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Wedding Tiara

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Wedding Tiara
Walk down the aisle with an elegant wedding tiara that complements your bridal ensemble. Select a wedding tiara to offset your gown, hairstyle and face shape to best advantage.

Tiaras, also known as diadems, have been around for centuries. Wedding tiaras can be traced back to ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome when tiaras conferred status and honor on the wearer. Napoleon Bonaparte made it an essential accessory at all the social functions during his reign. The tiara was at its heyday between the early 1800s and the beginning of World War I.

Tiaras are appropriate for balls, proms, wedding, beauty pageants and coming out parties. Brides continue to wear tiaras with their veil, reveling in its beauty during the ceremony and relish the keepsake for the rest of their lives. Read more about wedding tiaras and tips on selecting one that suits your face shape and attire.

Wedding tiara

Tiaras are like crowns; they encircle the head partially or completely. You can find them encrusted with sparkling rhinestones, shimmering crystals, pearls, semi-precious stones or precious gems. Wedding tiaras of today are easier to wear because they are made of lighter materials and variety of styles. Wedding tiaras symbolize hope, glamour and sophistication and will always make a woman feel like a princess.

Many tiara bases are crafted of metallic wire, ranging from pot metal to even platinum and gold. The designs on the wedding tiara are crafted by artistic arrangement of the wires. The stones and embellishments must be set off to best advantage. Typically tiara designs are raised at the center and taper off at the sides. In ordinary tiaras the stones are glued into place. The gems are set in prongs in the costlier tiaras.

Choosing wedding tiara

When you walk down the aisle, you want to look more than a bride; you want to look like a princess. Your tiara must be elegant and stunning yet understated. It must create an overall look that no one can resist. The tiara must not detract from the overall image you want to project.

To do this, the tiara must finish off your bridal veil, accentuate your hairstyle, frame your face and complement the wedding gown as well. But at the same time it shouldn't be too big or extravagant so as to hide your hairstyle. Select your wedding tiara with care.

Wearing a wrong tiara can alter your face shape by making it appear too thin or full. A tiara should frame your face by drawing attention to it.

  • If you have a round face and wish to make it appear longer, choose a wedding tiara with some height or one that has a peak. To make a full face appear thinner, wear a tiara that peaks into a V at the top.

  • Those with a long face can opt for a wedding tiara with little or no height that extends from one side to the other at an even height.

  • For an oval face, avoid tiaras that peak at the top. Wearing a headband, forehead piece or a back piece will make your face a little rounder.

Different types of tiara

Headbands: They are a very functional option for those brides who want to wear their hair down. These types of tiaras can be used to keep hair away from the face. It can also be worn to accentuate upswept hairstyles as well. Headband style tiaras can be worn by wrapping it around a bun.

Double Headband: Such tiaras are the most versatile of all, as they can be worn flat on the head as a headband, wrapped around a bun or tilted forward in tiara style.

Comb: This is a simple piece that complements almost all hairstyles. Depending on the style, it can also provide for a less formal look.

Bun Ring: This wedding tiara complements the classic updo hairstyle.

Back piece: A back piece is used when you want to accentuate your ensemble but don't want all attention drawn to the accessory. Back pieces work best for a low bun or a French twist.

V-band: Women with a long face shape would do well to select this style of accessory. It draws attention to the front of the.

How to wear a tiara?

Slide the tiara on at a 45 degree angle. It must be placed such that there is no gap between the veil and the tiara. Use invisible thread to sew it in place. Adjust the tiara band to suit your head shape. Make use of pins to secure it in place. Adjust the hairstyle or loose locks to cover the pins. Take the help of a stylist to place your tiara in a manner that flatters your hairdo.

Tips and tricks

  • First of all, choose your gown; then select your accessories including the tiara. Keep your hairstyle in mind while selecting a wedding tiara.

  • Choose the wedding tiara after considering your facial structure.

  • To give the wedding party a coordinated look, the attendants can compliment the bride's ensemble by wearing a smaller or simpler version of the bride's tiara.

  • If your dress is stylish, a modern tiara would go with it. Choose an antique style tiara if your wedding gown goes well with it.

  • If your hair is short, light and delicate tiaras are best. Brides with shorter hair look best in headband style tiara.

  • Match the type of gown with your tiara. Complement crystals in your gown with crystals in your wedding tiara; same holds good for pearls and rhinestones too.

  • If you have a floral detail in your gown, then look for a wedding tiara with similar detailing.

  • A tiara with Austrian crystals and no pearl or other ornaments will go with any gown. But a tiara with pearls should match either the gown or the necklace and earrings.

  • Pearl tiaras go well with off-white or ivory gowns, since the luster of the pearls is enhanced by these colors.

  • A tiara is the one accessory which tells all that you are the bride. You can be sure to stand out in the crowd with it.

  • Platinum blonde and darker shades of hair look good with white, crystal and silver based tiara. Shades of red and light brown hair go well with ivory pearls and gold tone tiaras.

Whether you wear a silver wedding tiara with rhinestones or a golden one with pearls, ensure that it suits your overall attire and style. It reflects your elegance, taste and adds the perfect finishing touch to your bridal ensemble.

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