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Laptop accessory

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Laptop accessory
Check out some of the popular laptop accessories that are travel friendly and aimed at the mobile modern professional.

Laptop accessories aid in enhancing its comfort and capabilities. Most laptop accessories are travel friendly and aimed at the mobile modern professional. Let us examine some of the popular laptop accessories that are worth carrying most of the times. The list is not exhaustive as technophiles and Geeks keep adding to them.

Laptop accessory guide

Laptop Mouse: A wireless laptop mouse is a worthwhile accessory for those who want a truly compact mouse while traveling. You can go in for a 'mini mouse' which is nearly 40% smaller than the standard mouse. The mini optical mouse is perfect for mobile use as it lightens the load and improves pointing precision. These come wired but are compact and easy to pack. These mice do not require a lot of space for usage. As most laptops may not feature normal PS/2 type mouse port, you will need to buy USB mouse.

Laptop Mouse pad: This is a rigid plastic mousing surface that is attached to the laptop desk while working in a mobile position. The pad provides a textured mousing surface for use with any size and type of mouse, roller ball or optical. The mouse pad works for left or right handed persons. The normal length added to the laptop desk by the mouse pad is 3 inches.

Kensington Security Slot : The small hole at the back of your Laptop is designed to lock the laptop to the table. Originally manufactured by Kensington - hence the name of K-Slot, it provides an easy way to secure the computer against physical theft.

Laptop lights: A laptop light becomes essential to work in dim or dark circumstances. Most of these lights run off the USB port and do not consume great deal of power. It is a valuable accessory for any mobile laptop user. Some of these USB lights come with rechargeable batteries so that they can be clipped in any convenient position without being tied to the USB port all the time.

Laptop night key light: This night key light is of use when working in bed or a darkened boardroom or inside an airplane. The key board is illuminated enough to enable you to see all the keys easily. This keyboard also holds firmly when set in position and the user does not have to reposition it endlessly.

Laptop privacy screen shield: This screen shield works as a glare filter when viewed from the front. It darkens dramatically when viewed from an angle. It also blacks out completely when viewed at an angle of 30 degrees or more. Normally the TFT screen itself provides reasonable level of privacy as it has a narrow level of viewing angle.

Screen protector: This is another mobile accessory which helps to keep the laptop screen from getting scratched.

Ear bud headphones: Telecommuters find it easier with ear buds in the microphones or headphones. These are small and have in-built ability to filter any background noises at the same time providing quality good sound.

Laptop speakers: Internal speakers in a laptop are just about adequate for listening to music at low volume. External speakers become essential in laptops especially during presentations in business meetings. This is how the entire room can listen to the presentations. During web conferences, external laptop speakers come in handy to enable every participant hear clearly.

Presentation devices are the next logical accessory in a laptop. One way for the presenter is by using remote control presentation device which should immensely help the discerning professional. Laptop wireless presentation remote card is a handy compact presentation tool. It allows the presenter to control slides in any presentation show and includes a built-in laser pointer that can be slid into the notebook slot for storage. The remotes boast a range of 100 feet and are perfect or large and small presentations.

USB hubs: The laptop four Port USB hubs allows a user to connect up to four USB peripherals or devices to a single USB port on the system.

Laptop Power Adapters: Normally a laptop when not connected to the main input, has a limited number of working hours depending upon the battery capacity. Universal laptop power adapter or more accurately the Uninterrupted Power Supply enables one to charge the laptop battery and work in the road. It has a large sealed lead-acid battery which powers a chopper power supply to supply about 120 V AC. It can provide a few extra hours. The adapter comes with safety release button and built-in-fuse for increased safety and protection.

Laptop surge protector: This is essential not only in imperfect weathers, but also in regions where the quality of power supply is not so conducive. There may be wild fluctuations in the power lines or what is far more severe - there could be a large transient rise in the amplitude of the supply which can fry the innards of electronics. One should always be prepared with a portable surge protector in the laptop bag all the time.

Laptop printers: A mobile user should consider purchasing a laptop printer as finding a printer on the road especially during crucial moments and setting up new printer profiles and installing printer drives on the run can become frustrating.

Laptop legs: This becomes necessary to raise the laptop height to enable the system get ventilation and cooling due to convection currents. They normally come with two adjustable heights that allow the user to set a typical angle they may find most ergonomically comfortable.

Laptop cool pads: These again help to prevent laptop burn due to over heating by lifting the back of notebooks. The cool pad could be a great accessory and it can turn the laptop 360 degrees when information needs to be shared with someone else. It is compact and lightweight.

Laptop cleaning solution and wipes: These solutions are hypoallergenic, formulated with natural and child safe ingredients. They leave no residue or streaks. They help to clean the laptop safely and perfectly. There are special wipes for delicate display screens protecting them from abrasions caused by close tolerances in modern ultra thin notebooks. These wipes protect the display screens from oil, dirt, keyboard marks and top case abrasions.

External storage: This could be as small as a fist or a penknife. Externals storage solutions should be durable and easy to use. External hard disk drives can be connected via the USB port. Pen drives belong to this category. They are exceptionally versatile as you can transfer large quantities of data from your desktop to your Laptop without saddling with cables. They can be also used as an add-on security devices to lock the Laptop.

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