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Jade Jewelry

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Jade Jewelry
Chinese jade jewelry is very popular the world over. Jade is an extremely precious gemstone that is exquisite in color and luminescence.

Charm bracelets have been around since a long time. They were often worn to ward off evil spirits. But Italian charm bracelets are back in a big way. The charm designs are more contemporary, the materials used are more exotic but nevertheless the elegance of a charm bracelet is timeless.

With exciting gold charm bracelets, sterling silver charm bracelets or charm bracelets in exotic shapes and gemstones, you can team them with a range of outfits. Charm bracelets are ideal accessories for any look, be it casual or chic, bohemian or funky.

Charm bracelet

Early charm bracelets are traced to the Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians and Hittites from 500 to 400 B.C. They were encrusted with rock crystals, gemstones and lapis lazuli. Charms for charm bracelets were often used to signify rank and family. They were sometimes indicative of a person's profession. Queen Victoria popularized charm bracelets and moved them from superstitious omens to objects of fashion.

Charm bracelets can be bought as a gift for a graduation, special day, special event, friendship or special relationship. You can wear a charm bracelet to express a personal passion or interest, be it animals and flowers to food or even cartoons and mythological characters. Often charm bracelets are a personal keepsake. They may be indicative of birthstones, zodiac signs, travel souvenirs or family keepsakes. Charm bracelets are given at significant moments such as proms, birth of a baby or engagement. Charms are decorative pendants that are attached to the links of the charm bracelet.
Laser-produced Italian charms for bracelets come with sharp and detailed engraving in a dazzling range of shimmering colors. Garnets and cubic zirconium are popular gemstones for gold charm bracelets. Pick up a sterling silver charm bracelet with diamond-embellished hearts or stars or go in for a gold charm bracelet with the initials of your sweetheart.

Italian charm bracelet

Typically Italian charm bracelets do not have charms dangling from the chain. Instead they come as links that form a bracelet. The links may be shaped like pictures, letters, stone or images. Often enamel work is done on them. Italian charm bracelets are also referred to as modular charm bracelets on account of their flat interlocking charms. Choose Italian bracelets in 18K gold or sterling silver. You can go in for hypoallergenic stainless steel charm links too.
Disney charm links distributed by Bracciale are very popular among Italian charm bracelets. Other notable brands are Nomination and Zoppini. Choose charm bracelets depending on the size of the wearer, anywhere from 17 – 19 links. They cost anywhere upward of $10.
The linked design of Italian charm bracelets is more durable and does not snag at your hair and dress or stockings. The sleek shapes and styles complement any outfit. Exquisite charm bracelets with a splash of color is a versatile fashion accessory. Go in for the elegance of pearls and corals or the fiery brilliance of sapphire or turquoise.

Charm for charm bracelet

They may be tiny hearts, stars, initials of a loved one, photograph of a lover in a tiny frame, flags, pets or sports insignia. Popular Disney characters Pooh Bear, Nemo, Mickey Mouse, Lion King and Tinker Bell find their way into many a charm bracelet. Other charms for charm bracelets include Sleeping Beauty, Pinocchio, Simba and Donald Duck. Some prefer charm designs that have a religious significance. Thematic charms for bracelets such as nature, waves, birds and spring appeal to many.

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