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Belt Buckles

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Belt Buckles
For everything you wanted to know about belt shopping and belt buckles, be it leather belts, rhinestone belts or silver belt buckles.

When hunting around for stylish accessories, ever so often we overlook an important fashion statement that can pull together your entire ensemble - a belt. Read on to find out how you can choose the right belt, be it a leather belt, rhinestone belt or concho belt. Belt buckles come in a mind-blowing range too. From simple plastic ones to ornamental and novelty belt buckles, western belt buckle to stone studded ones, belt buckles come in varying sizes and shapes.

Belt Shopping

Buying a belt is pretty simple - just try it on with the pants or skirt you plan to wear. Each belt will have a tag on it indicating its size. The key for the perfect fit is to take your waist size and go for one size bigger. If your waist measures 33 or 34, go in for a belt of size 35 or 36. Buy belts that complement the type of trousers you have in your wardrobe - low waist, hipster or regular fit.

A belt is an accessory and not the centerpiece of your wardrobe. Women's belts must either hug their hips or their waists. So don't buy belts that are more expensive than your shoes and bags. Women's belts come in different price segments too.

Big Buckle Belt

The latest trend is the big buckle belt or the oversized-buckle belt that's worth wearing. Designed funky and crazy, these belt buckles have their roots in western wear. The latest versions of these designer belts include initials or semiprecious stones such as turquoise and rhinestone. Big buckle belts work well with jeans or casual wear.

If your office allows relaxed dressing, wear them with a pair of trousers and a button-up blouse. Big buckle belts come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit most of outfits. Some come with designs such as butterfly and D-ring while some others come with textures, initials, flags and designs engraved on them.

Silver Belt Buckles

Silver belt buckles take inspiration from Celtic jewelry and Northwest Indian jewelry. Such belt buckles come in sterling silver and involve intricate craftsmanship. They are polished to a gleaming finish and are unique pieces. Since silver belt buckles can get tarnished, they need to be regularly cleaned and polished to maintain them. Clean oxidized silver belt buckles with care so as to avoid ruining the finish.

Leather Belt

Leather belts are ideal for professional and corporate apparel. You can team them with jeans or chinos too. Invest in a good quality leather belt, as it will last you well. Choose a dress belt that's on the thinner side - say 1-½ inches wide. Buy those belts that fit your wardrobe both in color and style. A well-made leather belt must have its edges are rounded and polished.

Ensure that the belt has a finished and sewn edge. Brown, tan or black leather belts always work well with most outfits. Shiny calfskin, mock crocodile and even ostrich are also other texture choices. Bridled leather belts allow you to see the rich textured grains in their natural patterns. Set off with silver belt buckles in unique shapes, you are all set to become a trailblazer.

Women's Belt

Women's fashion belts come in exciting options, from concho belts to braided belts and macrame belts.

Rhinestone Belt: These are specialty fashion belts designed for girls who are hip-hop fans. Rhinestones have become popular accessories on fashion belts. The best part of rhinestone is that it comes with elegant handcrafted works such as cut glass crystals.

Concho Belts: These belts are the most striking pieces of the Native American Indian jewelry. Concho belts are too wide to be worn through pant loops; they are generally worn over your pants or skirt. These belts are made on exotic skin and hide with a variety of designs on them. The most common concho belt is the one with eight conchos, nine butterflies and a buckle made from a nickel silver. Some conchos come with turquoise and cut glass work while others have just the concho buckle on a black saddle leather.

Sequin Belts: Sequin belts are the perfect way to add finishing touch on a costume. These belts come in assortment of colors and are the perfect foil for any outfit. You can wear these belts at weddings, sporting events and evenings out.

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