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Handmade Baby Gift

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Handmade Baby Gift
Typically baby gifts available at stores sometimes lack the personal touch as they are standardized. Why not put your creative ideas to test and come up with a handmade baby gift. If not, get a personalized baby gift with your special message.

Your friend just had a baby, your sister has called family over to coo over her 3 month old baby or the very best, and you have had a granddaughter! And now you have been invited over, and you wonder what baby gift would suit fine.

Typically baby gifts available at stores sometimes lack the personal touch, they are so standardized that you wonder if your gift does not end up a clone of someone else's or not so baby friendly at all! You do want your baby gift to be special, to see the sparkle in the new mother's eyes, even a sense of relief that she does not have to shop for those, knowing the perfect gift just arrived at her doorstep!

With personalized baby gifts or better still handmade baby gifts, it will show you care, you took the time out of your busy schedule to come up with something unique, a gift you are sure the mother and baby will cherish for a long time to come.

Personalized Baby gifts

  • Baby blanket or quilt

  • Baby pillow

  • Baby tops

  • Baby Apron

  • Baby pinafores

  • Baby pants

  • Baby booties

  • Hooded towel and wash cloth

  • Receiving blanket

  • Handmade Quilt

  • Burp Cloth

  • Diaper Bag kit

  • Photo Frame

  • Keep sake Birth certificate Holder

  • Baby Album

  • Memory Book

  • Baby Mobile

  • Birth Plate

All of these can be bought from a store or online shop with a few extra dollars for personalizing with name and date or just the initial. Some even offer the option of writing your own two lines on a baby keepsake album or memory book. Make sure you get the names right, most stores will not accept returns if you make a mistake in the actual text. Then there is the choice of what colors you want - for the text, the color of the cloth or even the lace color or border color.

Handmade baby gifts

If you are good with your fingers, why not make a baby gift that can be as personalized as it can get! Personalized baby gifts such as hand sewn baby toys for the crib can also be made if you are good at sewing and have the time. Go for simple designs. A plain frock with the first letter of the baby's name sewn on or stenciled will be just as attractive and easy to make. Even a pink lace sewn onto the border of a plain white onesie looks dainty. Make a small hair clip for a baby girl with felt flowers.

If you want to be extra careful with the baby and help the environment too, choose organic cotton cloth for your sewing. The softness and feel is unique and it is very baby friendly. Also, some gifts like baby pillows or baby blocks are not really for the baby most of the time but tend to be more decorative. There are doctors who advise not to have a pillow in a baby's crib, in case the baby sleeps with its face on it and suffocates. It is always better to be cautious about safety of the baby.

You can also embroider the name and birth date of the baby. Take care to choose the right style of lettering to add that special zing. Opt for the Script font to lend a more personalized touch, much like your own handwriting. If you are into arts and crafts then making a baby album or a memory book with a pink cover would not be too difficult. There are plenty of applique designs available online. You can put together a nice theme or even a collage.

The combinations are endless - you can even put together your own baby gift basket with a few personalized and/or handmade gifts, coupled with a special gift say a wind-up music box, packed with baby diapers and a card to complete the ensemble.

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