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Fashion Trends - Fashion Jewelry

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Fashion Trends - Fashion JewelryFashion Trends - Fashion Jewelry
This article opens up a virtually dazzling array of jewelry. You will find interesting snippets and informative tips on all types of jewelry, be it gold jewelry or diamond jewelry. Read up on the fashion trends in jewelry, what's in and what's not!

Jewelry and woman go hand in hand. Hardly a woman is immune to the allure of a jewelry store. Fine handcrafted jewelry, jade jewelry, gold jewelry - the range is wide, the possibilities are endless! Since time immemorial, this lustrous metal has held people in awe and amazement. Newer fashion trends in jewelry extend to Bohemian designs - challenging the sophisticated look with its simple and carefree designs.

Gold jewelry is now crafted keeping changing trends and fashion in mind. You can pick up exquisite pieces like jewelry rings and gold charms and even baby jewelry in various hues and shades. White, rose and pink gold jewelry find many takers. Colored alloys such as nickel, palladium and copper are added to the precious metal to craft intricate patterns in colored gold jewelry.

Gold has been a favorite with jewelers on account of its beauty and ease of workmanship. Fashion jewelry is a rage with younger women - hip-hop earrings, beaded jewelry and jewelry set with precious stones. You can go in for colored gemstones such as Alexandrite, Amethyst, Aquamarine and others. Body piercing jewelry also finds favor with many. Sterling Silver Jewelry is an excellent gift for someone you love. When choosing pearls, there is a wide range to select from - natural pearls, cultured pearls, freshwater cultured pearls and colored pearls.

The sparkle in the woman's eyes can only be complemented by diamonds. Custom designed jewelry item set in diamonds or zircon can be an everlasting symbol of your feelings. Check out jewelry catalogs to find out prices and design options. Designer jewelry appeals to those who wish to buy one-of-a-kind ornaments and gifts such as jewelry watch and antique jewelry. Wedding jewelry is an important segment of the jewelry industry. No bride is complete without being adorned by jewelry.

Our jewelry section will take you through various aspects of jewelry - jewelry making, jewelry buying tips and fashion trends on jewelry. We carry interesting articles on specific jewelry segments, be it Indian jewelry, pearl jewelry or sterling silver jewelry. You can also learn how to care for the exquisite pieces lying in your jewelry box. You can choose to get your jewelry Rhodium plated, especially for engagement and wedding rings. This helps in increasing the shine and luster and adding to its durability. The plating makes the rings more scratch resistant and reduces tarnishing of silver jewelry.

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