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From the classic elegance of the pearl necklace to the sophistication of a diamond necklace, this jewelry item can be a great accessory. Learn how to choose necklaces, be it bead necklaces or Tiffany necklaces.

Confused about how to accessorize with a necklace ? Look for tips on selecting a necklace of the right length. Learn more about pearl necklaces, diamond necklaces and Tiffany necklaces . Find out how you can create a style statement with a bead necklace . Gift a name necklace for a personalized touch.

Choosing necklace

Selecting a necklace depends on the dress you are considering wearing. Also keep in mind your face shape and overall build when selecting a necklace, be it a string of pearls or a gold necklace with a diamond pendant. Downplay the necklace accessory if you have a bigger bust and neckline that you wish not to draw attention to.

  • If you have a beautiful slender neck, set it off with a short necklace or a choker necklace. A collar necklace or choker necklace nestles snugly around the base of the neck and goes well with dresses that have wide necks, boat necks or off-shoulder necks. Silver necklace or gold interlock chain would go well with a business suit or a casual outfit. But women who are short must be careful with choker necklaces as they can shorten the appearance.

  • The princess length necklace hangs over the collarbone and draws attention to the neckline of the dress. A pendant with such a gold necklace can be a perfect foil for a low neckline. A drop pearl pendant or solitaire can be matched to your outfit and earrings.

  • Go dramatic with a long opera length. Alternately try interesting options with a long bead necklace or pearl necklace. Either wear it in its full length for an elegant and classic look. Transform it into a multi-layered necklace or even bracelet with attractive clasps. Bead necklaces that fall past the bust line elongates the overall effect.

Tiffany necklace

Tiffany heart necklaces date back to the earlier century when they were first crafted by the silverware company. Pick up a Tiffany heart necklace that goes well with your age and body type. Chunky pieces of pendants can overwhelm a petite woman and would work well for a fuller figure. Small delicate pendants with slim gold necklaces or silver necklaces are ideal for smaller frames. Pearl necklace

Nothing beats the classic pearl necklace in style and classic elegance. A pearl necklace is a wonderful gift idea for women of all age groups as it symbolizes femininity and allure. While typically round pearls are used in pearl necklaces, drop pearls and freshwater pearls also find favor. The luminescence of the pearls lends a timeless beauty.

Diamond necklace

Simple gold or platinum necklaces with diamonds interwoven throughout come in a variety of designs. An expensive investment, a diamond necklace is ideal for a wedding gift. Another option is to go in for a diamond pendant with your necklace. From heart pendants and elaborate floral designs to cross pendants and interesting shapes, diamond pendants can be selected to suit your style. You can chose diamond pendants crafted with other precious stones.

Name necklace

A name necklace is a personalized gift. You can choose a name necklace as a pendant or a block necklace in sterling silver, gold pate or vermeil. A romantic gift idea would be to personalize your name as well as that of your significant other on a pendant. You can add birthstones to give a more personal touch to a name necklace.

Bead necklace

Bead necklaces can be chic and dramatic, ethnic or bohemian. You can either buy a bead necklace or choose to string one yourself. With a bead necklace, the options are many – transparent beads, glossy beads, silver-lined beads and opaque beads. Work with beads of different shapes and select a color palette that appeals to you.

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