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Summer Shoes

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Summer Shoes
Choosing the right pair of summer shoes goes a long way in ensuring that you stay cool yet stylish all through the summer months. From casual and laidback to elegant and stylish, summer shoes come in a range of options.

Summer has set in. Spruce up your wardrobe with cool, comfortable summer clothes and complement them with the right summer shoes. Wearing the right shoe is always important ...more so during summer. Wearing wrong footwear during the hot summer days mean long hours of discomfort followed by several weeks of blisters, calluses and blisters.

Keep your feet happy all through summer. Pick the right summer garment, match with comfortable summer shoes- casual or otherwise. These tips for comfortable summer shoe shopping with information on trends can make the ordeal less complicated and more rewarding.

Summer shoes shopping

Find great looking, great wearing summer shoes those are versatile, supportive, and comfortable as well as trendy. Before embarking on a shopping trip, find answers to these essential questions.

Budget: How much are you willing to allocate for the season? This is the prime factor that determines purchase of brand vs. unbranded summer shoes as well as the styles, patterns and designs.

Type of shoe: Factors that influence selecting summer shoe type:

The functional aspect - for sports, vacation, indoor or outdoors?

Are you on your feet major portion of the day?

Do you want your shoes to convey a fashion statement?

Durability, versatility and comfort are more important?

Buying summer shoes

Trying a pair of shoes: There is a general rule to be followed while trying a pair of new shoes. If you are buying at the stores, try the shoes on late in the day. This is because the feet tend to swell as the day progresses. Further, try the shoes with socks. On the other hand, if you are shopping via Internet, an enormous range of shoes such as designer shoes, dress shoes, high heel shoes can be selected with the click of the mouse. Remember to provide the exact shoe size. These steps help in ensuring comfortable, happy feet.

Shoes that say summer: Good sole, good ankle support and shoes those look good on your feet are essential while selecting summer shoes. Summer shoe style changes from season to season, the variety of colors, styles and textures are endless. Take a look at the summer shoe options, and pick a safe pair that is just right for you.

The wedges of summer 2006 aren't completely out, are very much in vogue. Take a look at the latest trend that's making headlines.

Espadrilles shoes for summer

Espadrilles are usually considered as running shoes. Thousands of varieties of espadrilles are available, making it more versatile and easier to match different moods. Espadrilles are available in natural, multi-colored or in fabulous color combinations. Espadrilles summer shoes are made of canvas or cotton fabric and the sole is usually flat, platform or wedge-shaped made of rope or rubber material. Espadrilles are super safe summer choice as they provide ample support to the entire foot.

The most defining characteristic of an espadrille shoe is the rope or faux rope sole. The uppers can be made of a variety of materials - open or closed toes, open or closed back sides and can be slip-on or tied to the ankle with ribbon straps, ankle ribbons or laces. The uppers bring about a variation in style. You can choose to own a pair of inexpensive bargain branded espadrilles or high priced designer brands.

  • Espadrilles go well with wrap dresses, peasant skirts as well as Capri pants.

  • The fashion conscious wear Espadrilles with walking shorts or khakis along with a crisp, white shirt

  • Accessorize with long, tunic-style dresses and mini-tops and a wide belt.

Platform shoes for summer

Shoes, boots or sandals that have thick soles of cork, plastic or rubber are platform shoes. If the soles are made of wood, they are clogs. The purpose of wearing platform shoes is dual - to make a strong fashion statement as well as to help gain height. For women on the short side, platform shoes serve as an option in place of high heels.

Cheap vinyl and plastic platform shoes aren't durable, hence should be avoided. If you decide to wear everyday, select a two-inch platform and a four-inch heel for they provide maximum comfort. A pair of basic black platform shoes with slim heels, open or closed toe with buckles or straps find a definite place in most women's closet.

  • For a harmonized look, pair with a flare leg pants or jeans.

  • Looks great with cuffed shorts and bubble skirts.

  • Closed-toe platform shoes complement tights, long or short skirts, walking shorts or cropped pants.

Flat summer shoes

These work well for those who can't wear heels at all, those who are on foot all day long. Chic, hip and trendy flats in great styles are a perfect summer shoe option. Flat ballet shoes and sandal variety in every color, fabric and pattern offer comfort to feet. Gold and silver or combination usher elegance.

Anyone can wear them, short or tall anywhere from golden beaches or to glittery parties. Pick flat shoes with simple design for a casual look. Or match dressy outfits with attractive embellishments. Flat summer shoes though low on heel, provide super comfort. Complement your summer looks and pair with skinny jeans, short skirts or cropped pants.

Peekaboo for summer: For those who are confident of showing good looking big toe or wish to hide chipped toenails, peekaboo will be the best summer shoe choice. Wide variety of trendy designs, patterns and materials are available.

  • A perfect combination with humdrum pant- or skirt suit

  • Compliments a jeans and an attractive top, a pair of wide-leg sailor pants.

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