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Womens Shoes
Womens shoes come in a mind-boggling range of styles, colors and shapes. Take a few tips on selecting athletic shoes, bowling shoes and dance shoes.

Most women are fussy about their shoes, and rightly so! While some look only for comfort, others are particular about the style and fit. Casual shoes, walking shoes, designer shoes and bridal shoes - the list is endless! Bridal shoes come in an exciting array of colors and designs. Ballerinas and dancers have special dance shoes. Choose bowling shoes and walking shoes carefully. Athletic shoes play no small role in the performance of the sportsman. Take a walk though our shoes store guide and acquaint yourself with designer shoes and take a few tips on selecting womens shoes.

Womens shoes shopping

There are different women's shoes for various occasions - the classic black or neutral shaded pump for formal wear, strappy sandals or sexy shoes for the evening out, casual shoes that go best with your jeans and beach shoes. Choose shoes that work well with your dress, its color, look and hemline. This can go a long way in enhancing your overall appearance. Ill-fitting shoes can cause corns, calluses and blisters and even lead to foot and heel problems. Pregnant women must take care of their feet by going in for safe and comfortable pump shoes. Pumps are lightweight and strapless shoes that can be easily slipped into. Shoes shopping tips that can help you make good purchases:

  • Go shoes shopping in the afternoon or evening since the feet expand at the end of the end due to physical pressure and temperature.

  • Try on the shoes and test them for comfort and fit. The biggest toe must have enough space to wiggle. Your heel must not slip in and out of the shoe.

  • Wear your socks or stockings when trying out various styles at the shoes store.

Prom shoes

Choose prom shoes that suit the tone of your prom dress. If you want to opt for a formal style, go in for sexy shoes with high heels. You can find them embellished with crystals and metallic designs for the added sheen. Ankle tie straps or sexy shoes in exciting colors are a favorite for prom night. If you do not want to opt for shoes, go in for strappy sandals.

Bowling shoes

Athletic bowling shoes have a sliding sole on both shoes. These are ideal for novices and beginners. Performance bowling shoes are created especially for superior bowling performance. One shoe is designed for traction while the other is created especially as a sliding shoe. Such bowling shoes are designed for right handed and left-handed players since the shoe for sliding is the one opposite to the hand you bowl with. The braking shoe has higher friction material in its sole. Choose bowling shoes that fit right - not too tight, not too loose. Padded linings and collars can provide additional comfort and improve balance. Bowling shoes with breathable uppers are ideal.

Athletic shoes

An athlete needs to pay special attention to his shoes. A well-selected pair of athletic shoes can prevent injuries and provide comfort to the feet. Athletic shoes with additional cushioning work well for persons with high arches. Flat feet benefit from shoes that are rigid. Guide to buying athletic shoes:

  • Wear your sports socks when trying out sports shoes
  • There should be sufficient space between the longest toe and the tip of the shoe.
  • Lace the sports shoes when you try them on for fit

Walking shoes

Walking shoes must not have high heels and flared soles. Flexible walking shoes offer comfort to the walker as they allow you to bend the foot at the ball of the foot. Cushioned shoes are good for long distance walkers. A shoes store specializing in athletic and performance shoes will be the right place to try out the fit and comfort of a pair of walking shoes before making a decision. Walking shoes that do not allow for good foot flexibility may cause injury and pain to the feet.

Tennis shoes

A tough sport like tennis requires tough shoes - shoes that are durable and meet the sportsman's needs. If you are a hard court player, choose tennis shoes with durable soles. A clay or grass player does not face as much stress on his feet. Choose tennis shoes with lightweight cushioning. Polyurethane offers dense cushioning but can add to the weight. A player with pronated feet needs tennis shoes with lateral support to take the strain off the knees and ankles. Flexibility is a key element in tennis shoes. They should allow for natural bending at the ball of the feet.

Designer shoes

If you feel like splurging on a pair of designer shoes, you will be spoiled for choice - the range is wide and the shoe styles range from stylish and chic to outlandish and sexy. Be it designer shoes from Dolce and Gabbana, Prada or Ferragamo, Miu Miu or Emilio Pucchi. You can even personalize your designer shoes by opting for higher or lower heels, to suit your requirements. Designer shoes with frosted silver leather or those studded with Swarovski diamante buckles can set you back by several hundred dollars. You can pick them up for shoes stores in neutral shades of beige or brown or champagne or classic black. Choose suede leather or faux snakeskin or calfskin or even gold lame.

Wedding shoes

Wedding shoes are part of the bridal wear and must be coordinated to suit the gown, its color, length and style. Since the times of Queen Victoria, white shoes have been bridal favorites. It could be white-heeled pumps or snowy white sandals or slingbacks or ballet type slippers. The bride must choose wedding shoes with heels that she is comfortable with. Stilettos may not be comfortable for long hours on your feet as well as dancing. While some brides opt for platforms others are comfortable with open toed sandals.

Wedding shoes in satin or silk can be chosen to complement the gown. The details on the gown can be replicated on the bridal shoes with lace and pearls and crystals. The wedding shoes range from Kenneth Cole and Nina cater to all types of brides, from the conservative to the daring. Another option for bridal shoes is to get them dyed to match the bride and bridesmaid's gowns. Bridal sneakers are also catching up with many a bride, shoes that are beaded, sequined or decorated with appliqué.

Dance shoes

Dancers would do well to invest in a good pair of dance shoes. The style of dancing shoes is a matter of individual opinion. You can choose from dressy and elaborate dancing shoes to simple and comfortable dance shoes. Look for dance shoes that offer support and padding and at the same time give you a feel of the floor. They must provide enough traction to grip and yet give the freedom to spin and glide. Shoes with deep treads are not suitable for dancing. Wedge shoes are popular with women dancers. Choosing dance shoes with the right sole can save you a lot of pain, literally! Suede soles can be attached to the dance shoes to alter the amount of traction.

Competitive dancers prefer soft suede soles. Soft leather soles are thin and therefore glide well but provide hardly any support for the feet. Hard leather soles with good arches are more durable. The heel is yet another critical element in the dancing shoes. High heels distribute your weight over the ball of the feet and allow easier spinning and turning. A square heel is ideal for smooth dances like the waltz and foxtrot while stilettos may need some getting used to. While black is de rigueur for formal dancing shoes, ladies can experiment with funky colors that are available in shoes stores.

Dance shoes must be properly maintained. Wear them only indoors for dancing and carry them in your shoe bag till your dance venue. A shoe brush with short steel bristles can help in scrubbing off the dirt from your suede shoes. Allow the dancing shoes to dry naturally - don't resort to harsh sunlight, radiator or blow dryer. The best footwear for a day at the beach is a pair of rubber flip-flops or waterproof sandals. Beach shoes must be waterproof and comfortable.

Ballet shoes

Never buy ballet shoes that are too small for your feet and curl up your toes. It is best to try out a frappé or a tendu and balance on relevé to find out if the ballet shoes are comfortable for you. Satin toes don't last long and it is prudent to go in for leather toes if you are looking for a long lasting pair of ballet shoes. Choose a style that suits your toes and feet - a shallow box with wide pointe for heavy legs and long box for long toed ballerinas.

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