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Baby Stroller

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Baby Stroller
Look up this informative baby stroller guide so as to choose the one with the right features and stroller accessory. Find out more about double baby strollers and twin strollers.

A baby stroller is the ideal choice for moms who want to take their little ones out, be it to the nearby park, shopping mall or on regular errands. Baby strollers cost anywhere between $30 to $300. Look for sturdy frames with no gaps or rough edges that could endanger the child. Ensure that the baby stroller has a safety harness or buckle. Check out the features of a twin stroller and various stroller accessories. Our informative baby stroller guide gives you tips on choosing the right one.

Baby stroller

Lightweight strollers: Smallest and lightest of the lot, umbrella models are also available.

Standard strollers: Medium sized strollers that meet the basic requirement of taking the baby around. Accessories can be fitted as per requirement.

Stroller travel system: This baby stroller can be fitted in the car seat.

Multi-child stroller: It helps in transporting multiple babies at the same time.

Universal car seat carriers: They are metal frames with stroller wheels and can be clipped onto any type of infant car seat.

Active strollers: Include jogging strollers, all-terrain strollers, bike strollers etc. These are designed for parents who enjoy their little one's presence while they are out exercising.

Baby carriages/prams: A perfect baby carriage, it is a back- facing bassinet fitted on a frame with four large wheels.

Baby Stroller buying guide

Weight: It is preferable to have a lightweight baby stroller as it will be easy to carry about when the stroller has to be folded and carried about.

Maneuvering: While buying a stroller check if it is convenient to ride, how it turns at corners and whether it can be steered with one hand. Maneuvering plays a major part while handling a stroller.

Capacity of basket: Depending on how much you intend to use the stroller, you have to choose the basket capacity. If more than a single child is on the stroller then you will need more basket space to store their things. In case the stroller is used regularly for long trips then it needs more storage space. For people who use the stroller for short distance and less time, storage space is not an issue.

Folding/storing convenience – People who travel regularly should buy strollers that can be easily folded and stored conveniently. In case strollers have to be stored in a case or trunk then ensure it doesn't take too much space.

Choosing baby strollers

A wrong baby stroller can turn out to be a nightmare. There are a variety of strollers available in the market; choose the baby stroller with the best utility. The stroller you choose should keep your little one happy and comfortable. The guide below will help you pick the right baby stroller:

Safety: Baby's safety comes first while buying a stroller. Check if the stroller has perfect balance even after hanging baskets from the stroller handles. The harness of the stroller is also equally important - a five point harness that goes over the babies shoulders is highly recommended. For babies who remain in the stroller most of the time, it is advisable to buy a stroller with five point harness.

Lightweight stroller: These strollers have replaced the traditional large umbrella stroller. They have almost all the features of the large strollers and weigh less than 20 pounds. They make great travel companions as they are easy to carry about and handle. Reclining seats, sun shades, storage baskets etc are additional features in a lightweight stroller.

Handles and wheels: Before picking a stroller try it out once; check if the handles are convenient for you. For tall people strollers with adjustable handles would be comfortable as also handles covered with soft material. Check on the wheels and their movement in corners and also check if the wheels of the stroller hit your feet while you walk fast.

Features: Baby strollers generally have baskets to carry baby things and snacks, drink holders, toy bars, rain hoods and much more. Many of these accessories are available separately and can be later fitted on to the stroller. Check how easily you can fold and unfold your baby stroller as this plays a vital role in carrying it around and storing it.

Stroller for more than one child: If you have to move around more than one child at the same time then you have to choose a multiple stroller. You have to keep in mind the age of the babies and choose strollers accordingly. You can also clip two separate strollers together and move them around.

Washable upholstery: It is better to buy a stroller in which the upholstery can be washed.

Cost: Look for strollers that will suit your budget. Buy strollers that are long lasting even if you have to spend a little extra.

Double baby stroller

Handling twin babies can be a handful for all parents. Most families put in a lot of thought before they pick a trolley for their babies. Double baby stroller is a very significant piece of equipment particularly when you have to move around more than one baby at the same time. Not having a stroller or choosing a wrong stroller can make moving around with babies a difficult logistics experience. Strollers for two babies come in 2 basic designs:

Tandem: Seats are arranged one behind the other in a line or in a front/back pattern. The seating pattern is referred to as stadium seating; the child seated at the rear seat will also have the same view like the child in the front seat. This stroller is suitable for siblings of different age group. The child in the back seat is in a reclined position thus providing more leg space for the baby in the front seat. Such double baby strollers are easy to move about in crowded places and can be fitted onto the car seat and folded easily too. Cheap models are also available and this stroller can be used for children of different age groups.

Side by side: Seats are placed side by side thus letting the children sit next to each other facing the same direction. These strollers help parents attend to both the babies at the same time and babies have equal access to the stroller. These strollers are best suited for twin babies or for babies of equal weight. Umbrella and jogging stroller models are available in this category.

Twin baby strollers

A twin stroller is designed particularly for two children or infants of the same age. Twin baby strollers are similar to the single ones save for the fact that they can accommodate two babies. Both the seats in the twin stroller should recline to the same level and there should be a choice of attaching it to two infant car seats. Double strollers generally look like two strollers have been clipped together.

Baby stroller accessory

Covers: Strollers have covers that shield the baby from rain. Few strollers have hoods that cover the complete stroller till the wheels.

Umbrella?: Umbrellas prevent your little one from the blazing heat of the sun.

Wire nets: Strollers covered with fine wire nets prevent insects from attacking the baby.

Toys: Many strollers offer provision for fastening toys that can keep the babies amused and entertained. These toys can be attached to the stroller using a Velcro.

Food stands: Food stands are part of almost all strollers- ideal for food and drinks of the baby to kept here and used when required.

Headrest/padding: Few strollers have the provision for headrests or padding. This keeps the baby comfortable while traveling long distance. The headrests or padding are removable and can be used as per convenience.

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