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Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

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Swarovski Crystal Jewelry
Think crystal jewelry and what comes to mind is Swarovski crystal jewelry - exquisite and well crafted. Learn more about fine Austrian crystal jewelry.

Crystal is believed to have healing powers and bestow the wearer with good health. You can pick up handmade crystal jewelry set in sterling silver or yellow gold. The name Swarovski crystal jewelry is synonymous with exquisite crystal jewelry, be it brilliant earrings or dazzling pendants.

Crystal jewelry

The name crystal finds it origin in the Greek word krystallos. Some of the macro crystals popularly used in jewelry are amethyst, citrine, rock crystal, smoky quartz and rose quartz. Examples of cryptocrystalline stones are agate, onyx, jasper, sadonyx and chalcedony. Crystals occur in many colors but the clear stone is the popular favorite.

Crystals are cut into different styles and shapes and fashioned into jewelry pieces. Round, oval and baroque shaped beads are fashioned out of crystal. Crystals are also cut into oval, square, princess cut and pear shaped and marquise cuts. The price of crystals is based on the carat weight and clarity.

Crystals are more expensive with increased carat weight. Crystal jewelry crafted out of a single stone costs more. Crystals are formed deep inside the earth's crust due to the crystallization of silicon and oxygen. These gemstones are held in a variety of metamorphic, sedimentary and igneous rocks and are mined naturally.

Crystal is found in the USA, Russia, Brazil and few African countries. Pick up handmade crystal jewelry at retail or wholesale price. You can find exquisite crystal jewelry items combined with fresh water pearls, glass beads, amber and Bali beads.

Austrian crystal jewelry is characterized by delicate workmanship and elegant designs. Dangling crystal necklaces can be adjusted to suit your tastes. You can choose from delicate flower patterns that go well with most formal outfits. Bridal jewelry can include pearl and aurora borealis crystal necklace set with a matching pair of earrings.

Swarovski crystal jewelry

Daniel Swarovski founded Swarovski Crystals Company with the aim of cutting crystals automatically. Swarovski crystal jewelry is crafted with optical products, abrasives and grinding tools. The Austrian crystal jewelry pieces crafted at Swarovski are available in stunning design options - from rhodium plated to yellow gold.

Bridal crystal jewelry combinations and tiaras as well as elegant crystal jewelry items for bridesmaids can be selected from Swarovski. The extensive range of Austrian crystal jewelry extends to necklaces, pins, brooches and tiaras. Fashion accessories are also available in crystal - for handbags, shoes and buckles.

The figurine collection from Swarovski crystals is much sought after, be it crystal animals and decorative items or crystal lovebirds. This Austrian crystal jewelry company has been leading the way for sharp-cut crystal production as well as hand polishing.

The brilliance of Swarovski crystals can be compared to diamonds. The name of Swarovski evokes visions of meticulously crafted jewelry items that are precision cut. Hair accessories such as crystal barrettes, headbands, hair sticks and jaw clips are ideal for bridal dressing or a formal evening. You might be able to locate a crystal French twist comb or crystal dragonfly clips.

Crystal bridal jewelry

Bridal jewelry encrusted with crystal is a favorite. Choose crystal bangles in a range of designs, rhodium plated or baguette cut or even hinged bracelets with crystal mesh. Pick up fashion accessories such as evening bags and key rings for the bride-to-be. Gift them to someone you love. Crystal pendants are another option for bridal jewelry sets.

You will be dazzled by the crystal jewelry range of cuff links, tiaras and necklaces. Crystal stretch bracelets with square facets and beads in rose quartz or lapis look exquisite. Crystal jewelry is crafted out of 14K, 18K or 21K gold or sterling silver. White gold and platinum do not allow the brilliance of the crystals to come forth. Typically crystal jewelry is not used for everyday use.

Handmade crystal jewelry

You can find early Egyptian handmade crystal jewelry using turquoise, lapis, jasper, amethyst, carnelian and malachite. This led to the custom of using crystals in tiaras and crowns. The use of appropriate metals and gemstones was believed to help a king rule wisely. The use of crystal jewelry, especially amethyst was also extended to religious leaders.

Handmade crystal jewelry shaped like Christian crosses and Celtic crosses and other devotional symbols are very popular. You can find dazzling earrings made with pink and white Swarovski crystal beads and silver. Fashionable handmade crystal chandelier earrings are a rage.

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