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Earring Guide

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Earring Guide
With the fascinating array of earring styles available today, making a choice can be rather confusing. Look up our earring guide to help you make the right choice.

After a diamond ring, earrings are probably the best gift for the woman you love. She is most likely to wear her earrings all the time – be it a simple pearl stud earring or diamond stud earring or hoop earrings or even chandelier earrings. Learn to choose earrings keeping in mind earring type, size and price. Earrings can cost anywhere from a few dollars for sterling silver or alloy-based metals to thousands of dollars if they are studded with diamonds and made with precious metals like gold and platinum. Look up our earring guide to select the earring that is just right.

Choose earring

Earrings come in a range of style options and shades. You can choose earrings that suit the occasion, dress and your face shape. When shopping for earrings, keep in mind the person who will wear it. While oval faces can wear almost any earring shape, round faces go well with longer earrings. You can choose drop pearl earrings or chandelier earrings. Square shaped gemstone stud earrings go well with oval faces.

Choose from gold or sterling silver earrings or gemstone studded earrings, classy pearl earrings, delightful hoop earrings, romantic stud earrings or trendy chandelier earrings. You can select earrings in a variety of precious and non-precious metals. Pick up gold or silver earrings or even hoop earrings or chandelier earrings in nickel-based alloys. Avoid nickel-based alloys if you are allergic. Instead you can go in for hypoallergenic earrings made of titanium.

For women who do not have pierced ears, clip on earrings and earmuffs are an ideal choice. When you select a pair of earrings, complement it with the outfit you are wearing. Use gemstone earrings to suit your eyes and skin tone. While earrings with smaller gemstones are fine for everyday wear; reserve the larger flashier gemstones for a special occasion. Do not allow the earring to draw attention from your overall appearance.

If you are not wearing a necklace or wearing a rather delicate one, you can opt for a more elaborate earring. Do not overlook the size of the ear and the hairstyle too. Petite women would look good in earring styles that add length. Keep in mind the face shape and overall build though. A short woman would be enveloped with long elaborate chandeliers. Women who are slightly tall can go for trendy stud earrings and dangling hoops.

Tall women can get away with chandelier earrings since there is considerable space between the ear lobe and shoulder. Avoid earrings that are too large or heavy for your earlobes. It can result in ripped earlobes. For regular use, the lightweight trendy patterns are ideal.

Stud earring: Stud earrings go well with most outfits, from classic cocktail gowns to trendy jeans. Stud earrings come with metal accents or a range of gemstones, from classic pearl and exquisite diamond to aquamarine, topaz, jade or emeralds.

Chandelier earring: These dramatic earrings are a fashion rage. They can dress up any outfit and come in a range of styles and gemstones. While drop earrings add a delicate allure to your style, chandelier earrings can make a more stylish statement. Be it chunky gemstones or metal accents, chandelier earrings need to be carried off with panache.

Hoop earring: Add a soft romantic and feminine touch with simple gold hoop earrings. They are great for daily wear. Hoop earrings are semi-circular or circular in design and resemble rings. While some hoop earrings are continuous rings, others do not complete the circle. Modern sleep hoop earrings come with snap-bar closure that holds them securely. Chic and sophisticated patterns in white gold and textured gold frames add to the allure. Diamond hoop earrings come in attractive styles and go well with a dressy outfit. You can also choose sterling silver hoops. The puffed style hoop earrings appear larger though they are hollow. Charm hoop earrings have a gemstone or small object dangling from the ring, be it gold filigree leaf or cross.

Clip earring: Clip earrings are a rage with women who haven't had their ears pierced. Such earrings are fixed with a tension clip and it is pinched to the earlobe. Clip earrings come as studs or hoops. Some pierced earrings come with options to convert them into clip earrings too.

Name earring: Personalize your earring with your name. Name earrings have your name designed in stones of your choice.

Magnetic earring: Such earrings come with magnets set in the front and back of the earrings. Magnetic earrings are said to come complete with healing powers and are also claimed to suppress appetite and hunger pangs.

Diamond earring

Nothing matches the grace and glamour of diamond earrings, be it simple diamond stud earrings or drop earrings or hoop rings. Diamond stud earrings come in gold or platinum settings. Prong martini style setting or bezel settings bring out the dazzle from these icy stones. Diamond earrings are available in a range of sizes, styles and weights. Princess cut diamond earrings and round diamond earrings are classic favorites. They are sometimes matched with emeralds, rubies or sapphires.

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