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Bridesmaid Jewelry

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Bridesmaid Jewelry
Select bridesmaid jewelry that is in keeping with the look for the new millennium. You can try faux jewelry in elegant and trendy designs to express your heartfelt wishes.

She could be your sister or a very close friend, bridesmaids play significant role at weddings. Being your bridesmaid, she plays the role of a confidant, guide and the one who helps you out with various tasks for your wedding planning. Selecting unique bridesmaid jewelry is a perfect gesture to acknowledge and appreciate her contribution on the special day.

Express how special she is to you. Gift her jewelry that is in keeping with the styles for the new millennium. Select bridesmaid faux jewelry in elaborate styles, great designs, elegant and trendy. Bridesmaid faux jewelry can range from a small jewelry piece on her wrist or ears to even gorgeous jewelry sets and necklaces. Look up tips to find the perfect bridesmaid jewelry that conveys a well deserved thank you.

Bridesmaid faux jewelry

Faux jewelry refers to non-precious metals set with pearls or stones that closely replicate natural jewelry. It enjoys wide preference, highly preferred by fashion designers and fashionable women who care to make a style statement. The use of pearls or stones that are not a product of nature was widespread. In the 13th and 14th century, high quality flawless glass stones were valued more than natural stones. They were extensively used in children's jewelry and in royal funeral robes.

By choosing faux jewelry for your bridesmaid, you are contributing towards conservation of nature. No depletion of natural resources, yet bridesmaid faux jewelry is ostensibly close to real ones. For the untrained eyes it is difficult to distinguish the unreal from real. Bridesmaid faux jewelry genuinely mimics real jewelry.

It is a modern gift that clearly makes a fashion statement. As opposed to real jewelry that qualifies for a good keepsake, bridesmaid faux jewelry proves to be versatile. Faux jewelry can be worn at a boardroom meeting or evening dance. The possibilities are endless!

Faux jewelry styles

Bridesmaid faux jewelry can be made to replicate every natural gemstone. Bridesmaid faux jewelry can be made of glass, crystal or any other substance that imitates the real composition of natural gems. The price for en elegant piece of bridesmaid jewelry starts at $10.

Before you decide on bridesmaid jewelry, check out the bridesmaid attire. This helps you to decide the jewelry style and finish. Beauty of silver plated bridesmaid faux jewelry is accentuated with colored stones such as burgundy, black, blue or light purple. Gold plated bridesmaid jewelry looks elegant with topaz, emerald or cranberry. Cubic zirconia or faux diamonds and rhinestone embedded jewelry have remained favorite bridesmaid jewelry for ages.

Bridesmaid jewelry guide

Bridesmaid faux jewelry set consists of necklace, earring and a bracelet. Initiate the process of selecting bridesmaid necklace keeping in mind bridesmaid dress neckline. For dresses with too high or narrow necklines, it is best to do just with an earring and a bracelet. Elegant bridesmaid dresses can be accentuated with breathtaking faux necklace. If you are keen to keep pace with current trends, opt for chandelier style design.

Other bridesmaid necklace styles include floral design necklace set, choker-style necklace, single, double or triple strand dazzling crystal beads and lustrous faux pearl necklaces. Bridesmaid earrings usually form part of bridesmaid faux jewelry set. You also have the option of selecting unique faux pearl earrings, crystals or stones in stud form or as danglers. Select bridesmaid bracelets in clasp style, toggle clasp style in single or double, triple strand bracelets. Choose between bracelet in faux pearl strands or a bangle bracelet style with danglers of faux stones and pearls.

Bridesmaid jewelry tips

Before you proceed to choose bridesmaid jewelry, make a quick assessment of factors that help you to select the right jewelry.

  • Number of bridesmaid for the wedding

  • Bridesmaid dress color

  • Should they all wear the same jewelry?

  • Will they use hair accessories?

  • Would you like to opt for color contrast?

  • Do they have special preference?

  • The dress and its neckline

  • Should you buy necklace extenders?

  • Should you buy clip-on earrings?

  • What type of base metal should you opt for?

  • Will it be only pearls, only stones or a combination?
  • Your budget for bridesmaid jewelry.

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