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Kayaking Trips

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Kayaking Trips
Kayaking is one way of getting straight into the heart of the great outdoors. From kayaking in the coral waters of the Bahamas to sea kayaking in Croatia, kayaking trips make for an adventure holiday.

Kayaking is a great exercise. Kayaking is one way of getting straight into the heart of the great outdoors. The adventurous traveler can get close to glaciers and twisting fjords and snake through estuaries teeming with bird life. As trips vary in length and level of challenges, there is a sea kayaking holiday to suit everyone.

Apart from their spectacular and picturesque indulgence in Mother Nature, kayaking trips can be occasions for fun and friendship. Whether it is two friends wanting to explore the ruins of Turkey or a family willing to kayak at Costa Rica, kayaking can do wonders to immerse you in a magical experience, if you are willing to dare.

Sea kayaking

  • Kayak sailing

  • Expedition trips

  • Surf kayaking

  • Kayak fishing

Kayak sails by and large enhance the kayaking experience. These sails are for recreational kayakers. Expedition trips that include overnight camping are usually popular with recreational kayakers who combine the pleasure of kayaking with watching wild life. Modern sea kayaks are designed to carry large number of equipment and designed to handle best when loaded.

Very closely related to sea kayaking are surf boards which require surfing and kayaking skills. There are a wide range of kayaks specially designed for this wave surfing sport.

Kayak fishing is another popular game. These kayaks for fishing include specially designed hatches, built-in rod holders, catch bags and equipment mounts. Contemporary kayaks come equipped with anglers, halibuts and cods and pelagics.

Touring kayaks

The sea kayaks are seaworthy boats and come with a covered deck and ability to spray deck. They are built for comfort on long sojourns. A sea kayak ranges between 10 -18 feet in size and up to 26 feet for tandem craft. The width may range from 21 feet up to 36 feet.

It is interesting to note that the contemporary sea kayaks originated from the native Alaskan boats which the hunters developed to hunt seals and walrus. The ancient kayaks were built with a light wooden frame and they were covered with sea mammal hides.

It is amazing to discover that archeologists have found evidence indicating that kayaks were nearly 4000 years old. Wooden kayaks, fabric kayaks with wooden frames were popular till about 1950 when fiberglass boats were first introduced. It was in 1984 that the rotomolded plastic kayaks first made their appearance.

Modern kayaks come in different shapes, sizes and designs. Modern folding kayaks are made of aluminum frames and the seal skins are replaced by synthetic water proof fabrics. These folding kayaks can be easily disassembled and packed for transport.

Kayaks created for recreation are shorter with wide beams and large cockpits. Sit-on-top kayaks are rotomolded boats without enclosed cockpits. These are hull shaped kayaks.

Kayaking expeditions

Sea kayaking is a wonderful way to view awesome coastlines, flora and fauna. From Alaska to Chile, Bahamas to Tibet, Costa Rica, France, Greece or Greenland, Iceland or Brazil, sea kayaking is absolutely adventurous.

Specialist operators across the world offer a wide range of amazing holiday expeditions across the globe. There are several exotic locations for kayaking across the coasts of the US, UK, Scandinavia, Croatia, Chile, Mexico, Canada, Turkey and Thailand.

Kayaking in the Bahamas

Kayaking in the true coral islands of the Bahamas is an awesome experience. These fringed white coral sand beaches with living reefs of outstanding beauty attract many visitors. The Exuma cays land and sea park were created in 1959. This place is famous for its pristine beauty and breathtaking marine environment. It is a protected environ with fishery reserve in the wider Caribbean. A seven mile paddle per day should be fun.

The tropical winds are light and variable in this part of the world. The pristine reef is also perfect for snorkeling. Other than kayaking, beach combing, sunbathing and relaxing are all possible here. A variety of bird life is found in the thick mangroves in many uninhabited islands here.

