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Ecotourism Holidays

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Ecotourism Holidays
The most popular destinations for ecotourism holidays that would heighten the visitor's awareness of environmental issues include the African jungles, the savannahs of Southern Africa, Asian destinations like China and Indonesia, Central America and the wild outbacks of Australia and Canada among a host of other places.

If exploring nature without ruining its natural beauty and conserving the environment is your passion along with improving the lives of local people, you could visit protected places earmarked as ecotourism sites. Enjoy canopy walking to conservation, animal rehabilitation adventure and rich wildlife - ecotourism holidays could help you do this and much more ...

Ecotourism is all about nature, wildlife and culture. It is for the Eco conscious traveler to experience the world of glory while looking at the environment. Hike in New Zealand or shoot down its rapids in a kayak. Volunteer to help build wells and bring clean drinking water to the inaccessible rural communities in remotest Africa. Or simply indulge in a well-planned holiday that should have a minimum negative impact on the natural environment.

Ecotourism holidays in rainforests

Rainforest holidays could take the tourist to isolated beautiful places on earth - rainforests of the Amazon, Madagascar or Congo, to mention a few. Rainforest ecotourism involves both environment conservation and sustainable development - a truly exciting way to protect rainforests.

The growing of rainforests for the millennia is indeed a boon as it nurtures endangered species of plant and animal life. Ecotourists can enjoy the beauty and yet learn from the diverse species of flora and fauna living within.

On a rainforest holiday, you could simply spend days just bird watching or trekking, pondering and wondering over the plethora of exotic sights and sounds in the forest.

Ecotravel destinations

The most popular destinations for ecotourism holidays that would heighten the visitor's awareness of environmental issues include the African jungles, the savannahs of Southern Africa, Asian destinations like China and Indonesia, Central America and the wild outbacks of Australia and Canada among a host of other places.

Ecotourism holidays Kenya

The wildlife reserves of Africa are popular ecotourism destinations with their spectacular wildlife. Whether you stay in sustainability hotels or simply camp under the stars, this trip could be an unforgettable experience.

Kenya is a land of amazing beauty. A walk to the lakeshore and you can enjoy fantastic flamingo and other bird life that abounds here. Lake Nakuru National Park in East Africa and Masai Mara are some of the most prolific game parks in the world. Exciting walks, incredible skies and impossibly beautiful sunsets makes Kenya a truly magical destination for ecotravel.

The safaris leave the traveler with feeling of satisfaction as he/she makes positive impact on the environment and the people they visit. The African regions, especially afford a great learning for the environmental enthusiast offering a practical approach and solutions to sustain the ecology of these unique regions.

Among the oft visited ecotourism sites in Kenya are the Kakamega Forest in Western Kenya, which is one of the remaining tropical forests of East Africa other than the Arabuko Sokoke Forest at the coast. These areas astound the tourist with their bio diversity, offering a wide range of attractions, including birding, orchids and butterflies, hunting, fishing and water sports and interaction with local people.

Among the safaris available in Western Kenya are the folklore around the Lake Victoria, Africa's largest freshwater inland sea, bull fighting and cultural dances, sightseeing and viewing cultural sites includes Luanda Magere, Kit Mikaye and Thim Lich Ohinga. Other areas of interest are the Kisii Soaptones, Homa Hill and Simbi Nyaima.

Ecotourism holidays in the UK

There is definitely a lot more to holiday in the British Isles than Butlins and building sand castles at Skegness. Here is an eco travel destination with a great variety of accommodations and activities on offer for everyone - not only the sophisticated and discerning can have a great holiday in the UK, it could be a great holiday for the entire family as well.

The United Kingdom is bestowed with some of the world's finest countryside. From the Scottish Highlands down to the Brighton coast, the UK has some spectacular scenery, lovely weather and amazing wildlife - typical British delights.

Holidays in the diverse spiritual town of Glastonbury, scenic city of Edinburgh and legendary Loch Ness - Britain could also be a romantic gateway for an adventure weekend with kayaking and sailing and diving with houseboat accommodation and an apartment in any of the former Abbeys.

Savor the smoked salmon, cheddar cheese and asparagus. Wildlife enthusiasts can enjoy whale watching and basking shark conservation or just enjoy natural environment in one of UK's national parks such as New Forest, Pearl District and the Cairngorms.

Interestingly, there are plenty of trains to almost anywhere in the UK and this form of 'real travel' allows one to enjoy not only the destination but also the journey there as one can sit back with a good book and watch the scenery float from the window. Explore wonderful beaches, lochs, meadows, hills and forests within a few hours of leaving home.

Ecotourism holidays St Lucia

St Lucia is perfect for the nature enthusiast, adventurer, history and culture buff, eco tourist and fun lover. All beaches in St Lucia are open to the public even at the resorts. However, sunbathing nude is illegal.

