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Facial Steamers

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Facial Steamers
Steaming is an age old method women have been using to keep the skin problems at bay. Electric facial steamers have replaced the traditional 'boiling pot' method. Portable facial steamers are ideal for home use.

Looking your best is all about of taking good care of your skin and facial steamers are the best bet to cleanse your skin. The dirt, sweat, pollution and even your make-up take a toll on the health of your skin leading to acne and blemishes. Steaming is an age old method women have been using to keep the skin problems at bay.

Steaming effectively opens the clogged pores and cleanses your skin while removing the stubborn blackheads. Apart from detoxifying the skin, steaming improves the blood circulation resulting in smoother, softer and healthier looking skin.

Conventionally a steam facial was done by placing the face over pot of boiling or hot water and covering the head with a thick fabric so that steam does not escape from the sides. But over time this has been replaced by electric steamers which are far more convenient compared to traditional 'boiling pot' method.

Types of facial steamers

There are so many facial steamers available in the market. Broadly there are two variations, the professional and large sized steamers, normally used in spas (for facial sauna) and simple electrical facial steamers meant for personal use. Among the simple ones, the hand held and portable type is the most favored variety for its convenience and affordability.

Portable facial steamers

A portable facial steamer is an electric hand-held device with attached water reservoir. Just before operating, reservoir needs to be filled with water. When connected, it heats up the water and converts it into steam helping you to unclog the pores. You can adjust the steamer to increase or decrease the steam production.

Hand held steamers also come with handy attachments to scrub and tone your skin after the facial steaming. Portable facial steamers are easy to maintain, convenient to use and can be carried anywhere. You can also direct the steam to the spots that need extra attention. Portable steamers are a boon to those who cannot afford the time and money for spa treatments.

For even better results you can add some essential oils and herbs into the water that is suitable for your skin type. For dry or sensitive skin you can use lavender oil, for oily skin one can add rosemary or lemon oil, for normal skin you can use lemon or Lavender oil. For mature skin, lemon oil works well and for acne prone skin, tea tree or lavender oil gives therapeutic results.

Benefits of facial steamers

  • Facial steaming opens the pores, gently removes the impurities and helps in deep cleansing of the skin.

  • Stimulates skin and improves blood circulation allowing the skin to look refreshed.

  • Steaming improves the moisture level of the skin and thus keeps the skin hydrated.

  • The facial steam treats acne and also helps in relieving stress and cold symptoms.

Using a facial steamer

  • Cleanse your face thoroughly before steaming as it allows the skin to breathe in the steam fully.

  • Keep your steamer ready with charged batteries or plug into the socket depending on the requirement, and fill the reservoir with enough water.

  • You will require a towel, moisturizer, cotton balls, facial mask and a toner during the procedure. Keeping them handy will save a good amount of time.

  • Switch on the steamer and wait for steam to release. Once it starts to come out, place your face over it and enjoy the soothing experience. But remember to keep your face 8-12 inches away from the steamer.

  • How long and how often we should use the steamer depends upon the skin type. For oily skin 10-12 minutes of steaming, once a week is advisable whereas normal to dry skin requires little lesser time than the oily type.

  • Once the steaming is completed, follow the routine of exfoliation, toning and moisturizing in sequence to enjoy clean and glowing skin.

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