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Spa Vacations for Women

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Spa Vacations for Women
Whether surrounded by the fresh Swiss snow or the warm Hawaii sun, there are affordable spa getaways, luxury spa vacations, resort spas or just a day spa for single treatment amidst an active vacation.

Spa vacation spells relaxation, renewal and rejuvenation. Spa techniques and treatments vary from Ayurveda to aromatherapy. It could be health spa for medical treatment or a beauty spa for relaxation and stress relief. It could even be a spiritual retreat.

Spa vacations for women are available all over the world where one can probably combine the spa experience with a cultural expedition. A mother and daughter can combine spa vacation with classes in cookery, and the possibilities are as varied as the spas themselves.

Spa vacations for women

Across the globe, each country and continent offers its own unique spas. While hot springs and mud baths are unique to European spas, Asian spas are oriented toward Thai, Shiatsu and Ayurvedic massage therapies. Spa treatments in the Caribbean use lemon, lime and sea salts and North America uses the best world's techniques and adds several local flavors to the mix. Some spas offer yoga classes with a number of vacation options including surf camps.

Spas are safe vacations for single women. These health and detox spas soothe the body, enhance health and bring peace to the soul. Spa vacations also include luxurious accommodations, exercise regimen and a total wellness package at discounted and special tariff rates. Spa travel packages also afford opportunities for friendship, support and connecting with other women in some of the world's finest resorts.

Spa resorts for women

You can meet your friend for a delicious luncheon or get a pampering pedicure and manicure ... a spa resort is just the place where you can stop on your way home and rejuvenate in a steam or soak in mineral water dissolving the stress of the day.

At a spa resort for women you can get trims, exfoliates, rubs, polishes with wraps and facials and massages with moisturizers, lotions and oils, you can relax and emerge smelling delicious and looking and feeling great. Such spas also provide amenities including robes, towels, lockers and combination locks, shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, body lotion, antiperspirant, cotton swabs, razors and dryers and disposable slippers.

A destination spa resort for women is a full-immersion spa that provides an all-inclusive program such as fitness regimens, nutritious spa cuisine, various therapeutic spa and body treatments, educational sessions and healthier lifestyle.

Top destination spa resorts for women

  • Canyon Ranch at Tucson Arizona is probably the ultimate in 'wellness spa' for women. It has medical doctors, exercise physiologists and movement therapists in addition to the fabulous facilities offered in a 150 acre spread in the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains.

  • The Golden Door at Escondido California is yet another women-only spa with serene garden courtyards and individualized services.

  • The Lake Austin Spa in Austin, Texas is lavish and specializes in more than one hundred outdoor spa treatments.

  • The Lenox Canyon Ranch service in Massachusetts which is set in amazing woodland is committed to wellness and healthy living.

  • The Mii Amo in Sedona Arizona provides the 'Auro Soma' the hottest service which is a reading of one's life based on the colored bottles one chooses from more than a hundred.

  • The Red mountain spa in Utah is renowned for its hiking program and outstanding outdoor sports with kayaking and mountain biking with a fantastic spa cuisine and wine list in a beautifully designed resort. The Green valley in Utah which is a few miles away from the Red Mountains has a Golf learning center as ll.

  • Cal-a-Vie in California is an elegant weight loss spa decorated in European style. It follows a highly programmed exercise agenda with women-only weeks throughout the year.

  • A women-only spa in the Greenhouse, Arlington Texas aims at a weight loss program and periodically a 'fat flush' program as well.

There are various other spas in unique destinations in Houstonian hotel in Houston, Spa Vita di Lago in the Ritz Carlton in Las Vegas, Charleston Place in South Carolina, Boca Raton Resort in Florida and VIP spa suites at La Costa and Round Hill spa resort in Jamaica. These spa resorts offer beautiful setting and a menu of treatments for pampering and rejuvenation. While a spa vacation in Tuscany offer thermal waters rich in sulphate, calcium, fluoride and magnesium, the latest spa in Dallas offers a series of treatments aimed to achieve a perfect balance of body, mind and spirit.

There are top destinations worldwide that specialize in spas including resorts in Italy and Canadian - spas that boast of the old world charm with rejuvenating body treatments. Whether surrounded by the fresh Swiss snow or the warm Hawaii sun, there are affordable spa getaways, luxury spa vacations, resort spas or just a day spa for single treatment amidst an active vacation - the choice is entirely yours.

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