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Brochure Holder

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Brochure Holder
A brief yet informative guide to brochure holders – different styles, materials and size options. They can help you place your publicity brochures to best advantage.

Brochure holders are found at business organizations, trade shows, schools and libraries, medical environments and religious groups. They are put to best use for publicity literature, enquiry forms, travel brochures, medical literature and product guides. Brochure holders can range from the cheap molded plastic ones to upscale colored acrylic holders customized for your needs. This brief and informative guide to brochure holders takes you through some of the options available for effective display of your advertising brochures. You have the option of selecting one off the shelf or even fabricating one to suit your display needs.

Brochure holder

Brochures are effective tools to generate new business and keep customers informed of your wide range of products and services. It is essential that brochures be displayed effectively so that they attract customers and are easily accessible. A good brochure holder would put your customized brochures in clear view and yet make them easy to access.

It is essential that a brochure holder allows you to present and organize your brochures, business cards and menu holders effectively. Besides it can clear up the counter space by moving Brochure holders come in different styles and sizes. While most brochure holders are built for standard display sizes, you can choose to order one with your own specifications. Typically brochure holders are geared for booklet-sized literature. Promotional material needs to be easily accessible and yet attractively displayed. Brochure holders are essential tools as point-of-sale displays.

  • Single pocket wall-mounted brochure holders are the simplest of the range. They come in several sizes and the clear acrylic ones allow your entire brochure to be displayed.

  • A floor-standing carousel system brochure holder can hold about 4 – 8 brochure literature pockets. They come in triangle and square shaped display styles.

  • Wall mounted brochure holders ensured organized space efficiency. You can select model with 2 – 24 pockets.

  • Flat folding brochure holders can be put together in a jiffy. They come with an easel for easy tabletop use. Such lightweight and portable brochure holders are ideal for traveling use. This slant back vertical brochure holder is popular.

  • Rotating brochure holders come in wood, metal or acrylic. They offer excellent exposure as their racks can be adjusted to your needs. They come with deep pockets that can hold up to 2 inches of printed literature. You can select a rotating brochure holder with a small footprint for tabletop display.

  • Outdoor brochure holders prevent your literature from getting soggy. They are usually made of non-glare acrylic and their cover snaps shut to keep elements away.

  • Real wood brochure holders made from red mahogany or light oak look elegant and sleek and can be selected to complement your office décor. Such spinning wood brochure units can be silk-screened with the organization logo or message.

  • Corner brochure holders are ideal for a small nook or when space is at a premium. They fit snugly into a curved corner and yet place your literature to best advantage with their sleek styles. You can pick up brochure stands that double up for information pamphlets too.

Plastic brochure holder

Plastic brochure holders are sturdy and can take considerable handling. You can choose a brochure holder made of one-piece thermoforming plastic with smooth edges to prevent nicks and cuts. Plastic brochure holders that are injection molded in clear styrene are rigid and sturdy. You can select colored plastic holders or even customize the plastic brochure holders with your company name and logo.

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