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Unique Housewarming Gifts

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Unique Housewarming Gifts
If it's a special friend, get a personalized housewarming gift to show that you care. Instead of opting for the regular gifts, look up options for unique housewarming gifts.

Housewarming gifts can be broadly classified into two kinds - traditional and modern. Traditional housewarming gifts go way back into the 19th century where bread and salt were given, bread so that you never go hungry and salt so that your life is flavorful. This is more of a European tradition. Other traditional gifts include wine, broom, some wood, candle etc.

Today, when you think of a housewarming gift it is more of a handy or attractive home item that is of immediate use for the person moving into a new house. Personalized house warming gifts are also very popular where simple items get transformed into a warm gift which your friend will appreciate very much. It speaks of the interest you have taken to get a personalized housewarming gift - one that is bought with the recipient in mind.

Unique housewarming gifts

Unique housewarming gifts could be any of the following, in unusual modern shapes or material, rare to find in regular stores. There are specialty online stores that cater to this niche market.

Garden Stake: Do check if your friend has a yard before buy this gift. Personalize it with your friend's name. It will look pretty in her yard and she will always remember you with a smile every time she drives into her home.

Doormat: Although a very ordinary item and not so expensive, it can be transformed into a special gift if you choose the right pattern and wording on it. The pattern could be an exotic one, something not usually found. You could also shop for different shapes. And the best part, you can personalize it in many a way - 'The Carltons' or 'Welcome to the home of Michaels'.

Throws and Pillows: You can go for this gift if you know your friend well. This is a gift that she might use to decorate her couch in the living room. Personalize it with her name or initials and it is good to go! There are also stores or web sites that personalize pillows with a photograph.

Personalized photo frame: This is something a house can always do with, and when you personalize it, it becomes all the more desirable. Try to look at various types of photo frames -be it wooden, glass, or any other material and you can personalize it, either with the friend's name or date of a special event - birthday, wedding or housewarming.

Personalized key racks: As the name suggests, you can go for a key rack in metal, wood or more exotic material and add a personal touch to it. Get ideas from various creative stores. Maybe you can add a unique touch by ensuring that each member of the household has a personalized rack.

Kitchen and related gifts: There are a few gifts that you could select if you know your friend loves to cook, have people come over for dinner or have drinks - you could give her a personalized cutting board, a set of wine glasses, or a bottle of wine. If you are beer buddies, a large beer mug with his name on it. Similarly an outdoor grilling tool set is also a good gift. You could also give personalized coasters - with either a photo or the name.

Bathroom gifts: Scented candles, beautifully shaped soaps are good gifts too; especially candles that are monogrammed with your friend's initials. Choose from a range of decorative hand towels, liquid soap dispensers, bath rugs and the like. Put together a basket of bath salts, loofahs and bath soaps. This is a good choice if you know your friend loves to soak in long baths with candles lit, soft music and a good book. You might as well buy some for you if all the gift hunting makes you feel like pampering yourself too!

Decorative wall gifts: You could choose from personalized wall clocks to paintings or wall art. If you are not sure of the room d├ęcor, opt for a housewarming wall gift that can easily blend.

Personalized housewarming gifts

  • You can pick up a money clip and personalize it with your friend's name.

  • Gift a set of engraved champagne flutes.

  • Put together a wall mural name frame for the new house door.

  • A bonsai tree kit would be ideal for a house that is strapped of a yard or garden space.

  • Gift certificates to home stores or even restaurants are an alternative to the traditional housewarming gift.

  • Consider magazine subscriptions.

  • A box of personalized Notes that your friend can send across to her contacts with new addresses is a practical gift.

  • You can enlist the services of a local potter, rug weaver or craftsman for a unique gift.

  • If your friend is setting up home for the first time, look for small household gadgets such as a toaster, electric can opener or even a cappuccino maker.

Happy Gift shopping! Remember - buy something that she or he would want for her new house and not what you would want. Always do your homework and learn a little about your friend first.

Traditional housewarming gifts

Feng shui gifts for good luck like lucky bamboo stalks, wind chimes, crystals and charms are traditionally chosen for new homes. The custom of presenting brooms to sweep out evil and olive oil to bring in health dates back many centuries. Other traditional housewarming gifts include honey, plants and wood.

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