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Ballerina Jewelry Box

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Ballerina Jewelry Box
A jewelry box is not just a place to leave your valuables but also a beautiful gift to be passed over for generations to come. Ballerina jewelry boxes are attractive and elegant as are leather jewelry boxes.

Women and jewelry go hand in hand. After having dealt with tips on selecting and caring for jewelry, it is essential to learn to store jewelry safely too. Jewelry that is stored with care and in a proper manner can be preserved for long and with virtually no damage. Jewelry box is a container to keep individual ornaments.

An excellent jewelry box is most often a handcrafted piece. Jewelry boxes can be made from Papier mache, wood, porcelain, metal, crystal or plastic. Jewelry boxes are crafted in many styles such as wooden jewelry box, ballerina jewelry box, musical jewelry box or leather jewelry box.

Jewelry box

The shape of a jewelry box is usually rectangular but can also be made in hexagonal, heart, pyramid or other shapes. A jewelry box serves as a treasure trove for reminiscence, a store for special symbols. All of us possess things that are priceless; these significant things can be stored in a jewelry box. The box can be used to store jewelry of antique value inherited from your grandmother, your wedding jewelry and even your precious rosary.

A jewelry box also known as the jewel case is generally lined with a soft material of fabric and is used to store jewelry. It is a perfect buddy for all your exquisite pieces of jewelry. A jewelry box can also be used to store all the trinkets that you have bought during your trips or vacations. You can pick up a jewelry box from a local store or even pick up a priceless one at an auction.

Jewelry box varieties

Jewelry boxes come in an array of styles, from simple ones for little girls to contemporary ones for the modern woman. Depending on the type of jewelry be it designer piece or fine piece, different types of jewelry boxes can be used. Commonly used varieties are listed as below.

Wooden jewelry box: Anything made of wood always stands a class apart. Wooden jewelry boxes are fashioned out of mahogany wood, rose wood, oak wood and teak wood. The texture and the finish of the wooden jewelry boxes are a perfect foil for the glittering stones. They can be polished to excellence or can be sheltered with a glossy clear coat.

Stained wooden jewelry boxes make gorgeous home accents. They can be customized to the style required and can be made from cherry wood. You can choose to stain the wooden jewelry boxes with delicate burl wood or two-toned accent or walnut.

Musical jewelry box:As you open your musical jewelry box, your favorite tune welcomes you to the world of your personal treasure. Impressive craftsmanship and excellent tunes can make your musical jewelry box a breathtaking possession to hold your priceless stuff. Musical tones for your jewelry box can be chosen as according to your choice. Often they are preset by the manufacturer. The more familiar ones are those that play a light music in the background as you open the flip top lids of your musical jewelry box.

Ballerina jewelry box: Small girls love baby pink shades. Ballerina jewelry boxes in particular are designed for pretty angels who love to see their little trinkets put away in a ballerina jewelry box. This jewelry box has a ballerina coming out dancing to a music that they love to hear every time they open their ballerina jewelry box to fish out their favorites. They would love to hear and see their ballerina dance to the tune of “dance of the sugar plum fairy” and of course the “swan lake”. As their ballerina dances to the tune, the ballerina jewelry box also sparkles with glitter. What perfect way to please your little moppet than to find her a ballerina jewelry box.

Leather jewelry box: The awesome smell of leather and the rich and deep colors it possesses, enhance the beauty of a leather jewelry box. Leather jewelry boxes are ideal for travel. When the jewelry box is covered in leather, it can be used as a memento box too. When you are looking at pure leather jewelry boxes, they are a little expensive and are of course a class apart. Suede leather is a perfect choice for leather jewelry boxes. The convenience of using them as a travel partner makes them stand apart from others.

Jewelry gift box: For special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, Valentines Day and of course mothers day there can be no better gift than a jewelry gift box. From young girls to grown up grandmas, each one has her treasures and would love to have a place specially designed for that. The jewelry box not only stores your personal pieces but also the memories related to it. In fact a jewelry box is often a concierge of our heritage.

Selecting the right jewelry box

A jewelry box combines a curious sense of timelessness with an affluent tradition. If you possess a big collection of small pieces of jewelry, it calls in for a jewelry box that has a number of dividers. Chunkier pieces of jewelry such as bracelets and pins need a large box with more open space. The type of jewelry you possess decides the type of jewelry box you must go in for. Choose a jewelry box that is slightly larger than your current requirements as you may add up on to your jewelry collection.

Using the jewelry box correctly

Any piece of jewelry when stored the right way will never get damaged and will last you a lifetime. It is essential that you put your jewelry box to proper use. Ensure that your jewelry box has space for each piece of jewelry as this avoids rubbing from each other and therefore prevents scratches. If your jewelry box does not have adequate number of sections, then put the jewelry pieces in separate plastic covers.

Don't forget to put away your gem stones away separately from other jewelry as gem stones have the tendency to scratch other jewelry. Ensure that your jewelry box has hooks so that you can hang your bracelets and necklaces from them. Remember your jewelry box should be dry before you use them to store your priceless collection.

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