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Sleeping Eye Mask

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Sleeping Eye Mask
Whether you want to combat dark circles or the stress of continuous desk work, check out eye masks to soothe the eyes. Sleeping eye masks and travel eye masks relieve you from jet-travel fatigue.

Some people are very sensitive to light even when they sleep. Sleep eye masks ensure better quality of sleep by simply blocking out light. For those working late, are on constant travel or suffer from sleep deprived swollen eyes, there are effective cooling masks that can relieve the tired puffy eye and rejuvenate them. Ice or warm masks calm allergy discomfort, nasal congestion, and tension headaches when heated.

Travel eye masks could be a sleep aid or a stress reducer. The mask enables the wearer relax and combat jet travel tiredness. Be it ice eye masks or natural eye masks, choose one that rejuvenates you and leaves you ready to face the world!

Eye mask for sleep

Eye masks known as sleep masks are primarily used as room darkening sleep aids. Simple synthetic sleep eye masks made of nylon or any other synthetic fabric are the most basic ones. They come with an elastic strap at the back. These are quite inexpensive but they do not serve the purpose of blocking light most of the time. The elastic strap is hardly adjustable and the mask becomes too tight or too loose after a period of time.

There are sleep eye masks made of foam which have concave eye pockets. This design effectively blocks light and allows the wearer to open their eyes as well. They are lightweight and comfortable for regular wear. They would cost roughly around $ 10 and come with a free set of ear plugs.

Breathing sleep eye masks are of higher quality and come made of 'breathable' fabric such as fleece or satin. They also come with Velcro straps that can be adjusted to the shape of wearer's face. This mask is also very effective in blocking light and offers sheer comfort during sleep. These are affordably priced from $ 7 onwards. The padded breathing sleep eye masks have the added benefit of extreme softness and sometimes include a system that can muffle out sounds.

Eye mask for dark circles

Weary eyes with dark circles can happen during springtime with allergies or due to the effect of hot summer sun. Late night sleep, tension at work and arduous travel can also cause dark circles around the eyes. Black circles due to eye allergies can be caused by commercial beauty products such as under eye creams and mascara. Commercial pasteurized milk, processed grains, fruits and veggies with residual pesticides can cause allergies leading to dark circles and pronounced eye bags.

Dark circles could also be hormone induced caused by premenstrual water retention. Under such circumstances it would be best to use natural diuretics such as green tea, eliminate salty foods and carbohydrates and excess liquid diet from the menu a week prior to the menstrual circle.

The most common way to rejuvenate the eye contour is by a soft allergen-free blue colored plastic mask that contains hundreds of glass beads to conform to the contour of the user's face. The mask has to be pulled out of the freezer and put on for fresh looking miraculous eyes. There are small cooling eye masks that diminish swelling and dark circles that can be a result of injury and surgery.

Eye masks made of fresh cucumber slices or moist cold tea bags are a natural remedy for battling under-eye dark circles caused due to insomnia, long work days in front of a computer, too much of television or just general tiredness. Cucumber gel eye mask can be kept ready in the refrigerator if dark circles are a chronic problem. While choosing tea bags, be cautious of allergies as tea bags like chamomile might cause eye swelling.

Eye masks during travel

During travel it is imperative to have a mask fitting over the eyes to shut out even the brightest light enabling full relaxation. Scientists have established that the Rapid Eye Movement REM sleep is the most crucial part of the sleep cycle. That is, masks should allow for complete eye movement for a deeper and more restful sleep. Lightweight masks that can block out light and molded to allow REM are available for comfortable travel fit. These masks are inexpensive and aid good slumber even whilst on the move.

Travel eye masks come made of nylon on the outside and soft cotton on the inside mostly in one-size-that-fits-all. The pillowy soft cotton and padding soothe tired eyes and block light and stay in place with adjustable elastic straps.

Eye masks designed for travel include special masks that use the wearer's body heat to conform to the contours of the face and shut out all harsh disturbing light. Elasticized strap with Velcro closure guarantee a snug fit and cozy sleep. Eye masks during flight travel come with ear buds as well. These masks are made of plush Velcro material and provide ultimate comfort in-flight. There are eye masks specifically for jet rest that are so molded to avoid contact with the eye lids and are completely black on the inside to put the wearer in total darkness.

Travel eye masks are aimed to beat fatigue and rejuvenate the travel tired eyes. The stay cool gel reduces puffiness and irritation and the special material blocks out light so that a traveler can wake up with fresh eyes. Again, the gel eye mask is a travel accessory that comes in a non toxic and non caustic gel pack to be used as hot or cold.

It is advised in-flight to drop mask in a glass of ice and place over the eyes. This sustained cooling can help reduce irritation and puffiness caused by changes in sleep patterns and also air-conditioning and city pollution during travel.

Ice eye masks

Therapeutic eye masks use ice to relieve headaches, ease sinus pressure or soothe tired eyes. These masks could be chilled in a freezer before use. The mask can stay cold up to about forty minutes providing a relaxing therapy for the tired eyes.

Branded ice eye masks can be stored in a freezer for use any time. For home spa, exfoliate and apply ice mask over hydrating mask. The user has to lie back and apply to eyelids for 10 - 12 minutes, massage glass beads with fingers over entire and specific areas. Ice masks can be refrozen and reapplied after about forty five minutes.

Alternatively, the ice eye mask can be immersed in hot water, not boiling, for about five minutes and the user can lie back and apply to eyelids for about ten minutes to relieve tension headaches and nasal congestion.

While buying eye masks, it is better to go for quality ones which can be purchased from pharmacies or travel stores. Cheap masks can tear off or get stained or the elasticity in the strap would soon get lost to become too wide.

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