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Caring for Gold Jewelry

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Caring for Gold JewelryCaring for Gold JewelryCaring for Gold Jewelry
This informative article on gold jewelry throws light on gold jewelry and familiarizes you with carats and purity and various hues of gold. Find out how to care for your gold jewelry. Learn more about baby jewelry and the significance of jewelry rings.

Gold jewelry Sun colored gold jewelry has always held man in awe. From time immemorial, civilizations have fought battles over gold. Even today, gold jewelry continues to reign supreme. Gold jewelry is ideal for gifting to someone precious since it symbolizes love and permanence. Little wonder that wedding rings are made of gold. Gold jewelry can also serve as good investments. Brides wear gold jewelry as it is considered a harbinger of good luck and happiness. Read on to find out about baby jewelry items.

Gold jewelry

Pure gold jewelry is seen as a good investment. The proportion of gold in the gold jewelry is measured as 'karats' or 'carats'. Pure gold is 24 carat. The use of alloys hardens the gold and also lends it color. The European jewelry market is flooded with 18 carat and 14 carat gold jewelry. 14-carat jewelry is predominant in the US jewelry stores.

The traditional gold markets of India, Middle East and South East Asia concentrate on 22 carat gold. It is required by law in many countries to stamp all items of gold jewelry with the carat purity. Many jewelers stamp their own individual marks. The European Commission is seeking to introduce a common system for guaranteeing the purity of the gold sold and its compliance with European norms on quality (EN 29000).

Gold in its purest form cannot withstand abrasions and is usually alloyed with another metal to lend it strength. Silver, copper, nickel and zinc are common alloys that are used along with gold. The percentage of alloys determines its color. Gold is immune to rust and corrosion. The value of the gold jewelry is based on a number of factors - the purity of the gold used and the design and construction of the piece of jewelry.

Gold electroplating indicates the deposition of a small quantity of gold upon another metal by the use of chemicals and electricity. This thickness is measured in millionths of an inch. Gold plating is common these days. Gold plated jewelry is one which has a layer of at least 10K gold bonded to the base metal. The thickness of the plating determines how long it will last.

Colored gold jewelry

The yellow color of gold is a reaction of the gold absorbing violet and blue light and reflecting yellow and red light. When people prefer the color of gold jewelry to retain its yellow gold color, they use yellow gold alloys. Copper and silver retain the yellow color whereas nickel, zinc and palladium are used to produce white alloys.

Nickel is the cheapest alloy to be mixed with gold but it is known to cause dermatitis and allergic reactions in many people. E.C. Regulations insist on nickel-free jewelry to be sold in the Community. The use of palladium with gold results in high costs. Fashion jewelry is now being crafted in various hues of gold - pink, rose and even white. This adds to the variety and range that gold jewelry can offer. There is something to suit everyone.

Caring for gold jewelry

Remove gold jewelry before entering swimming pools. The chlorine in the water will erode gold jewelry. The risk of diamonds or other stones falling out of settings is also high. Keep gold jewelry away from harsh chemicals like household cleaning fluids as they create abrasions and reduce the luster of the yellow metal. Cleaning gold jewelry is best done with warm water and detergent -free soap. Use soft-bristled brush to clean the pieces.

Child jewelry

Baby jewelry is an ideal gift at christenings. Cute babies with carefully selected baby jewelry are a joy to behold. Some babies have their ears pierced and can sport gold studded earrings in their tiny earlobes. Kid jewelry needs to be selected with care since this kind of jewelry is kept as a keepsake - an heirloom to pass on to future generations.

Choosing baby jewelry with birthstones is a good idea. This can take on the form of a baby name bracelet or pendants. Isn't it an ideal gift for a little one on her arrival in this world? Cross pendants and religious lockets are also popular as child jewelry. Want a small bracelet with your baby's name on it?

Personalized child jewelry is also possible. Such items are now available at various jewelry stores, even online ones. A personalized bracelet bearing the name of the baby is a lovely and personal baby jewelry gift. If you are seeking more glitter in your baby jewelry, you can go in for Swarovski crystals, natural gemstones or freshwater pearls. Though gold is the preferred choice for kid jewelry, sterling silver is also used.

Jewelry ring

A gold jewelry ring is symbolic of wedding vows - a perfect symbol of union and togetherness. The jewelry wedding ring represents eternity since it is a circle and depicts no ends that diverge. Slipped on the third finger of the bride's left hand, this piece of jewelry - the wedding ring was a symbol of marriage and love. The bride's preference is paramount when considering the marriage jewelry ring. If she likes white gold or platinum, there is no point in selecting even a wonderful diamond set in yellow gold.

Many prefer contemporary looks while some others like jewelry ring in a vintage and classic style. You can choose from a solitaire jewelry ring or a cluster of stones. You can select either an elongated marquise or classic cut diamond ring. The jewelry ring needs to fit into the lifestyle of the wearer. A design with sharp points is likely to snag clothing and is difficult to clean too.

You can choose platinum for the jewelry ring. It is the hardest metal known to man and can be ideal to symbolize enduring love. Another option for jewelry rings is to choose precious gems in the settings. You can either go for rubies, sapphires or emeralds. These precious stones can be complemented by diamonds.

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