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Reusable Shopping Bags

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Reusable Shopping Bags
While some shopping bags are designed to portray a very contemporary image, others exude sophistication and true elegance. Imaginative colors, attractive logos, solid construction and a variety of handle sizes come together to please clients and customers.

Shopping bags come in a variety of styles, design and materials. While some shopping bags are simply designed to portray a very contemporary image, others exude sophistication and true elegance. Imaginative colors, attractive logos, solid construction and a variety of handle sizes come together to please clients and customers. Shopping bags are made in a variety of fabrics - Cotton, leather, jute, plastic, nylon, canvas, paper, denim, velvet, satin, silk, sequin and suede. From personalized shopping bags to reusable shopping bags, find out more on them here!

Canvas shopping bags

Heavy duty, multiple use shopping bags are usually made of unbleached cotton canvas. Canvas is eco-friendly, tough and long-lasting. Canvas bags are sturdy and reusable and environmentally superior to single-use plastic shopping bags. Cotton canvas bags are a cost effective choice for shopping purposes.

Messenger bags and newspaper bags used by mail carriers and newspaper delivery folks are made of heavy duty natural cotton canvas and this is big enough for shopping with retailers for hauling heavy groceries, cans and beverages. They could be typically used as shopping bags. These bags come with at least a 3 inches wide shoulder strap to effectively distribute the extra heavy loads. It could be the best option for comfortably carrying real heavy loads. Some bags come with chambers that provide larger carrying capacity.

Cotton shopping bags

Cotton bags for shopping come in various shapes, size, design and colors. The bags are also customized to suit the requirements of the client. Cotton shopping bags are normally used as laundry bags, drawstring bags, giveaway bags, trade show bags, promotional bags, and wine bags and carry bags.

Organic cotton bags are eco-friendly as they use 100% natural inputs like manure, vermiculture manure and beneficial insects for growing organic cotton plants. In fact, no chemicals or artificial fertilizers are used. These shopping bags are available only in natural colors; unwashed and unbleached to maintain their original organic state.

Eco-friendly reusable shopping bags

Reusable shopping bags are eco-friendly, innovative and serve the practical purpose of helping people to consume less, preserve natural resources and save money at once. Plastic bags are 'choking our planet'. These bags are expensive not only for the consumers but also the environment.

Eco friendly bags are made of organic cotton, jute, natural fiber, hemp and paper. They are the popular choice for both corporate and personal gifting these days. They come in latest models and work as a trendy accessory. Environmental conscious people want to be associated with such natural fibre bags which are available in soft and natural hues. These bags also reflect class and style coupled with concern. They could also be made eye catching with embroidery, patch work, prints and embossing on them.

The construction of the eco friendly bag is similar to the traditional shopping bag. The base material could be canvas, mesh, cotton, jute, patent leather and more. These environmental bags are also cost effective and affordably priced.

Personalized shopping bags

Personalized shopping bags are classic and attractive with a photo of the customer. The customer is free to select the style, color, size and finish for the bag. These bags are handmade by professionals and delivered in a couple of days on order. They usually carry a guarantee for a year. Personal bags are made of high quality fabric and the choice could be leather, faux suede and canvas. They are an ideal gift for any occasion. These days even gym bags are personalized with choice text on it. Personal bags come in royal blue, red or cerise pink nylon and white shades. Images are optional. The recent trend is for fluoro yellow and lime bags with reflective stripes.

Biodegradable shopping bags

Shopping bags made from biodegradable polythene film which decomposes when exposed to sun, air and moisture, are produced as an alternative to conventional plastic shopping bags. These have the hazard of decomposing in a sealed landfill and they represent a possible contaminant to plastic recycling operations. Biodegradable plastic shopping bags are environmentally friendly and can be used only for single use utilities. When composted, they biodegrade into biomass, carbon dioxide, and water.

Printed shopping bags

Printed shopping bags are ideal for sales promotion, advertisement and publicity purposes and as business gifts and give-aways from reputed departmental stores and gift shops. Multicolor printing is done on these bags. Custom graphics printed bags are efficient and effective publicity material. They could also be used with media kits along with presentation folders.

Although printing can be done on any fabric including paper, Polyfab plastic material is long lasting and so preferred with print. These pose a unique pearl finish and silky luster with excellent quality and clarity of graphics printing. These bags are also easy to clean and hence hygienic and recyclable.

Nowadays, printed bags also come in jute and double as promotional bags. These stylish and trendy jute bags are available in various sizes and shapes. They come with efficient handles to carry heavy loads conveniently. These handles are predominantly made from high quality fabric that is durable and offer good support to the bags. Jute printed shopping bags in contemporary design are spacious and elegant.

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