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Birthstone Colors

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Birthstone Colors
Birthstones are various gemstones in vibrant colors. Find out your birthstone based on the birthstone chart. Select birthstone jewelry that is just right for you!

Birthstones are various gemstones in vibrant colors. Birthstones have always captivated a woman's attention. It is natural for a woman to cherish a desire to possess birthstone jewelry. Enhance your jewelry collection by adding precious birthstone jewelry to it. Be it a birthstone ring, a pair of birthstone studs or a birthstone pendant, it is sure to occupy pride of place in your jewelry chest.

What is so alluring about birthstones? What does it mean to its owner? Are the magical virtues of birthstones true? What changes does it beget? This article provides an answer to these questions as well as imparts useful information for choosing your birthstone colors. Peruse the birthstone chart for selecting birthstone jewelry that is just right for you!

History of Birthstones

The origin of birthstones can be traced back to the time of Moses. A biblical illustration of the same can be found in Exodus 28, 15-30. It is said that Moses in accordance to the instructions from God, ordered a breastplate for his brother Aaron, who was the first head priest. During religious ceremonies, the head priest used the breastplate. Moses dutifully followed the divine instructions and commissioned the making of a breastplate with 12 colors (gemstones) arranged in a particular manner.

The command of Moses was followed and a breastplate with four rows of three gemstones each was made to represent the twelve tribes of Israel was made. With time, the significance has undergone changes. The gemstones that initially represented the twelve tribes of Israel have now come to represent the twelve months of the calendar and the twelve signs of the Zodiac. Eventually, people preferred wearing gemstones that match their stone of birth, marking the evolution of birthstones.


Mother Nature is endowed with more than three thousand crystals, minerals and biogenic minerals. Of these, a very small percentage possesses the necessary characteristics to be termed as gemstones. To classify a material as a true gemstone, its beauty, durability, rarity and portability is considered. The official list introduced by The American National Association of Jewelers in the year 1912 is recognized as the modern birthstone list.

The list of birthstones that represent older birthstones is acknowledged as traditional birthstones. This list comprises both traditional birthstones as well as new additional birthstones. Birthstones of Tibetan origin that date back thousand years are referred to as mystical birthstones. These stones are widely believed to help overcome the obstacles. The list of birthstones derived with Ayurvedic Indian Medicine as its base is termed as Ayurvedic Birthstone list. These birthstones are widely acknowledged for their healing effects.

Gemstones and the Zodiac Sign

The prevailing Zodiac sign decides zodiac gemstones. For a person born on February 9th the birthstone (refer birthstone chart) is Amethyst. However, the Zodiac sign being Aquarius, the Zodiac gemstone is Garnet.

Aries - Bloodstone

Taurus - Sapphire

Gemini - Agate

Cancer - Emerald

Leo - Onyx

Virgo - Cornelian

Libra - Chrysolite

Scorpio - Beryl

Sagittarius - Topaz

Capricorn - Ruby

Aquarius - Garnet

Pisces - Amethyst

Birthstone colors

Colors have a considerable effect on us. From bright passionate red to youthful green and stark black, birthstone colors have their unique significance.

  • Black is the absence of color and is symbolic of the universe. It has positive connotations in some cultures while it is associated with mourning and death in others. It is indicative of harmony and stability. Sometimes it is used to represent wisdom.

  • Blue holds the power of healing and protection. It is the color of loyalty and confidence.

  • Gray or silver is associated with courage.

  • The color of lilac or lavender is the harbinger of love and success.

  • Brown stands for reliability and simplicity.

  • Green is symbolic of prosperity, money, fertility and growth. Green is a sign of youth and vigor.

  • Purple is often with arrogance or cruelty.

  • Red is a color of high energy, excitement and strength. It has associations of physical energy, passion and intense emotions.

  • Yellow stands for optimism and hope. It is indicative of intellect and philosophy.

  • White is a sign of purity and peace. In some cultures, it is a color of mourning.

Birthstone jewelry

The value and importance of birthstone jewelry may vary. While for some it could be a talisman for others it is likely to signify victory and success in all their endeavors. Birthstones are generally worn close to the skin, like the wrist, earlobes, neckline, fingers and ankles.

While you select the most suitable birthstone, beware that the market is flooded with a variety of gemstones, which may or may not be genuine. The best way to decide is to check whether the gemstone is a genuine birthstone, a natural gemstone or a synthetic gemstone.

Birthstone rings

It is a popular trend these days to opt for birthstone rings as engagement rings. From time immemorial, birthstone rings have been associated with good luck. They are said to bestow the wearer with courage and strength. In fact, a birthstone ring is believed to be a protective armor against problems. Little wonder that they are gaining in popularity.

  • Store birthstone jewelry in individual jewel boxes or carefully wrapped in soft cloth.

  • Take care to avoid scratches.

  • Keep them clean. A birthstone ring needs special care since it is worn all the time. Soak in plain water and use a gentle soap for cleaning. A toothbrush can help in scrubbing accumulated dirt. Dry with a soft cloth.

  • Try and remove birthstone jewelry while doing strenuous work, exercise that is likely to damage the jewelry.

  • Take extra care to clean diamond, rubies and sapphires with a pinch of ammonia. This can also add extra sparkle to the gemstones.

  • Do not use ammonia on opal gemstones.

  • Use a clean cloth to wipe birthstone rings made with organic gems such as pearls, corals and amber.

  • Keep away birthstone jewelry from hairspray, perfumes or cosmetic items.

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