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Designer Handbag

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Designer Handbag
Designer handbags are classic fashion statements. Women's handbags come in different styles and materials. This article takes you through a quick look at the available options.

Shopping for women's handbags can be a long-drawn affair. There are so many styles and fashions to choose from - from a casual tote to a small baguette or a large satchel. Designer handbags come in an exciting range of styles and in an array of materials and colors that can leave you in a tizzy. Follow us as we take you around the women's handbag store and learn more about leather handbags and replica handbags and different designer brands - Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Fendi, Louis Vuitton and more.

Women's Handbag

Some women's handbags are extremely functional in their design. They have enough space for carrying wallets and credit cards and other items such as pens and cellular phones. Ornamental handbags or pouches are more of a fashion statement and do not offer much storage space. Clutch bags are popular with evening wear. You need to choose your handbag depending on the kind of usage it will be put through.

If you have small kids and need space for carrying crackers and diapers, then a small fashion handbag would not suit your needs. A hobo bag is a crescent shaped bag whereas a messenger bag is worn across the body. Many women prefer a satchel handbag that allows them to store many a personal item. A baguette owes its name to its namesake bread and follows its shape too. Top zip handbags and totes are a popular choice with many.

Available in leather and other materials, there is no dearth of women's fashion handbags. Did you know that choosing the right handbag could flatter your shape? Well, it's worth trying! A rounded hobo bag would compliment a tall and thin woman whereas a short and well-rounded woman could do with a rectangular and sleek handbag. A structured woman's handbag goes well with a full-bodied figure. A large bag would not suit a small and petite woman. Try on your handbag in front of the mirror just like you would try out a dress. Don't follow fashion trends blindly. Some classic styles and leather handbags work well with most outfits and occasions.

Fashion Handbag

A well-dressed woman needs the right fashion handbag to set it off. Some women prefer to opt for the latest styles in handbags while others stick to classic styles. Having a few handbags in your wardrobe is essential to good dressing. Designer handbags can accessorize your wardrobe. The choice of materials for fashion handbags is vast - leather, straw, metal, cotton, beads, polyvinyl and more! Straw handbags never go out of fashion. Be it a simple wicker bag or woven straw bag, the simplicity of a straw handbag is to be seen to be believed. Having a straw bag in your wardrobe can be ideal for a casual evening out or even when on a summer holiday.

Designer Handbag

It is not easy to resist the lure of designer handbags. Be it Prada handbags or Gucci handbags, Chanel handbags or Fendi bags, you will not lack for choice. Web sites of these designers will keep you abreast of the latest styles and fashions. Designer handbags are far more expensive than the replica designer handbags that are available aplenty. An original designer handbag is well crafted and hand made. The buckles and other trimmings can help you spot a replica from an original designer handbag. You need to examine them for clearly printed monograms. Shoddy workmanship is a sure-fire giveaway of a replica designer handbag. If you find a so-called designer handbag available at a knockoff price, it is most likely to be a replica handbag.

Prada Handbag: A quick look at the Prada handbag list shows some interesting choices. A busy working woman could pick up a soft briefcase or an embellished shoulder bag. A distressed leather satchel bag has its unique texture whereas a backpack would suit a traveler.

Gucci Handbag: Gucci handbags are one of the preferred designer brands. The spring of 2005 has some fashionable hobo bags and pouches from Gucci. A company started by Guccio Gucci, this one man business is one of the leading brands of designer handbags and other fashion accessories.

Louis Vuitton Handbag: Louis Vuitton is synonymous with high quality travel luggage. Louis Vuitton has been manufacturing leather and luggage items since 1854. Handbags from Louis Vuitton maintain the same class and style that is associated with other LV products.

Fendi Handbag: 2005 has seen some interesting handbag styles from Fendi. The hotdog handbag and the baguette are among the popular styles of Fendi handbags.

Christian Dior Handbag: Christian Dior handbags are available in exciting and fashionable trends - flowery saddlebags or handbags of Portobello leather. Shoulder bags and denim handbags from Christian Dior can be seen on the fashion ramps.

Burberry Handbag: The Burberry handbag range offers totes, top zip bags and shoulder bags. Pick them up in single color or bold checkered prints.

Other famous designer handbags can be bought from Hermes, Guess, Chanel or Balenciaga.

Leather Handbag

Top quality leather handbags are made of full grain or top leather. When a handbag is embellished with more finish on it, check the quality of the primary material. When picking up a leather handbag, ensure that it is neatly stitched and does not display any frayed corners. Backstitching is essential to prevent threads from unraveling. Preferably choose a leather handbag that has nylon or polyester thread stitching.

Designer handbags usually display all these finer details since they are hand crafted. Check for the quality of the fashion handbags. Ensure that the zipper works smoothly. Though leather handbags are tough and long lasting, you need to clean them correctly and care for them. Use a soft damp cloth to wipe away dirt. You can use cleaners specifically made for leather articles.

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