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Laptop Backpack

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Laptop Backpack
Ideal for a picnic or hiking trip backpacks come in a variety of styles and features. Check out more on laptop backpacks, school backpacks and backpack coolers.

The term backpack was used in United States in 1910. Earlier terms like knapsack and packsack were being used. Backpacks can be described as handbags with straps that go over the shoulders normally used for carrying heavy loads for long periods of time. The straps of shoulder backpacks can also be zipped together and worn as a single shoulder strap. The traditional type of backpacks are larger in size and have hip belts for carrying very heavy loads over the hips with shoulder straps for stabilizing the loads.

These days shoulder backpacks are popular throughout the world, with adults, teenagers and schooling kids. You can shop around for specific backpacks for laptops and beverages. Check out features for school backpacks and travel backpacks. This backpack shopping guide gives you pointers on choosing the right backpack.

Laptop backpack

Laptop backpacks are an easy way to carry laptop and other mobile items, hands- free. Laptop backpacks look casual and trendy, offering plenty of storage space that can be adjusted. Such laptop backpacks have shoulder straps that help to securely carry the laptop bounce free. Some laptop backpacks come with a laptop sleeve that helps increase the safety and security of the laptop. Avid computer users and laptop enthusiasts find these backpacks very helpful. There are many different types of backpack shapes and sizes to choose from, depending upon the size of the laptop or computer. Look for padded backpack which will prevent body damage to expensive laptops. Unless you have a titanium bodied laptop, additional protection is essential.

Travel backpack

Travel backpacks for females should be chosen with care, as they should be especially proportioned to fit women who have smaller bodies than men. The backpack for travel should have good suspension and load contour that will help distribute the weight evenly on the woman’s back and hips.

  • Travel backpacks often come with padded straps with a padded back and waist belt.
  • Get the feel of the weight of the backpack before travel.
  • It is unsafe to carry inflammable items in the travel backpack.
  • Backpacks for hiking must be necessarily lightweight. Back country hiking lovers carry no more than a blanket and a little food when embarking on a hiking trip.

Leather Backpack

A travel leather backpack is a great alternative to the bulky and stuffy briefcase. Leather backpack is roomy enough for most short trips or event. Normally the main compartment has large packing area and the interior pockets are spacious. Exterior zipper pockets offer packing space for extra items. Normally leather backpacks have padded shoulder straps that are adjustable for long term comfort. Laptop and computer backpacks, hiking backpacks, travel backpacks and camera backpacks normally come in leather.

Picnic backpack

Some picnic backpacks come with insulated aluminum frame that is foldable and attached to a bag that can be used as a chair, which is perfect for an adventurous picnicker. Picnic backpacks are usually lightweight and easy to carry. The frame of the backpack doubles as a convenient handle when closed. Picnic backpacks are made of heavy-duty polyester canvas, which make them compact and easy to carry. Picnic backpacks come with insulated back section and comes with air tight food containers. In upscale versions, picnic backpack comes with a corkscrew, a cheese board and knife, salt and pepper shakers or a wine stopper.

Camera Backpack

As the name suggests, camera backpack is primarily constructed to protect and transport essential camera equipment. It is normally made of leather with movable partitions with user configurable dividers, a strap system to carry dual tripod, back panels with sleeves and a fleece-lined audio pocket. There is normally full protective padding around the backpack for maximum shock absorption. The usual size is 24 inches long, 13 inches wide and 9 inches deep. The depth of the three main compartments is about 5.5 inches. There is space for two or more camera bodies and many lenses and accessories. The camera backpack easily converts between backpack and suitcase configurations. Camera backpacks are quite expensive and heavier in comparison to other backpacks.

Wheeled backpack

Wheeled travel backpacks are ideal for short or longer trips depending upon the size. Wheeled backpacks can be converted into shoulder backpacks when the terrain gets too rough by means of hidden backpack straps. Wheeled backpacks are primarily designed for use in school situations where book loads are so heavy and the traditional shoulder backpack gets uncomfortable.

They are better than rolling backpacks as they can be easily controlled. But one of the biggest faults of wheeled backpack is that it does not go well up or down the steps. If you pack too much of weight on a wheeled backpack, there is the risk of tipping it over. There is also the risk of breaking or bending certain parts of the backpack on wheels if it happens to tip.

School backpack

  • Ensure that the school backpack weighs no more than 10% of the child’s bodyweight.
  • The school backpack should not hang more than 4 inches below the waist line of the child.
  • The child should be taught to wear both the shoulder straps instead of one. It makes the load harder to carry as it is focused on one area increasing the risk of injury.
  • Wide padded shoulder straps in a school backpack are very important. Non padded straps are uncomfortable, and can hurt the child’s shoulders. The shoulder straps of the school backpack should be adjustable so that it can be fitted into the body of the child.

Sling backpack

The sling backpack is a stylish alternative to the traditional backpack or handbag. Big enough for textbooks, binders or even laptop computers, the sling backpack combines the convenience of a traditional backpack with the stylish looks of a briefcase. Usually sling backpacks come with a central compartment, side pen and key pockets and a cache where items like media players can be stored. While the main central compartment is zipped and completely shut, the exterior pockets are open for easy access. The sling strap has quick release buckles for convenience and the sling shoulder strap is padded for comfort.

Backpack cooler

There is nothing like a cold drink for a traveler hiking up the hill or heading to the beach on a hot day. The backpack cooler comes in an insulated pack that helps to preserve sodas and other beverages chilled and ready to drink. The insulated cooler doubles as an expandable backpack. Sometimes the cooler serves three purposes – as backpack, shoulder bag and sling pack. The insulated cooler backpack is waterproof and it features a removable liner which is handy in case of spills. The cooler backpack has extra separate sections for food and drink. It is made of nylon or leather material which is lasts long.

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