An eco traveler could explore the banana plantations at the fishing village of Anse la Raye or visit the beautiful Marigot Bay and St Mark's - a property dating from the early 19th century. Cruising, horseback riding and music are all part of the engagement at St Lucia. Head inland to Mome Coubaril where the traditions of plantation life come alive and ride on horseback to sulfur springs - and then switch the mode of transport for the return.

Castries and lush Cul de Sac Valley are heavily cultivated with bananas. Hire a car and explore - drive along the East Coast and then head inland to the edge of the rainforest. Look out for that rare St Lucian Parrot, in your two and a half hour walk through the interior of the island - exotic flowers and orchids abound and green canopies above echo with bird song and animal calls.

Enjoy the wonderful land of John the Rastaman's 'La Tille Estate' and travel by bus upward to Morne Fortune or through the banana plantations to the fishing village of Anse la Raye. The recently restored Sikwi sugar mill and plantation dates back to the 18th century and it stands in a lush fruit and flower garden with majestic mountains forming the backdrop.

A magnificent view of the harbor and the coastline right up to the northern tip of the island on the horizon is bound to leave the eco traveler astounded.

Ecotourism Belize

The ancient Mayan civilization of Belize and the harmonious multicultural society that encompasses Belize are assets that provide a wealth of ingredients to the eco tourism industry. The challenge is to preserve these resources for the benefit of future generations.

In Belize most hotels, resorts and private homes obtain water for drinking and washing from cisterns that tap rain water. Electricity costs in Belize are among the highest in the world and by conscious utility usage, the tourists are advised to turn off the air conditioner when there is really no need or when the guest is leaving the room.

Belize is the second largest barrier reef in the world and it boasts of several underwater attractions. But the marine eco systems here are extremely fragile and the mere act of touching a coral can kill it. Eco enthusiasts are advised not to touch the coral when they dive or snorkel and make sure that the fins do not kick sand up into the coral.

Dive operators in Belize are well trained in reef protection. As for traveling in Belize wilderness, it is best undertaken in the company of trained and experienced local guides. When hiking in wilderness conservation areas, it is best to stay on the trail. Do not sample delicate vegetation or remove any form of plant life.

Eco tourists are further advised not to disturb animal assemblages and bird colonies. Not to approach, surround or chase animals. Never remove animals or birds from burrows, dens, caves, nests and cavities.

In Belize, waste of any type must be disposed off in designated water disposal containers or landfills. There is an ongoing research in Belize and travelers are advised to 'be quiet and unintrusive'.

Ecotourism Costa Rica

Home to astonishing abundance of tropical flora and fauna, Costa Rica has long been a Mecca for the ecologically minded traveler.

Costa Rica is world famous for ecotourism and in minimizing environmental impacts and it serves as a model of improving local economies and preserving cultural traditions. It has a well developed infrastructure.

The famous Corcovado National Park is one of the most important and pristine national parks. This is the most biologically intense places on earth, according to National Geographic.

The Hacienda Baru National Wildlife Refuge and Lodge are situated on Costa Rica's Southern Pacific Coast. This region is of distinct natural beauty and covered with mountains that rise up from the dramatic Pacific coastline. An orchid and butterfly garden exists about 7 km from the pristine beach. Costa Rica boasts of 850 species of birds including the exotic varieties like toucan, scarlet macaw and the resplendent quetzal.

Ecotourism Puerto Rica

There is so much for the eco tourist in Puerto Rica. The Guanica Dry Forest Reserve covers 1640 acres of land and is officially a United Nations Biosphere Reserve. Puerto Rica boasts of 700 species of plants and twelve major trails.

Rio Camuy Cave Park is a 300 acre network cut through limestone eons. Caguana Indian Ceremonial Park was built by Taino Indians 1000 years ago for recreation and worship and is circled by mountains outside the towns of Utuado near Tanama River. Arecibo Observatory with its 20-acre dish is the largest radio telescope in world. The 316 acre of Las Cabezas De San Juan Nature Reserve covers a peninsula on the north east most corner of the island and are a warren of ecological communities.

The recently opened El Portal Tropical Forest Center with a theatre, pavilions and displays is a must visit for the Eco tourist. The offshore islands of Culebra and Vieques and the west coast beaches such as Rinconis El Faro Park is likely to sight passing whales.

Sustainable ecotourism

With more and more people becoming aware and learning to travel responsibly, Eco tourism is gaining popularity. Lovers of nature and companies that provide nature tours have come together in common concern to conserve eco tourism.

Sustainable tourism, ecotourism and responsible tourism are popular terms used to describe particular ways of travelling that will affect the environment and local people. An ecotourism holiday may be a walking holiday or holiday for animal conservation, a desert tour and much more. Among the various countries mentioned, Belize has made pioneering community based tourism projects that directly affect the rural community in the country.

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