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Slippers for Women

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Slippers for Women
Whatever be your choice, a satin ballerina slipper or a quilted scuff or a microsuede clog, casual or fancy, the world of women's slippers offers infinite variety in design and style.

Women's slippers appear in every possible style imaginable - From fabric-inspired with floral and wild animal prints to luxurious and funky, from sexy stilettos to cute Mary Janes. Whether one is looking for a strappy evening sandals or a pair of irresistible slippers, there are certain essential facts to be considered.

Whatever be your choice, a satin ballerina slipper or a quilted scuff or a micro-suede clog, casual or fancy, the world of women's slippers offers infinite variety in design and style. Dress up your feet very well. They are a reflection of your personality.

Slippers for women

Comfort: Comfort is the pertinent factor one while selecting a slipper. Some women may feel comfortable if the soles of their slippers have extra support while some others just want something soft to adorn their feet. Bedroom slippers are normally constructed to give comfort than other designs. Slippers have to be cozy and comfortable enough to wear around.

Durability: Slippers should be sturdy, particularly in the sole. Bedroom and bathroom slippers should not skid. Some people prefer their slippers to be resilient. While some slippers are manufactured with a leather bottom, a few have rubber stick ons on the sole to provide the much desired grip.

Warmth: While slippers come lined with sheepskin for added warmth and softness, cotton is lightweight and has a tendency to be warm. Materials like velour offer in-between temperatures as well. Mesh materials used in slippers are another alternative for keeping the wearer warm.

Design: Slippers are designed for every taste and style. Women's slippers range from furry animal style to heeled marabou. Selection of slippers depends much on its design and style. Some leading brand designs of women's footwear are:

  • Flip flops are ideal for women who want a soft casual slipper to wear around the house. Pink, purple, blue white or black are the common colors.
  • Simple layaway trendy women's slippers are different and made of felted wool. They come in pink, brown, light blue or gray shades.
  • There are slippers for the classic ballerina type which are ultra soft and very feminine. These terry slippers are topped off by a dainty bow.
  • High heels are often sexy, chic and dynamic. Some women love high heels while a few also hate them but many may fall somewhere in between, having a love hate relationship with high heels. A pretty pair of pumps can be incredibly attractive and yet cause horrible pain in the heel.

Women's slippers styles

Slippers could be ultra warm and fuzzy, elegant or playful, plush or animal slippers. The list of styles is endless. Satin slippers are sassy and sexy, scuff open backed slip-ons and sheep skin slippers are quite trendy.

Beaded slippers: Comfort and fashion are wrapped in one and these beaded slippers can be worn for work or in the bedroom with equal ease. The beads can be decorated in various patterns and formations to create flowers, animals or even symbols or writing. Native American beaded slippers are quite popular and they come in booty and moccasin, among other styles. Beaded slippers are lined with sheep or felt skins. Versatility is an important feature of these beaded slippers. Beaded ballet slippers adorned with pearls and beads add perfect accent to the ballerina's costume.

Cinderella Glass slippers: The fairytale glass slippers require poise and care while walking with them. Cinderella slippers are also used as wedding favors filled with candies or other fillers.

High heeled slippers: Heels are sexy, stylish and add allure to the attire. Embellished strappy high heels are always a stunner at an evening party. They add a dramatic and dynamic effect to the outfit.

But heels can wreak havoc on the women's body by causing severe knee and back pain, cause serious injury at times which can even be gruesome and it is undesirable for icy streets, grassy areas, steep or long staircases, snowy sidewalks, slippery floors.

Novelty slippers: A pair of novelty slippers can have anything; from yellow boat slippers with banana on them to vegetable shaped slippers to animal shaped ones. It is also a perfect gift idea to someone close. Animal slippers are among the most popular of novelty types with dogs of almost any breed imprinted on them. There are slippers that are made to look like carrots, basket ball and chicken or even duck feet.

Satin slippers: Satin slippers are popular with women right from the time of fairy tales of yore. Today's satin slippers come in different styled finishes. Panne is the finish used to give the satin slipper the high luster that it enjoys. Satin slippers lend an elegant touch to the formal evening attire. They can also be worn as bedroom slippers. The material is lightweight and cool for warm nights and the feet can have added warmth on cold nights.

Satin slippers are used for wedding parties as they are highly comfortable to wear for long duration. Peau de Soie is a weave of satin that leaves the slipper with a dull finish and at the same time lends it a softness that is not flashy. Satin slippers come decorated with embroidery or beads.

Leather slippers: A leather slipper is no doubt the most durable. Leather has the distinct ability to be pliable to conform to the shape of the feet. Leather is soft and becomes softer on regular use. One popular style of slipper for women in leather is the moccasin. Leather booties are yet another style of leather slippers available for everyone. Minnetonka, Dearfoam. Hush Puppies and Ugg are some of the popular brands for leather slippers. Leather boaters have exposed stitching showing where the upper is sewn to the sides. Stitching forms a bow on the top. These are made of suede leather and have rubber soles allowing them for use inside as well as outside the home. Leather slippers come lined in flannel, fleece or sheep skin normally.

House slippers: Normally termed as scuff slipper this is the one without closing on the back or a heel. It takes its name after the 'scuffing' sound along the floor made when walking. Many women prefer a scuff to a closed slipper as it is easy to slip on and off. It also keeps the feet warm or cold optionally. Made of fine sheep skin scuff slippers are found in many colors. It has a strong sole and is excellent for durability and comfort at once.

Slippers with arch support

Many women have a 'no shoes' rule indoors and these fabulous arch slippers offer an excellent solution. Arch slippers have an arch supporting insole with a durable molded foot bed. This is to offer maximum comfort whilst running around at home.

Some women particularly feel severe pain in the heel of their foot suffering from plantar fasciitis, an overuse injury affecting the sole or flexor surface of the foot. Women who are overweight and who do a lot of walking or standing on hard surfaces suffer from this condition. Women with very flat feet or very high arches also are prone to plantar fasciitis.

It is imperative that women suffering from Plantar Fasciitis should not go barefoot even when around the house. This will only worsen the condition making the steps very painful. It is therefore recommended that such a woman should step straight into her slippers or shoes with arch support such that the fascia tissue is not strained.

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