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Texting Gloves

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Texting Gloves
Take advantage of special texting gloves to use touch screen devices sans any interruption or frost bite fear. Find out more about how to choose the right texting glove.

Nearly a third of the Americans prefer texting to talking. Text messaging is probably the most popular method of staying in touch these days. Can changing seasons dampen your texting?

The bitter chills of winter surely can. Sleet and freezing rain can. Bitterly cold air along with gusty winds can. The body's extremities respond first to the reduced blood flow. Hitherto active fingers turn clumsy numb fingers and affect texting speed and accuracy. Instead of struggling to text gloveless, choose a pair of texting gloves and continue to text anytime anywhere. Be it smart phones, tablets and other touch screen devices, texting gloves keep hands warm and let you continue texting. Texting gloves have evolved into a fashion accessory too! Stay fashionable, stay protected from cold winds and stay connected any time with texting gloves.

Texting gloves specialty

Why not the regular gloves? Last Christmas, remember hurriedly removing your regular gloves to press the button on the tiny key pads of the mobile but in vain? In the process, cold fingers turn frozen and numb. Normal gloves do not work on mobiles and smart phones with touch screens.

There are touch screens with 'resistive technology' and 'capacitive technology'. Devices with 'resistive technology' require the force of pushing down on the touch screen device. The layered design responds to the push.

Higher end smart phone manufacturers use 'capacitive technology'. It has become the norm and remains the industry standard for now. Touch screens with capacitive technology respond to electrical properties of human body. Actual touch is required. Recognizing the touch, the phone's operating system performs tasks. This explains why normal gloves do not work on smart phone or mobiles with capacitive touch screen.

When wearing regular gloves, usually with cotton or synthetic fiber, the body's natural conductivity is blocked and the charge fails to pass through the glove and register movement. A texting glove uses conductive cloth on the finger tips and the rest of the glove is made with warmer material or alternatively the pointer finger and thumb is scantily clad to operate the screen.

So, when using texting gloves, there is no block in body's electrical conductivity, the touch screen picks up the electrical current and performs required task. ATMs, GPS devices, gas stations all involve using a touch screen. It is a touch screen world and it is therefore most appropriate to have a pair of texting gloves.

Buy texting gloves

From $3 to $100, texting gloves come in varied designs, patterns, models and colors, be it vintage collection or the latest designs from independent designers. Keep on the lookout for texting gloves that serve the purpose, secure hands from frostbite, keep hands warm and allow you to answer calls, snap chat, and take photos as well as text without taking your gloves off.

Select on the basis of three key determinants: grip, 10-finger compatibility, and ease of use - essentially, fit and conductivity.

Texting gloves have three formats:

  • Conductive threads are woven into the texting glove material that allows you to use a touch screen without having to remove any part of the glove, or

  • Conductive fabric is used on the thumbs and forefingers allowing use of touch screen, or

  • Tiny little slits on the thumb and index finger for easy use.

Texting gloves come in various materials such as leather, wool, acrylic yarn, spandex, nylon and cashmere. Texting gloves come in various sizes ranging from extra small to extra large. While some are unisex, some are specially made for women or men. Texting gloves come with either buttons, Velcro, cuffs or ruffles. Pick them from a range of colors and styles.

Texting gloves buying tips

Texting glove material: The material affects the conductivity of the texting glove to a great extent and distinguishes good and bad texting gloves. There are different types of conductive material which basically fall into two categories, namely, touch screen compatible thread and conductive leather. Of the two, conductive leather texting gloves work flawlessly.

Check touch sensitivity: Try out to check touch sensitivity factor of the different gloves. Wear a trial texting glove piece and text and test compatibility on touch screen devices. Type, swipe and pinch on the touch screen to check accuracy.

Dexterity: Buy gloves that allow tighter fit, which in turn gives precise control when typing on small touch screens.

Warmth factor: Besides enabling you to accurately text, assess if the texting gloves keep your hands warm protecting you from frost bites. Light weight texting gloves are thin enough not to be obtrusive. Don't sacrifice warmth or style.

10 fingers maneuver: If compatible, check if texting gloves allow for multi-finger gesture. Hold a glass, pick up items etc to ensure the texting glove does not restrict usage of fingers but allows moving hand and fingers with ease.

Wind proof and water proof: Texting gloves that are wind proof and water proof offer total functionality and are the most appropriate winter wear.

Texting glove varieties: Wear a pair that suits your style quotient. Here is a list of texting gloves that are most popular along with unique features. Pick your favorite. Specially threaded silver fiber provide conductivity so any part of the glove including the knuckles, finger tips, and even the back open of the hand work well to operate the touch screen device.

iTap gloves: If looking for the simplest, budget-friendly yet touch screen compatible texting glove, pick iTap. The specialty of stretch yarns allows for one-size fitting.

Etre five point gloves: Using British materials, the well crafted texting gloves cover all fingertips. It is functional and stylish. Most suited for colder conditions, the gloves sewn from high end wool provide a luxurious feel.

Etre touchy gloves: If you are not comfortable covering all five fingers, pick Etre touchy gloves. The thumb and index finger are left uncovered allowing free gestures on touch screen devices. Stylish, comfortable, fashionable and functions well, Etre touchy gloves are also reasonably priced.

Isotoner smart touch: The specialty is non-slip texture and tiny patch with conductive threads on the tips that enable touch screen response. The fabric is warm, stretch factor makes it suitable for large hands and stylish users, Isotoner is the right choice. It has a waterproof exterior.

North face E-tip gloves: Ease/comfort factor has made North Face Etip gloves highly popular. The E denotes the conductive finger tips. Though not meant for extreme winter as it does not offer much insulation, these are appropriate for the winter months starting from October to April.

GloveTips : If you are eager to modify existing gloves and make them compatible to touch screen devices, buy gloveTips to attach the conductive strips. In just 15 minutes you can convert any glove into touch screen compatible texting gloves.

DIY texting gloves

If you care to sew own texting gloves by remodeling existing pair of gloves, just follow these steps:

  • Source few strands of conductive threads online or local arts/crafts store.

  • Sew the threads meticulously into the finger tips, the thumb, middle finger or all.

  • Start texting with your new converted texting gloves.

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