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Pet Carrier

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Pet Carrier
When pets are taken out on travel, it is essential to choose a carrier that is comfortable for them and easy for the owner. Find out what choices are available for traveling with pets.

Carriers are a very safe and effective way to transport pets while owner is traveling. In fact pets shall feel lot more secure and less threatened in pet carriers. It is a safe haven for them as otherwise pets are often at risk of getting or moving away from their owners, especially in crowded places.

Instinctively, pets want a personal territory especially during travel and their need to 'den' is fulfilled by means of a pet carrier. Studies show that pets are habituated to keep their sleeping areas clean and dry. Pet carrier is a sort of bedroom for the pets that afford them privacy and security.

Pet carriers for travel

When pets are taken out on travel, it is essential to choose a carrier that is comfortable for them and easy for the owner. While some pet carriers offer abundant security some other are more sturdy and durable than others. By and large a soft side pet carrier works best when the pet carrier is taken during travel. Veterinarians opine that a good pet carrier should consist primarily of light materials. Pet carriers come in a wide variety such as airline approved pet carriers, designer pet carriers, wheeled pet carriers, foldable pet carriers and much more.

Choosing pet carrier

Pet carriers need be big enough for the pet to stand up, turn around and lie down comfortably. They should be long enough for the pets to stretch out on their sides to sleep. Not everyone can afford to buy a new pet carrier to meet each stage of the pet's growth. Therefore a large pet carrier is the best bet. Some pet carriers are available with dividers to enable shrink or expand the space according to the pet size and needs.

Measurement of a pet carrier is vital to ensure comfortable and safe traveling experience for the pet. There are two methods to determine the length of the pet - To measure from the nape of the neck to the base of the tail or to measure from the front breast bone to the base of the tail plus 6” for medium breeds or plus 10” for large breeds.

The height should be measured from the floor to the shoulder. Since a pet carrier is only a portable den for the pet, it is not necessary that the carrier should be as tall as the pet's head. But for house training or extended period of confinement in the carrier, it is better to get one a little taller to facilitate more comfort for the pet.

Pet carrier for air travel

It is essential that if an owner is traveling with the pet on the airplane cabin, the pet must fit underneath the seat in front of the owner where it must remain during the flight. Pet carriers that are too large to fit under the seat will not serve the purpose here. The under seat dimensions of air crafts are bound to vary. It is necessary to check with the airline prior to departure on this aspect. It is also important that the pet must be able to stand up and turn around inside the pet carrier during the air travel. Some airlines have restrictions and special policies on pets' in-cabin. So it is better to check first.

Pet carrier bags are normally approved and recommended for such air travel by veterinarians' world wide. These bags are lined inside to keep the pets warm. The exterior of the bags have pockets for storage as well as an inside leash hook. Pet carrier air bags come with an additional strap to enable the owner carry on the shoulder. These carrier bags come completely ventilated for the pet to breathe and enjoy their time inside the carrier.

Pet carrier design

  • Pet carriers are aimed at providing comfortable and non confining environment.

  • Pet carriers should be designed in such a way that the pets can see their surroundings and yet not threatened by it. Pets should love to sleep and play in the pet carriers.

  • Pet carrier must be made of pet friendly mesh and water resistant base. A soft and thick inner liner provides safety and comfort for the pet.

  • Collapsible pet carrier is easy to handle in terms of carriage and maintenance.

  • Pet carriers should have a sturdy and strong handle. They should be designed in such a way to carry not less than 25 pounds of weight for safety.

  • Pet carriers with large zippered front opening enables easy access and should be convenient for both the pet and its owner.

Plastic pet carrier: Plastic pet carriers are made of molded two piece units with ventilation areas along the sides and welded steel wire door in front. Strong durable reinforced plastic material is normally used for safe travel of the pets. Plastic pet carriers are often light in weight, easily portable and are easily taken apart from storage or travel. Plastic pet carriers come ventilated on all sides to facilitate comfort of the pets. Pet carriers made of plastic are economically priced when compared to leather pet carriers. Maintenance of plastic pet carriers is easy.

Wire pet carrier: Heavy welded steel wire is employed in the use of wire pet carrier. Some wire pet carries are simply flimsy and are not meant to be collapsed for storage. Even those advertised as 'collapsible' can do so only with great difficulty. Pet carriers made of wire are not usually approved for airline use. They are best for using primarily at home.

Leather pet carrier: Pet carriers are made of plush, stylish leatherette and hard wearing denier polyester. These are sturdy and hard wearing. The pets are bound to feel comfortable and secure in the main compartments which are usually large with a well-ventilated mesh top closure. Leather pet carriers are removable and washable inside pads. They are also durable and easy to maintain.

Foldable pet carrier: The foldable pet carrier is fully collapsible and folds in approximately twenty seconds. There is no assembly necessary for foldable pet carriers as they come fully assembled. Foldable pet carriers can carry pets up to twenty pounds. Pet carrier on wheels: Rolling pet carriers with special vents for air and multiple doorways are available in the markets. These are airline approved. The carrier on wheels makes traveling for the owner and small pets absolutely effortless. Recessed wheels offer a smooth and comfortable ride. During travel, the flaps of the wheeled pet luggage can fold down and this makes the pet carrier look like a normal piece of luggage. Complete cross ventilation enables optimum ventilation and visibility for the pets.

Climate controlled pet carriers: The owner can cool down or heat up the inside temperature of the carrier for the dog or cat by the flick of a switch. The carrier can be plugged on to an electrical outlet.

Designer pet carriers

  • Pet carriers with velvety lining and removable bed pads for a cozy feeling inside, with a silver metal hook attached to a leather strap to attach to pets' collar for security;

  • Carriers with rolls down allow the pet to peek out while on travel.

  • Designer carriers with beautiful decorative metal toggle handles attached to the zippers with zipper pockets outside to hold additional items.

  • Some designer carriers come with four mesh vents for extra cross ventilation for the pets. Two large mesh vents on the front and back and yet two smaller ones on each side of the carrier and multiple zippered access openings.

  • Fashionable pet carrier which is suitable to carry a small dog or cat has a discrete styling of a purse. A cozy interior, tethering straps and soft felt base with a straw weave and leather trim exterior features could be an awesome buy.

  • Some designer carriers include a name plate for easy identification of dogs and cats.

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