Fjords of Uummannag, Greenland

The climate here is high arctic desert and the day long sunshine is sure to tan your skin. In summer Uummannag has nearly 2000 hours of sun. Ice floating is a common sight here. For a kayaking vacation in clear waters cherishing nature, this is the perfect place. Since there is no night as such in Uummannag, you can explore and take pictures all day long.

Paddling amidst smaller fjords within sight of the Greenlandic ice caps could be breathtaking, while distant glaciers gleam in the warm sun, and 1500 foot gneissic rock walls rise beside the traveler.

Washington's San Juan Islands

This kayaking experience will provide the discerning traveler an opportunity to view the orca whales in the wild. Orcas are constantly on the move and they swim at about 100 miles per day. So safety and respecting the wildlife are top priorities during kayaking trips in these areas.

The evergreen cloaked coastline of the Pacific Northwest San Juan Islands houses a magnificent breach of the orca whales which can kill. The graceful blows of the foraging porpoises and the bald eagle gliding peacefully overhead the evening skies are sheer delight indeed. Great weather, clear deep waters, unpopulated and unpolluted beaches and abundance of wildlife in sheer proximity to Seattle and Vancouver BC - a truly great kayaking expedition.

Kayaking in San Juan Islands archipelago should be a spectacular experience with the seabird. Full day kayak tours along the west side of San Juan Islands are picturesque to say the least. The serenity of San Juan is absolutely wonderful.

Multiple San Juan Island kayak vacations take the sailor through a chain of islands. These trips could range from two to six days and first class kayak camping and luxurious inns are available for stay. Kayak bicycles from inn to inn are a common sight here.

The Florida Everglades

Kayaking trips in the Florida Everglades through sunset and sun rises in the privacy of the long white beaches is sheer pleasure. The crystal seas, mangrove mazes, dolphins and manatees, rays and tropical bird filled islets and sun kissed beaches, Florida Everglades is truly a natural escapade for the adventure seekers.

With warm winter temperatures of 65 to 80 degrees, the Everglades are South Florida's most exciting kayaking vocational destination. The Calusa and Tequesta natives, West Indian manatee, stone crab and spiny lobsters should compliment your adventurous spirit.

Kayaking in Croatia

Sea and river kayaking are becoming more and more popular in Croatia. Spring and summer are the best times for river kayaking when the rivers flow high. Sea kayaking should be perfect in warm summer weather. As there are many sharp rocks in this part of the world, a polyethylene kayak is the best for sea kayaking.

The four rivers of Karlovac - Dobra, Mreznica, Korana and Kupa are best for river kayaking. The Dobra River has a magnificent canyon which provides one of the best kayaking and rafting routes in Europe. The Cetina River which springs from the foot of the Dinara Mountains near Vrlika and empties into the Adriatic near Omis is another popular venue.

For sea kayaking in Croatia, the Elafiti Islands with Kolocep, full of fruit orchards and pebble beaches, Lopud with its 16th century churches and Sipan a favorite of the Dubrovnik aristocracy are most suitable destinations.

Many of the islands are uninhabited and there is no traffic here. Dense pine woods and gorgeous botanical gardens, sub tropical Mediterranean species and natural sandy beaches await the kayakers. The Dalmatian stone architecture and Renaissance palm gardens are exceptionally beautiful and not to be missed.

Canada kayaking tours

Sea kayaking in Canada, in British Columbia and the beautiful Vancouver Island can take the adventurer to the killer whale waters of Johnstone Strait - the home of the largest pods of killer whales in the BC coast. The Vancouver Islands rugged and beautiful Pacific Coast can help the kayaker reach remote Nuchatlitz Marine Park - a voyage of discovery along remote beaches and coves besides waters inhabited by a variety of sea creatures from whales to sea otters, black bears, eagles and the occasional cougar or wolf.

Currents, winds and the best camping spots await the kayaker. Desolation Sound - a maze of islands and fiords on Vancouver Island's East coast flows with warm waters. Lush forests, abundant wild life and Mediterranean climate, soaring peaks and coastal mountains - the traveler can tumble to the water's edge in a jumble of river mouths. Kayaks are a perfect way to visit this majestic and unspoiled area.

