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Low fat Chicken Recipe

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Low fat Chicken Recipe
Low fat chicken recipe need not be boring and bland. Enjoy delicious and healthy food by experimenting with low fat dressings, herbs and spices.

You love chicken recipes ? And your taste buds crave to go for it. But do you hesitate for fear of adding on the extra pounds and all that goes with it ? Low fat chicken recipes are simple to prepare, delicious to taste and healthy to eat. Low fat recipes need not be boring, bland and tasteless. Don't limit your cooking to merely the use of griddle and pan, flavors and colors. Cooking food in a particular style helps to determine your physical, psychological and emotional health.

Low Fat Cooking Techniques

Most of your favorite foods contain significant amount of fat. Though marginal amounts of fat is necessary to maintain good health, managing or reducing fat is the need of the hour to maintain good health. In a Chicken, drumsticks contain more fat than chicken breasts. Low fat cooking implies you use as little oil as you can. The Chinese use little oil in their stir fry technique. Traditionally in the West, one of the best known techniques to cook a bird is to use an oven. It uses less oil. It also makes the excess fat contained in the skin and elsewhere to drip.

All poultry are great for Roasting - from the small Spring Chicken to the large Turkey. But take care to use less oil to keep the meat from drying. Roasting turkey in a 500°F oven, will result in burnt outer layer as the heat will take longer to penetrate the inner layer. Equally, if you cook a Chicken in a 200°F oven, it will get overcooked before you see any browning. It would be a good idea to start with a hot oven to get the food browned first and then lower the heat to about 300° F to complete the cooking. You can tell if your roast is done by the juices coming out of the cavity. If they are pink and/or cloudy, the chicken is not ready yet. If the juices are clear, you are done. Or use a meat thermometer stuck between the thigh and the breast for a reading of 140°F when done.

To quote from Sous-vide Cooking technique : 'Cooking of meat releases the characteristic flavor - whether you grill or fry or bake. Every method of cooking results in a browning reaction called as Maillard reaction. When the proteins in the meat combine in certain way with the simple sugars, the outer layer turns brown which vary based on the temperature, moisture present in the meat, technique of cooking and the time. ...
The Maillard reaction, or its absence, helps us to distinguish the flavor of boiled/steamed meat from grilled or fried meat.'

Braise, stew or grill as you wish depending upon your mood. Try out our low fat chicken recipes that are quick to make and healthy to eat.

Easy Chicken Recipes

Get savvy and sensible and learn to cook your chicken or any other meat in a manner that saves time and cuts on the fats. Simple and easy low fat recipes are ideal for those who want to whip up a quick yet delicious meal that is not injurious to one's health and waistline. Make simple changes to chicken recipes to cut out the fat.

Prepare chicken nuggets by baking them instead of frying them. Make low fat chicken marinade with flour, paprika, freshly ground black pepper, low fat buttermilk, egg white and crushed cornflakes. Follow these tips to incredible yet delicious chicken recipes that are low fat content and simple, easy to cook.

  • Prefer skinless chicken parts
  • Cook chicken after removing skin
  • Choose boneless skinless chicken breasts
  • Trim visible fat from chicken before cooking
  • Avoid frying. Opt instead for broiling, grilling, roasting, poaching or boiling chicken
  • Use a sieve to drain any fat while cooking chicken
  • Do not use thick and rich sauces.
  • Egg yolks can be replaced with egg whites
  • Use a non-stick pan to minimize use of oil or butter.
  • Roast chicken on a rack so as to allow fat to drip away from the meat.
  • Season chicken dishes with wine, herbs, spices and low-fat yogurt.

Low fat chicken recipe with creamy caper sauce

1-1/2 lbs. boneless skinless chicken breast halves
1/3 cups all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons butter (unsalted)
2 shallots finely chopped
1/3 cup dry white wine or chicken stock
1/3-cup skim milk (evaporated)
1-1/2 tablespoons capers duly rinsed and drained for seasoning.

Pound chicken breasts lightly with a wooden mallet till they are about ¼ inch thickness. Heat butter in a thick nonstick pan and saute chicken till the pieces are golden brown and cooked. Drain off the chicken breasts. In the same pan, saute shallots for just 2-3 minutes. Add wine to the softened shallots. Let them cook for about 3-4 minutes over high heat.

Once the mixture is ready, reduce heat to medium. Add the evaporated milk while slowly stirring the contents for 2 minutes or until the sauce thickens. It is time to return cooked chicken and the capers to the sauce. Once the chicken is heated throughout season with salt and pepper to taste. Low fat chicken and creamy caper sauce is now ready to be served.

Low fat chicken Ole recipe

1 Teaspoon Vegetable oil
1 lb Boneless skinless chicken breast halves, cut into strips
2 cups Tomato sauce
1 lb Corn kernels
¼ lb Green chilies, chopped
1-1/2 teaspoons Chili powder
1-teaspoon Onion powder
¼ lb Tortilla chips (fat free)
1-cup Cheddar cheese (fat free), shredded

Add oil in a nonstick pan and heat over medium high heat. Add chicken and saute chicken, stirring frequently for 5 minutes. You can now add the other ingredients. Allow it to boil. Once the mixture is boiled reduce heat to medium and continue to cook for 10 minutes. Don't miss to stir occasionally. After 10 minutes, low fat chicken ole is ready to be served. Spread tortilla chips and cheese toppings just before serving.

Low fat Grilled Caesar Chicken

1-pound boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into small squares
2 cups rice
½ cup tomato, diced
½ cup Yellow, green or red bell pepper, diced
¼ cup basil leaves, chopped
8 table spoons Caesar salad dressing (fat free)

Cook the rice and keep aside. Fire up the grill at medium-low heat. This low fat chicken recipe is prepared in individual portions. Take aluminum foil pieces and place rice in each of them. Top it with chicken, diced tomatoes and bell peppers and chopped basil leaves. Drizzle some fat-free Caesar salad dressing over each portion. Seal each aluminum foil packet tightly. Cook on barbecue grill for about 25 minutes.

Baked Chicken Surprise

Chicken breasts (remove skin)
Egg (beaten)
Salt and Pepper

Mix flour and seasoning in a bowl. Mix water and a little water in another. Dip chicken pieces first in flour mixture and then in egg mixture. Place in baking dish with a little cooking spray. Bake in oven for about 15 - 20 minutes at about 375°F.

Tangy Chicken

Minced garlic
Chopped onions
Chopped celery
Chopped bell peppers
minced ginger
Olive Oil
Chicken portions
Dry sherry
Soy sauce
Pineapple chunks
Brown sugar

Saute garlic, ginger, bell peppers and chicken in a skillet with a little oil. Add pineapple chunks and cook for a minute. Combine soy sauce, sherry, sugar, salt and pepper and cornstarch and whisk till smooth. Add this mixture and cook again for a minute or two.

Quick and Easy Chicken Farmhouse

Chopped carrots
Chopped turnips
Chopped onions
Chicken portions
Chicken stock
Salt and pepper
Bay leaf

Place vegetables, chicken portions, bay leaf, stock and salt and pepper into a casserole. Cover and cook in an oven for about 1 hour.

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