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Hawaiian Jewelry

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Hawaiian Jewelry
Hawaiian jewelry designs are rich with floral and vine patterns as well as those representing marine life. Corals and shells, enamel work and personalized jewelry, you can find it all.

For an understated elegant and stylish look, try Hawaiian jewelry. You can team it up with a casual dress or an evening gown. Hawaiian jewelry styles are indicative of the casual attitude of the Islands and bear testimony to the rich flora and fauna of the place. While early Hawaiian jewelry was crafted out of shells, feathers, corals, seeds and whale ivory, modern styles are made with gold, silver and embellished with corals and Ni'ihau shells.

History of Hawaiian jewelry

Early history of Hawaiian jewelry can be traced to the time when Queen Victoria was mourning the death of Prince Albert. The black-enamel jewelry was popularized by the Hawaiian princess Liliu Loloku Walania Kamakaeha. Hawaiian heirloom jewelry is commemorative of various achievements and represents the Royal family heritage. You can personalize Hawaiian heirloom jewelry with your initials done in enamel or raised relief. The lettering on this type of Hawaiian jewelry is done in old English script style. The hook-shaped necklace - lei niho palaoa is a piece of Hawaiian royal jewelry.

Hawaiian jewelry styles

Hawaiian jewelry is reflective of the casual island and its beautiful flora. You can pick up pendants that represent island flowers. Select Hawaiian jewelry in the shape of palm trees, starfish, whale tail and dolphins. Plumeria jewelry is also very popular in Hawaii. Plumeria blossoms are found aplenty on the Hawaiian Islands and no better way to incorporate the Aloha spirit than to wear a piece of this exquisite Hawaiian jewelry. Designs incorporate island life in the form of marine animals, turtles, pineapples, flowers, canoes and fish.

Another popular style of Hawaiian jewelry is shell jewelry. Pearl jewelry and jade charms are sought after by those seeking exotic Hawaiian jewelry. Hawaiian jewelry designs are centered on floral, vine or scroll designs. Hawaiian jewelry can be picked up in gold. Some earrings and pendants have tiny diamonds that add sparkle to the handcrafted pieces.

Hawaiian jewelry can be bought in yellow gold or sterling silver. Black enamel work continues to be a popular design style. The wedding lei is a simple piece of Hawaiian jewelry that has strings of varying lengths. Shells and cowries and used to best effect. Earrings and chokers are also available in interesting styles. Ni'ihau shell jewelry also holds appeal with those seeking more casual Hawaiian jewelry.

Black corals teamed with gold maile leaves are another example of royal Hawaiian jewelry. The black contrasts well against the luster of the gold jewelry. Rare gold coral is available in exclusive pieces of Hawaiian jewelry. Pink corals are used extensively in Hawaiian jewelry bearing floral motifs.

Exquisite jewelry made from flowers and plants are a specialty from Hawaii. Find fashionable pieces of jewelry made with orchids, ferns and leaves. You can pick barrettes, combs, and clips with colorful orchids or even the classic stickpin for your knot or even a beautiful brooch. Typical themes for Hawaiian jewelry include palm trees, waves, sea life, turtles, flowers and Koa Wood.

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