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Barbecue Grilling Tip

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Barbecue Grilling Tip
This article lists out pertinent barbecue grilling tips that will go a long way in enhancing your barbecuing experience. Get set for an aromatic, succulent and tantalizing pieces of meat and poultry.

All beginner barbecue enthusiasts could do with some tips and tricks to come up with tantalizing and aromatic chunks of grilled food. Be it pork chops, steaks or beef burgers, our barbecue grilling tip would definitely perk up your barbecue meals and keep you and your family safe.

Barbecue grilling

Barbecue grilling refers to cooking food with charcoal or gas, directly or indirectly over the flame. Ideally food that involves short cooking duration, for example burgers and steaks are best suited for barbecue grilling. The intense heat turns the food brown, all that it requires is turning food a couple of times to facilitate cooking on all sides. The thickness and volume of the meat should ideally decide the method of grilling. Enhance the barbecue grilling process with aromatic wood chips of hickory, alder or fruitwood.

Pork chops, burgers or other items less than 2 inches in thickness are most suitable for grilling over direct heat. Foods with excessive fat, chops and sausages, which may drip, aren't considered for direct grilling. Whole poultry, larger cuts of meat like ribs and roasts do not require direct heat. In such cases, indirect grilling is suitable wherein the fire or heat source is from the sides or around the area where the food is placed for cooking. This comes with a provision to keep a drip tray underneath the food cooking area. Oil and fat that is likely to drip is collected in this tray and helps in avoiding flare ups.

Barbecue grilling tips - cooking

  • Light barbecue half hour before actual cooking starts

  • Ensure plate is heated up before you place meat

  • If refrigerated, ensure meat is defrosted half earlier

  • Marinate meat or poultry products well before grilling

  • Ensure food is cooked at a safe internal temperature

  • Use a food thermometer to monitor temperature

  • It is not safe to partially grill and continue cooking later

  • Ensure appropriate utensils are used for cooking and serving

  • Keep meat skewers oiled to prevent sticking while cooking

  • Never remove meat soon after it is cooked

  • Allow some time for the juices to settle.

  • Use separate utensils for raw and cooked foods.

  • A light coating of cooking oil or cooking spray to the grates will prevent food from sticking.

  • Cut food into similar-sized portions.

  • Use glass dishes or plastic containers for marinating food for grilling.

  • Never reuse marinating sauces; they may be contaminated with bacteria from the raw food.

Barbecue grilling tipssafety

  • Keep a fire extinguisher around while using the barbecue.

  • Set up your barbecue grill away from the house and enclosed space.

  • Be careful with little children and pets when barbecuing.

  • Steer the barbecue area clear of flammable items.

  • Heavy-duty oven mitts are a must-have when you set about barbecuing.

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