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Plus Size Swim Wear

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Plus Size Swim Wear
Plus size swim wear can be chosen with care to camouflage bulges and unflattering curves. You will be dazzled by the range of designer swim wear and kid swim wear that line the shelves of stores.

Swim wear is a fashion industry in itself. After all its big business to keep beautiful sexy women covered with barely enough to keep things interesting. There are many swim wear styles - from one piece bathing suits to bikini swim wear to the exotic thongs and sexy swim wear.

Check out our buying guide for plus size swim wear. How do you buy kid swim wear? How can you hide body flaws with the right swim wear style? Find answers to these and more!

Swim wear

There are many new materials for swimwear. With slick material, it is noticed that long-leg bathing suits and full body suits offer less drag than skin. Teflon-finished swim wear provides increased stroke accuracy and decreases muscle fatigue and drag on account of its compression fabric. Some brands of swim wear use material that repels water and stays lighter.

If you buying swim wear exclusively for swimming, get a one piece suit that has comfortable stretch fabric and doesn't cut into your shoulders. Wide shoulder straps are more comfortable than thin spaghetti straps. Buying the right swim wear can go a long way in creating a flattering figure.

If you have a short torso, go for a style that is cut high on the thigh. Vertical stripes work well here since they add to the visual lengthening effect. For the woman who is small on top, designer swimwear with padding or under wire styles are ideal. You can make the most of ruffled swim wear tops and bandeau tops.

Swimwear tips

  • Rinse your swim wear with cold water immediately after leaving the pool to remove traces of pool chemical. They can eat into the material.

  • Do not place wet and damp suits in your gym bag. It's the sure fire way to breed bacteria and bad odor.

  • Using the washing machine or dryers on your swim wear will make them worse for the wear.

Plus size swim wear

If you are large built, you can do wonders by picking up plus size swim wear - one that will make you look slimmer than you actually are. A few extra kilos should not prevent you from enjoying yourself on a hot summer day. Don't hide behind old -fashioned styles. Keep up with the trends and styles.

Ensure that the plus size swim wear fits you right. A size too small will make the bulges very prominent. Don't compromise on the quality since cheaper swim wear will do nothing for your figure. If you are not able to find reasonably priced plus size swimwear, look at online retailers. They might be able to give you one at an affordable price. Choose from their catalog for the right style and color.

There are designer swim wear suits that claim to reduce your waistline and hips by an inch on wearing them. The Lyra lining and construction works much like a girdle to smooth bulges and slim the hips. Black is ideal for the slimming effect. If your tummy is your problem area, don't spend all your time on the beach holding it in. Relax and go in for high waist bikini swim wear or tankinis where the top and bottom halves meet.

Maternity swim wear

There are specialty stores that carry larger swimwear for the mom-to-be. Maternity swimwear needs to be specially created to cater to the increasing middle region. A one piece swim suit may be more suitable at this stage, along with additional support at the bust. You can be pregnant and yet sport fashionable swim wear.

Look for stretchy material to accommodate your expanding waist. If you are daring enough, go for a maternity tankini. This two piece plus size swimwear can be worn high over the tummy or pulled down over it. Skirted swim wear styles are perfect for those wanting to hide their thighs. A maternity V-kini swimsuit has a maternity apron that unsnaps and reveals a non-maternity style. It's like having two styles in one.

Bikini swim wear

String bikini swim wear continues to hold center stage in sexy swimwear. But if you are going in for vigorous swimming, the bikini is a no-no as it might not hold up to all the physical activity. Bikini swim wear come in a dazzling range, from sheer swim wear to solids and prints to micro and thong styles. Bikini swim wear can range from the simple to the exotic to the downright sexy.

Bikinis come in an explosion of colors - from bright oranges to turquoise blends to deep blues and hot pinks. Set off your tan with these shades. Floral prints, Hawaiian flowers and tropical prints are always a popular choice. Denim inspired prints, geometric prints and polka dots are other hot favorites. If you want something more exotic, go in for hand embroidery or appliqué bikini swim wear. Go for triangle tops and halter neck styles if you really want to flaunt it.

Designer swim wear

If you want to sport exotic swim wear, you can go in for modern and classic styles that are flattering and sexy. You can opt for sheer swimwear with low back designs or high necks. Designer swim wear comes with many a solution for hiding body flaws. Go for underwire or soft-cup styles if you are small busted.

Add a touch of glamour to your exotic swim wear with a pareo - in net or mesh. Choose your designer swim wear to suit your figure, whether tall, short, wide or plus size. The right color, style and cut can go a long way in creating curves and focal points. Dark colors with delicate prints add a slimming effect. Designer swim wear comes in a range of prints, colors, fabrics and cuts.

You can contrast a becoming tan with neon or fluorescent colored exotic swimwear. G-strings, thongs or triangle-backed bikini bottoms are in vogue and can set the beach on fire. Ensure that the swimwear top fits you like your best bra. Designer swim wear is created to give you the perfect flattering shape.

High neck bathing suits will work wonders on a short woman as it can elongate the torso. Tummy control swimwear has textured fabric lining to hold in the bulges and lumps. When choosing designer swimwear, don't forget sun dresses. You can pick up some funky and fun cover up sundresses for your trip to the beach. Halter top bikini swim wear is yet another classy style that never goes out of fashion. One shoulder maillots can be classy and sophisticated.

Sexy swim wear

If sexy swim wear is what you are looking for, you can pick up sheer swim wear and thong swimsuits. They bring out the sensual woman in you are alluring and exciting. If you are adventurous enough, go in for a sexy topless bathing suit for a private beach affair. You can pick up many flattering bathing swim wear in exotic prints, ranging from leopard and animal prints to sexy satin. Even a single piece swim wear with a plunging neckline can create a sensual and sexy effect.

Kid swim wear

Don't forget junior when shopping for swimwear. Kid swim wear and trendy child swim wear can be found in adorable prints and styles. Children vary in size and dimensions and therefore it is best to take them along for your kid swim wear shopping. An interesting option for kid swim wear is floating swimwear. It is geared to helping the child float and balance in water. This depends on the child's age, body density and weight as well as his or her comfort level in water.

Floating kid swimwear must be sturdily stitched with comfortable inner linings and double seams. Light weight comfortable material and zipper cover make this type of junior swim wear a great pool accessory. Since the zippers are locked, the child will not be able to remove the suit without supervision. Some floating kid swimwear come equipped with head support and masks and fins.

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