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Valentine Day Gift Shopping

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Valentine Day Gift Shopping
Valentines Day - the day to express your love and affection. With its origin in ancient Roman, this day is special for lovers all over the world.

With Valentine's Day on us, are you still stuck without an idea for a suitable gift? Shop online for valentine day gifts, be it gift boxes, chocolates or lingerie and other romantic gifts. Roses, candy, perfumes and jewelry - there is no dearth of Valentine day gift ideas. A gaily-wrapped box with chocolate chip cookies and toffee almonds can be ideal Valentine's Day gift.

Shops are laden with different gift options to demonstrate your love to your beloved. You need not restrict yourself to just this day in February to tell your sweetheart how much he or she means to you. Read on to learn how this day came to mean a special day for expressing your love and affection.

Valentine Day Gift

Finding the right Valentine day gift may not easy always. Your gift will demonstrate not just your feelings but also your degree of commitment. If you are planning to stick to the all-time Valentine day gift of roses, you can opt for long-stemmed jungle roses that would convey all that you want to say.

Red roses have always been symbolic of love while pale pink ones express grace, fun and happiness. Indicate your desire with passionate coral colored roses or choose lilac roses to indicate that you have fallen in love at first sight. A personalized online greeting card for your sweetheart can be a good idea, especially if your loved one is far away. You can gift yourselves a pampering treatment at a spa - a treat for both of you to be indulged and spoiled. Try getting an original artwork done of one of your favorite photos.

A pencil sketch or watercolor of your favorite snap is an ideal gift that would keep the happy memories alive! Personalize your gift with your secret pet name or a personal joke that always brings a smile on both your faces. Special keepsake boxes, either heart shaped or otherwise can be personalized with your beloved's name. Lingerie has been another favorite with men. Gift your sweetheart sexy lingerie, negligees or chemises!

Chocolates never lose their significance - be it chocolate covered English toffee or chocolate shaped Biscotti, you can sweep your Valentine off her feet. For women looking for suitable Valentine day gifts, consider watches, tool kits, wallets, DVDs or technical gizmos. If you are thinking of a special Valentine day idea, consider a romantic evening at home and home cooked meal. Oysters and caviar make for a wonderful meal. The right music and lighting can set the stage for serenity and seduction.

History of Valentine Day

The actual history of St Valentine's Day is shrouded in mystery. February 14 was the day to honor Juno - the Goddess of women and marriage. The names of all the young boys and girls in the village would be written and placed in a jar. The names of each young man and girl picked up together would partner during the fertility festival. This would sometimes end up in marriage.

The Roman Emperor Claudius cancelled all marriages and engagements. Saint Valentine, a Roman priest married couples in secret. He was imprisoned in jail where he fell in love with the jailor's daughter. He sent a note to her saying 'From your Valentine'. He was executed on 14 February and this day has been celebrated since then as a day to send poems, cards, candy and flowers to your beloved. St Valentine is hailed as the patron saint of lovers.

Valentine Day Card

Other than the message sent by St Valentine, the first Valentine day message was a poem sent by Charles, Duke of Orleans to his wife in 1415. Early Valentine day cards were manufactured in the 1800s. Simple valentine day cards in black and white gave way to fancy colored ones decorated with lace and ribbons.

Norcross, a card company began to manufacture Valentine day cards in the beginning of the twentieth century. But valentine greetings and poems date back to the Middle Ages. It was in 1400 that written valentines made an appearance. Various museums and libraries have a collection of antique Valentine day cards.

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