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Budget Motels

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Budget Motels
Regardless of whether it is a small town or a big city, there is always a budget motel or hotel that fits the traveler's needs and budget. Look for tips on checking out low cost motels and budget inns. Find out how you can get budget hotel rooms.

Regardless of whether it is a small town or a big city, there is always a motel or a hotel that fits the traveler's needs and budget on the way. Indeed Paris, which is one of the world's most expensive cities with top tourist attractions, boasts of best budget cheap hotels of high quality. This way much of the tourist's cash can be conserved for finer things, be it a fabulous dinner or an incredible shopping spree. Look for tips on checking out budget motels and budget inns. Find out how you can get budget hotel rooms.

Budget hotel rooms

When traveling to another city or town it is imperative for a budget conscious traveler to look for a hotel or a motel that is affordable and comfortable. There are curious travelers who would want five star luxury on a three star budget. Here, choosing the right destination becomes vital.

There are cities and hotels in this world where one can find 'affordable luxury' and just $ 120 can buy a night of five star indulgence. Alternatively, two people sharing can spend $ 60 each and still go in for a five star room in exotic long haul locations, from Bali to Buenos Aires or Cairo to Liston to the mystical Marrakech or in historical Rome.

Nowadays, in Eastern European cities there are increasing number of hot spots and favorite haunts for just 100 pounds, be it is Warsaw, Budapest or Berlin. Whereas in Cape Town or Beijing which are fast emerging, 100 pounds could buy a four star room and in some European capitals such as London, Paris or Venice, the same amount of money can fetch a three star facility. In world's most expensive cities such as New York, Moscow or Nice, only a two star quality can be found for this price.

In this context, one should not fail to mention budget hotels in Dallas city. This is one place in the world which provides most gorgeous and luxury sitting in the rooms accompanied by amazing quality of service at an economical pricing. Budget hotels in Dallas city are nicely designed and well maintained, quite unusual from other expensive hotels.

The wall color combination, wooden items, artwork and matching floor convey a simple message that budget hotels are made keeping the tourist requirements in mind. The budget hotels here provide sufficient staying space, neat and clean bathrooms, king sized beds and suitable mattress - all at reasonable rates.

There are budget hotels that provide some value added services like Cable TV, Magazines, Newspapers and high speed wireless Internet connections which could make the tourists very comfortable.

Low cost motels

Motels were originally built to accommodate adventurous travelers and marketed as driver-friendly for motorists to drive right up to their rooms. A motel is a hotel which is convenient for people who wish to be able to have quick access from their parked car to a hotel room. Many folks traveling on a budget prefer to stay in a motel where they can still pay the lowest cost for the best possible room. In general it can be observed that lodging establishments charge nightly rates of less than $60 for the budget category. However, the price and the amenities that go with it can vary greatly at budget motels.

For instance in an upscale budget motel, which accounts for 25% of all lodging units in the US, which cater to business travelers and tourists, fitness centers, complimentary breakfasts, premium movie channels and other luxuries are offered. Whereas in a low end budget motel which accounts to 13% of lodgings in the US, none of the above luxuries are offered but the charge, noticeably is only $ 20 to $ 45 per night. Again the room rates in a motel chain vary significantly by location, season and day of the week.

Though traveler's can expect only a few amenities when compared to a hotel, the clear advantage is 'saving money'. The savvy traveler who is keen to cut down travel costs does not want to spend the bulk of vacation money on boarding and lodging expenses.

Australia for instance has a diverse range of quality motels. All major cities in this country Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Hobart have a high number of motels and the price ranges from budget to luxury. Whether it is travel on business or leisure, there is a right motel to suit every budget. Some budget motels offer laundry facilities, private spa, sauna, gymnasium and children's playground as well.

Similarly, all over America there are small family-run motels. Though they seem to have received much less exposure on the web, sites like have emerged to provide resources needed to find these often overlooked travel destinations.

Budget inns

Most highway inns feature heated tropical pool, free barbecues, gourmet coffee and cookies, bicycles, newspapers, movies and so on. To chance on a budget inn, there are sites like which provide such vacation rental deals online for a discounted price.

Most budget inns are often located enroute international airports, beaches or tourist spots. For instance, a tourist traveling to Memphis can stay at a budget inn which should offer complimentary continental breakfast and should be just minutes from downtown the charming Memphis and Graceland. Inns are here to stay especially on the express highway and if any traveler needs to take a break, here is a viable alternative to relax. And naturally, the target clientele for budget inns are usually the professional drivers and economy and cost conscious travelers.

While the standard basic price for a night stay at a budget inn would range from $ 40 to $ 80 there are inns that are available at a lower cost of $ 30. Much of the facilities and amenities offered would clearly depend upon the price tag. Price range of a slightly better inn would be $ 90 to $ 140. One can enjoy a spacious suite with comforts of home here.

A cost conscious traveler should be aware of the various kinds of discounts offered at most of the hotels/motels.

  • The American Automobile Association (AAA) for a fee of $ 60 per individual offers a year long membership. There are numerous advantages of this offer including towing for stranded vehicles and discount lodging rates.

  • The American Association of Retired Persons offers a 10% to 15% discount on services such as hotels and motels.

  • Those traveling to participate in a conference or convention could very well check with the hotel desk clerk if the sponsoring organization has set aside some rooms as block of rooms at reduced rates.

  • Normally, those invited as speakers or presenters at a conference get to pay only half of their lodging cost as the host organization pays the balance dues.

  • Those who are members of the armed forces and government employees enjoy many discounts to a wide range of services including hotels and motels.

  • Those traveling unexpectedly due to a family member's illness or death may be able to get a room discount at a hotel or motel. It should be better to call the local inns to inquire about this option before booking the room as some offer this type of discount while others do not.

  • It is always recommended while making travel plans on the phone with a motel reservation clerk, to check if any 'low rate' room is available. There may be motel rooms that remain un-booked close to the check in time and instead of not renting them, there are managers who offer a discount on last minute arrivals, although some discounts of this type may also be offered in advance.

Budget hotels online

Quickly and easily obtaining necessary information on hotels and motels is paramount to planning. These days there are enough number of online reservation portals that offer hotels worldwide for online reservation. There are web sites specializing in online hotel booking for cheap hotels and discount hotels on instant basis. These web sites are pretty easy to navigate and it is not difficult to book any discount hotel or cheap hotel anywhere in the world.

For instance, is one of the most visited in the 'Hotels/Accommodation provider' category according to comScore Media Metrix (Dec-Jan 2007). More than 80,000 quality hotels worldwide with a price guarantee in at least 40,000 of them is provided by this site. What is more interesting is the fact that offers a guaranteed price promise and if a customer can find the same deal for a lesser amount, then this site assures to match it. Travelers can well book online or contact multi-lingual call centers for their requirements.

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