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Belly Chain

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Belly Chain
A belly chain is a popular fashion accessory with swimwear, low rise jeans or just about any outfit. Take a look at the various styles available.

Summer is here and it is time to head for the beaches. What better way to set off your swimsuit than with an alluring belly chain! A belly chain is a gorgeous accessory that can be worn with many an outfit from low rise jeans to halter tops. Wear it across your waist or let it drape low on your hips. Waist chains are sensual yet subtle; alluring yet dainty!

Belly chain jewelry

Typically used by the belly dancers of the Middle East, belly chains have come to become popular body jewelry. Belly chains can dress up your swimwear. A belly chain worn with low-rise jeans can be naughty and fun! Accentuate a well-toned midriff with a suitable belly chain.

Choose silver belly chains or those with gold tones to accessorize your waist. Pick a belly chain with polished beads, crystals or semi-precious stones. You can go in for a dainty and delicate belly chain or one that is more ornate. Some chains come with dangling pendants.

Waist chain

Belly chains come in gold-plated or antimony-plated bronze styles too. Belly chains also come with beads grouped together. Tear drop beads, hematite beads, borealis beads or fire polished beads – the choice is wide. You can choose a belly chain with swirls or connecting links. Alternatively go in for a rope chain style. Dangling belly chains or personalized belly chains are a rage.

In Indian and Asian communities, brides often wear waist chains made in gold. They could be elaborately designed and embellished with stones. Worn over traditional sarees or lehengas, they complete the bridal attire.

Some waist chains have danglers or charms hanging from the main chain. A few are even multi-layered with 2 or 3 strands. Belly chains can be worn over some outfits too. Team them with stylish outfits and you have a wonderful alternative to the traditional belt. Try a belly chain with a cropped top or low-waist jeans. Waist chains are a hot swimwear accessory!

Buying belly chain

Belly chains come in different sizes too. Typically waist chains come in sizes from 20 to 40.They are usually adjustable so as to allow a woman the perfect fit. It is essential that you select a belly chain that fits you comfortably. Do not buy a belly chain that is too snug on the waist - it is uncomfortable and can cause the chain to snap.

It is prudent to select a belly chain of a size that is a couple of inches longer than your waist. Belly chains look great when worn just above the hip bones; so measure yourself at this point. You can then adjust it to your own preference. If you have a metal allergy, select a belly chain made of either stainless steel, titanium or PTFE/BioFlex. Avoid cheap belly chains made with high nickel content if you are prone to allergy.

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