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Caring For Silver Jewelry

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Caring For Silver Jewelry
Caring for silver jewelry involves proper storage and cleaning. Sterling silver comes in a wide range of simple yet sophisticated designs.

Silver was probably one of the first metals smelted from ore. Silver goes back to the times of the ancient Byzantine, Phoenician and Egyptian empires. Other than jewelry, silver has been forged into domestic utensils, buttons, boxes and other articles. Other than liquid mercury, silver is the brightest reflector among metals. This allows it to be polished to sheen. The Latin word for silver is Ag - Argentum that stands for 'white and shining'.

Ancient silver jewelry was handed down the generations among North and South American natives. Silver is extensively mined in the ores of Mexico and Peru. The comparatively low price of silver makes it a popular metal for jewelry, especially for fine and innovative designs. Silver jewelry craftsmen experiment with silver and later duplicate their patterns with gold.

Silver jewelry is popular with women who want to achieve a less-formal look. Silver jewelry is popularly gifted to women and children. Even men can be gifted silver cuff links, tiepins or signet rings. It is representative of a tender emotion or a lovely memory. Sterling silver jewelry carries a stamp of sophistication without being over the top. Find out how to care for your silver jewelry.

Sterling silver jewelry

Pure silver is also known as fine silver. In this form, it is relatively soft and malleable. It is combined with other metals to arrive at a more durable product. Silver plating is done by coating a layer of pure silver by the process of electroplating. Vermeil is sterling silver that is electroplated with at least 100 millionths of an inch of karat gold. Coin silver refers to 90% pure silver and 10% metal alloy.

German Silver or nickel silver is a mixture of nickel, copper and zinc and is used for silver-plating various items. Sterling silver is an alloy of 92.5% and 7.5% copper. Copper is the best alloy for silver as it improves the metal's hardness without affecting its lustrous color. Sterling silver jewelry is usually marked as 'sterling', 'sterling silver', 'ster' or '.925'.

Sterling silver jewelry is characterized by intricate designs and contemporary look. Silver jewelry can be subject to different polished states and colors to achieve different and stunning looks. You can choose from the sandblasted rough matte look or oxidized look that comes with chemical blackening.

Get the antique finish to your silver jewelry with the chemically aged look. Silver jewelry that is worn over a period of time acquires a patina that varies according to the chemistry of the person wearing it. Match up silver jewelry with gemstones and you can get a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Whether it is silver rings, necklaces and chains or pendants and charms, silver jewelry can look cool and sophisticated. Earrings in silver match with most outfits and are ideal for everyday wear. You can pick up individualized and handcrafted pieces of silver jewelry. This can be a collector's item that can go down the generations.

Caring for silver jewelry

Keeping your silver jewelry in a cool and dry place will help in avoiding oxidation. Silver reacts with sulfur or hydrogen sulfide in the air and acquires a dull build up. This robs the silver jewelry and articles of their natural sheen. The tarnish must be removed regularly to keep the silver items bright and sparkling. Silver jewelry is best kept away from direct exposure to sunlight or artificial light for long periods of time.

Caring for silver jewelry involves storing it in tarnish -proof cloth. Dumping the silver jewel items in drawers may cause them to rub against each other and create scratches. Using polishing cloth or liquid polish to clean the tarnish is essential care for your silver jewelry. Sterling silver jewelry can be protected from premature tarnishing with a thin coat of fine Egyptian lacquer.

Do not expose silver jewelry to chlorinated water or bleach. Be careful while using sterling silver dips. They may clean off the tarnish but they might rub off the color too. A dilute solution of mild dish washing liquid and water can be a quick and effective cleaner for your silver jewelry. Ensure that you remove all traces of moisture from the jewelry pieces by drying them thoroughly.

Wholesale sterling silver jewelry

You can pick up wholesale sterling silver jewelry pieces at a lower rate than at retail and boutique outlets. Getting your wholesale sterling silver jewelry from a reliable importer can give you a significant competitive edge if you are a retailer. You can browse through online catalogs of silver jewelry wholesale. Select from a range of stone-studded silver jewelry. The cost advantages of bulk manufacture of sterling silver wholesale items is passed on to the buyer.

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