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Women's Briefcase

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Women's Briefcase
Look up our guide to choosing a women's briefcase. You can choose from classy leather briefcases to sturdy aluminum briefcases.

Briefcase models have their origin in limp satchels that were used to carry money and valuables. What started as a comfortable and safe way for lawyers to carry their legal briefs is now a popular office accessory for most office goers. Look up our guide to choosing a women's briefcase.

Types of briefcase

Briefcases are useful to retain papers and related items in an organized manner and to carry them from one place to another. A variety of briefcases is available in the market and used for personal or professional requirements. Since briefcases were mostly used by men, the styling, design and colors were made with masculine tastes. Today you can find many softer feminine briefcases – ones that look professional yet classy. The most common types of briefcases are:

  • Portfolio – These are briefcases without handle and are carried under the arms.

  • Attaché case – Box-style case that is stretched over a hinged frame that opens into two compartments.

  • Folio case – A portfolio with retractable handles.

Leather briefcase

Leather briefcases exude quiet elegance and make for an excellent office accessory. From soft leather briefcases to harder ones and ones that can pack in your office needs, leather briefcases have come a long way. Popular colors in leather briefcases continue to be black, brown, gray and tan. You can even go in for designer leather briefcases that make for a unique statement.

Choose leather briefcases that are solidly constructed. Look for full-grain leather and check for reinforcement at the bottom. The quality of workmanship is evident in the finishing of the edges. Choose handles that are firm yet comfortable on you. Leather briefcases are perfect for both personal and business use. These briefcases are usually made from nubuck leather, goat and sheep leather and cow leather. Few of them have zippers while yet others have clasps like the ones that are found o suitcases.

Women's briefcase

Increase in the number of women entering the workforce has encouraged manufacturers to design special type of briefcase for women. There are numerous styles and varieties to cater to varying tastes and needs. Women briefcases also have the provision to accommodate personal effects used by women. Women who will be carrying irregularly shaped items must choose a briefcase that is less structured. Choose your briefcase to suit your personal needs. Go in for a vertical carrying case or opt for a laptop briefcase. Pick up one in a size that works well for you – roomy enough to hold your items but not too large either. Look for padded and adjustable shoulder straps.

Aluminum briefcase

Aluminum briefcases are a popular choice when security is a key issue. They usually have unbreakable steel frames and good locking systems. Locking systems are either the simple combination lock or high tech electronic locks. The hinges are made and designed for safety and are usually tamper proof.

Roller briefcase

Roller briefcases are generally categorized as business luggage and do not come under the conventional type. These briefcases are easy to handle as the user can just roll it across the place.

Laptop briefcase

Most laptop briefcases are made from leather and have additional provision to carry official documents. Extra space is provided to carry modem cables and other accessories of the laptop. Separate compartments are provided for carrying CDs and pen drives. These bags are usually manufactured with extra padding and foam to provide additional protection to the laptop.

Choose the right briefcase

Size: The size of a briefcase should be right enough to hold all the necessary items, from laptops and cell phones to CD or MP3 players. Pick up a briefcase that will fit in overhead bins and under airline seats.

Weight: Buy briefcases that are lightweight so that you can carry more things in it. If the briefcase itself is too heavy then you can hardly carry anything in it as it will weigh too much.

Compartments: Choose a briefcase that has enough compartments to accommodate all your things in an organized manner. The gussets must be wide enough for easy access. The tiers must be deep enough to keep your papers secure. Outside pockets with zippers are helpful in holding small electronic items, coin change, business cards, mobile phones etc.

Security: Select a briefcase that has strong zippers. Locks can be either combination locks or modern ones depending on the level of security required for the briefcase. Buckled or tie down straps are safer on over-stuffed briefcases.

Material: Briefcases made out of leather are long lasting and make a fashion statement. Briefcases made out of nylon, and polyester are also available in the market.

Mobility: If you have a problem carrying briefcases then choose one with wheels. A briefcase with well-padded shoulder strap is easy to carry about in crowded places and is useful for hand-free use. Back sleeves or top straps help hold the briefcase on to the rest of the rolling luggage. Double handles make it easy to handle briefcases that are wide.

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