of a wellness plan. If you are looking out for a snack that provide health benefits, is easy to make, delicious, satisfying and satiating, popcorn is the best snack choice. Keep it low in calories. Use very limited butter and salt. The snack can fill the stomach and keep hanger pangs down for a long time.

Lean on protein: Consume a little bit of protein with each meals and snacks. It will help you to stay full; it prolongs satiety more than carbohydrates or fat. Include lean protein from meats, chicken, low-fat dairy, legumes, lentils and soy products. Adopt low-fat cooking methods like grilling and baking.

Here are some foods that can be part of a healthy diet. Though they are slightly calorie dense, when added in preparing a dish, they can contribute to a satiated feeling.

  • Peanuts, raisins, almonds, pecans and tree nuts have a very positive impact on satiety because of their protein and fiber content.

  • Lean protein sources like tofu, soybeans, beans, whey powder, chicken and turkey.

  • Greek yogurt or cottage cheese.

Tips to satisfy hunger and feel fuller

It takes 20 minutes for your stomach to signal to your brain that you have reached satiety. In the meantime, before or after eating, there are simple techniques that are useful to satisfy hunger and also feel satiated. Try one or a combination and check, which work best for you.

  • Start the day with a good breakfast. Increase protein intake.

  • A bowl of broth-based soup, a large plate of salad with a light dressing before meal, will make you feel satisfied and reduce intake of food when the main course arrives.

  • Reduce the number of flavors to a few or one. You can avoid overeating and achieve a sense of satiation quickly.

  • Pop a piece of peppermint gum into your mouth. The cool feeling will reduce your desire to eat and also makes you feel full and satisfied.

  • Feed the mind, eyes and nose first. The aroma, a look at a large portion of appetizing food works successfully in feeling full at the end of a meal.
  • Relax while eating and do not rush. Slow down and savor every bite.

  • Concentrate on your meal. Keep away from distractions. Be mindful of what you are eating.

  • Drink plenty of water. It drives out toxins from body and also discourages eating food or snacking out of habit or boredom.

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