Johnstone Strait is the best place on earth to see the Orcas in the wild. The Orca whales return to the waters to feed, play and rub their bodies on the pebble beaches of the world famous Robson Bight. The friendly whales (inappropriately named killer whales!) come up close while paddling a sea kayak. Playful dolphins, sea lions, harbor seals, minke whales, eagles, black bears all abound here. Enjoy spectacular scenery through the world famous Seymour Narrows, and paddle in the realms of the Orca regardless of the wind or waves.

Kayak Chile

The rivers of Chile are ideal for kayaking which is popular in the Gulf of Ancud in the northern Patagonian region of Chile. And you need not be an expert in kayaking to enjoy the fun. The magical beauty of the fjords, the towering mountains, the breathtaking glacier rivers and enchanting landscapes and the undiscovered canyons offer a kayaking experience of a different kind indeed.

The crystal white water rapids of the Futaleufu in the northern Patagonian region takes the kayaker along a snake like movement through the neck of the thick evergreen forest bordered by towering granite cliffs. Adventure seekers can enjoy rolling out their sleeping bags on the banks of the river and watching the twinkling stars above them. In the north of Chile between Lake District and the Patagonian region is the haunt of kayaking enthusiasts.

The Baker River, Espolan River and Avsen region are fit for white water kayaking. The southern region on the Serrano River in Torres Del Paine the waves are mild and an ideal choice for kayakers. The Chile Sea is exciting for those who brave white water rapids. You can kayak through the magnificent waters and watch seals and dolphins pop up beside her, and watch the flocks of penguins basking in mild sunshine. Each region of Chile has its own special kayaking facilities and one can experience a life-time mingled with a daring adventure to think and talk about.

Sea kayaking in Turkey

Sea kayaking is particularly special in southwest Turkey. This is a chance to discover steep rugged cliffs, deserted sandy bays, deep clear water, natural hot springs and many a wild life types. Fascinating ancient ruins in remotest of locations, camping on sheltered bays, snorkeling to admire sea life - kayaking should let you experience a wilder and more natural Turkey.

The beaches of the Turquoise coast over the sunken city at Kekova along the coast past ancient ruins from Lycian, Roman and Byzantine times should offer great insights for kayakers. The Koycegiz Lake, the Dalyan delta and the coastline between Dalyan and Gocek Bay has many charming islands and bays. This is a chance to discover steep rugged cliffs. Among the dotted ruins, the most impressive is the Tombs of Kings, rock tombs cut into the cliff at Caunos.

Kayaking is an opportunity to explore the Turtle beach, a long stretch of 6 km island and the nesting ground of the endangered Caretta or sea turtles, the maze of channels through the reed beds, passing beneath the impressive Lycian rock tombs build in sheer cliff face.

Kayaking in Thailand

Away from the crowded beaches of Phuket are deserted lagoons and islands of Thai, ideal for kayakers. The Phang Nga bay from Phuket's Ao Por Pier is perfect for kayaking into the lagoon - the emerald bay on the western Andaman coast of Thailand. Here, over 160 limestone islands litter its breadth with sheer cliffs rising straight out of the sea - romantic and idyllic at once.

Whether on fresh or salt water, Thai rivers are stunning and unique for kayaking experience. Enjoy the Hong and rock gardens, wild life observations, swim in hot springs - this is fun and adventure at its best!

Phang Nga is vast and it could take weeks to kayak - one could swing on the Tarzan beach on vines from rocks, see huge shoals of anchovies and cigar fish, drift silently listening to the monkey calls and explore Hlam Tang, the largest Hong yet. Koh Yao Nai, the bay's second largest island to its neighbor Koh Yao Yoi, with its tiny villages, beach huts, massage stalls and rubber farms is charmingly traditional and immaculate with its luxurious sea views and magic strip of deserted sands.

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