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High Heels

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High Heels
Though high heels are known to cause knee and back pain, they still remain popular on account of their glamorous and stylish effect. Read up on different kinds of heels, from stiletto high heels and platform high heels to wedge heels and high heel boots.

A classy dress in a style that flatters you, makeup to bring out your best features, jewelry that complements the entire look and of course a pair of high heels! Many women choose high heels to add that touch of glamour to their entire ensemble. Be it high heel stilettos or high heel shoes, high heel sandals or wedge heel slippers - high heels are a must-have on the fashion list.

Wear them with trousers, wear them with capris, wear them with an evening dress or wear them with your wedding gown! What do you need to know when shopping for high heel footwear? Are you aware of the health hazards of high heels?

Stilleto heels

High heels add a special touch of elegance and glamour to your overall style. You can make your legs appear longer, slimmer and sexier when you wear the right high heel footwear with your outfit. High heel shoes and sandals are said to improve the appearance of your posterior significantly. The added height can help you walk tall, with confidence. Wedge heel shoes are probably the easiest to walk on and cause the least damage to your feet. The wider heel gives a better feeling of stability as against the stiletto. Shoes with wedge heels are far more comfortable.

Wearing high heel stilettos needs some getting used to. Stiletto heels have been a rage since they arrived on the fashion scene in the 1980s and have reigned supreme with style icons and fashionable women alike. While some heels come in plastic or polymer material, you can also pick up high heels in cork, hemp or rubber. Cork heels are lighter. Heels made with natural colors and exciting colors are popular with teenagers. While high heel boots in genuine leather can stretch and absorb moisture, manmade leather can be used for open-toed heel footwear.

High heel boots come in varying lengths, ankle, knee or even thigh high. While some women prefer high heels with straps, others prefer them plain. Ankle straps on high heel sandals can be a good idea to balance yourself well and prevent accidental twisting. Platform heels lend a girlish and funky look and are a preferred choice with teenagers.

High heel tips

  • Do not wear high heels the whole day long.

  • Ideally the heels must not be longer than about 4 cm.

  • It is essential to take smaller steps when you are walking on high heel shoes.

  • Get your feet measured correctly to choose the right high heels. Do not cram your feet in a size that is too small. If you going in for a closed toe high heel shoe, opt for half size larger. A larger size puts extra strain on the ankles.

  • Ensure that your feet get special care after a long day on high heels. Carry on simple calf, heel and foot exercises so as to boost circulation and allow the feet to rest and relax. An occasional massage and moisturizing will help alleviate the tensed muscles.

  • Your feet and body has to get used to walking on high heels. Practice standing and walking at home so that you can walk gracefully in small strides.

High heel problems

High heels can become an ergonomic nightmare High heels can lead to blisters, corns and calluses. It has been noticed that women who wear high heels regularly for long hours tend to suffer knee and back pain. High heels tend to throw the wearer's weight forward and this makes for difficulty in walking. Additional muscular effort is needed to keep upright. The lower back is the first to get affected on account of the exaggerated arch. Yet another concern is that high heels make it difficult for the feet to sense and balance.

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