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Religious Jewelry

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Religious Jewelry
Religious jewelry items such as prayer beads, charms and pendants are found in traditional and modern designs. Christian jewelry - crucifixes, crosses and rosary beads can be bought in silver or gold.

Since time immemorial, jewelry has been used to adorn the body and indicate class, religious affiliation and marital status. Each religion has a set of icons and religious jewelry. Religious jewelry finds many takers, believers who wish to wear on their person pieces of religious icons and symbols that represent their faith. Prayer beads form an intrinsic part of many faiths - a symbol for the followers to mediate on their faith. Christian jewelry such as rosaries, crosses and lapel pins are available in traditional and modern designs.

Religious Jewelry

Jewish religious jewelry uses sacred symbols and geometry from the Qumran and the Kabbalah. Egyptian religious jewelry usually sports motifs of the 'Eye of Horus'. The 'Scarab' - a good luck symbol and 'Ankh' - the symbol of eternal life can also be found on religious jewelry pieces from Egypt. Native American religious jewelry usually sports various elements of nature.

A piece of Islamic jewelry that is of value to followers is the Prayer watch. It shows accurate prayer times all over the world in Western and Hijra dates. It is bilingual - in English and Arabic. Buddha pendants, Islamic charms and medals of Christian saints are preferred religious jewelry pieces. Religious jewelry stores specialize in lapel pins, crucifixes, rosary beads and pendants and charms.

Christian Jewelry

At birth, many parents and godparents present their little infants with crib medals to invoke the blessings of the Lord. It is a fitting gift to mark their entry into the Church. Christian jewelry items are also bought as gifts for young boys and girls for their first holy communion. A special rosary gift for the First Communion will be remembered and cherished.

You can pick up beautiful rosary boxes that have been carefully hand crafted. Gift a young girl with religious jewelry such as a sacramental charm bracelet or crucifix locket. A scapular medal with the Sacred Heart embossed on it is yet another thoughtful gift option. Wooden rosaries are commonly used in monasteries while decorative rosaries are now available aplenty.

Fine quality bracelets, pendants, book markers and pins are available in 14K, 18K and 24K gold plated designs. Christian jewelry for weddings includes cross pendants or white gold jewelry that incorporates Christian religious expressions. The Cross is a preferred item of Christian jewelry since it reassures believers of the eternal love of God and the sacrifice of Jesus. You can pick up Christian jewelry that is symbolic of patron saints, be it St. Peregrine the patron of cancer patients or Our Lady of the Sea who is the patron saint for those who sail.

Sterling silver crosses and cross pendants can be found in different sizes and styles. Catholic jewelry in styles ranging from the traditional to the modern or Latin designs can be found. Pick up inspirational medals of St. Anthony, St. Francis, St. Jude and others. You can go in for a bangle bracelet depicting the Last Supper. This type of Christian jewelry item comes in solid gold or silver and has details carved over it.

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