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Unique Wedding Favor

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Unique Wedding Favor
Make your wedding truly memorable with unique wedding favor. Chocolate wedding favor, personalized wedding favor, put your creative talent to test.

Honoring guests with unique wedding favor is a special way to say 'thank you' for their presence and gifts. Wedding favor symbolizes a long-standing custom that is observed with flamboyance and style, right from royal weddings to modern-day American weddings. Make your wedding truly memorable, as you take the wedding vow to live in peace and harmony in the presence of near and dear ones.

Read on to find great ideas new and trendy to select personalized wedding favor. Take a trip down the lanes of history; find interesting information that suggests that wedding party favor have been around for ages. Find out how to select a unique wedding favor.

Wedding favor history

Wedding favor is not a manifestation of this tech-savvy century, but can be traced back to the 16th or 17th century. It all started with the European aristocrats who provided a small trinket box made of crystal, porcelain or even gold as wedding favor. To symbolize wealth and royalty, these boxes known as bonbonniere were encrusted with precious stones.

The boxes were filled with sugar cubes or delicate confections. As sugar was a not-so-affordable commodity those days, it was considered a prestigious gift. This indicated the wealthy status of the bride and bridegroom. Next came almonds, and with changes in time an unlimited unique wedding favors have come to be substituted as the royal choice.

Wedding favor Checklistbr>
Selecting wedding favors deserves great attention and advance planning. Prepare a checklist that helps you to plan and organize thoughtful items, which are both memorable and unique.

  • Prepare a guest list

  • Decide on budget allocation

  • Would you purchase ready to order wedding favor

  • Do you prefer homemade personalized wedding favor

  • Consider durability factor of wedding favor

  • Would you like to follow a wedding favor theme

  • Are you keen to add a photo on wedding favor

  • Should the gift hold potential use for guests

  • Should the gift possess recreational purpose

  • Should you take advantage of 'bargain' offers

Beach wedding favor

A beautiful seaside wedding ceremony followed by beach wedding favor for guests is becoming increasingly popular. You can choose from an array of beach wedding favors. A beach wedding favor ideally relates to beach; the blue water, natural treasures part of beach and any unique wedding favor that kindles memory of beach and the wonderful wedding setting. Examples of beach wedding favors:

  • Flip-flop candles

  • Seashell shaped candles

  • Shell shaped soaps

  • Shell key chains

  • Miniature lighthouses

  • Seashell photo frames

  • Beach shell bookmarks

  • Beach theme coasters

  • Fish, dolphin bottle openers

  • Other keepsakes

Personalized wedding favor

Personalized wedding favor provides an opportunity to express your special feelings. Personalize each wedding favor, for instance write the name of guest on the wedding favor such as a place card frame or a photo frame, candle holders and add special message or a handwritten note. This adds charm to the festivities.

Make your wedding even more memorable to the invitees. You can write wedding vows personally on the wedding reception favor. Instead of making two different personalized wedding favors, select a common message that includes your spouse's name as well.

Wedding shower favor

Wedding shower favor is celebrated to commemorate a bride-to-be's entry into wedded life. For a specific theme-wedding shower, think of shower favor with motifs that signifies the theme. Wedding shower favor provides limitless options. Select gifts that can be used by the bride as well as the groom, or in tune with their respective hobbies.

Slinky, feathered bedroom slippers, a bow bouquet or feminine packages from spa shops are ideal wedding shower favors for the bride. Home furnishing gifts or household products too are appropriate wedding shower favor as they can be useful for the soon-to-be wed in setting a new home.

Chocolate wedding favor

If you are looking for a mouth-watering wedding favor liked by young and old alike, treat your invitees with chocolate wedding favors. Homemade sugar-coated almonds too can be prepared and distributed as wedding flavors. A heart shaped chocolate with your initials engraved or topped with your family crest will be a feast both for the eyes and the taste buds.

Select disposable or retainable containers; personalize them with your thought to make for appealing wedding favors. For a unique wedding favor put your creative skills to test. Launch a color scheme, variation in designs and a combination of chocolate flavors.

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