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Stocking Stuffers

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Stocking Stuffers
Traditionally stocking stuffers were hung over the fireplace but in houses without a fireplace they are hung on the Christmas tree. Look for interesting, innovative and inexpensive ways to fill up your stockings.

Stockings can spring up wonderful surprises during holiday seasons. Small and inexpensive presents stuffed in the stockings on Christmas Eve are referred to as stocking stuffers. Stocking stuffers may often rob the limelight from the big gifts as people eagerly look forward to these small yet special and significant gifts.

Traditionally stocking stuffers were hung over the fireplace but in houses without a fireplace they are hung on the Christmas tree or any other interesting place within the house. Few people make mock fireplaces and hang the stocking stuffers there. Unwrapping gifts from the stockings can be fun for kids and grown-ups. Selecting gifts for stocking stuffers is just as fun as receiving them and opening them. This Christmas season; make it interesting for you and the receiver by going that extra mile of choosing the right gifts for stocking stuffers.

As per tradition, stockings were filled with candy, fruits and nuts. Stockings these days are stuffed with a variety of gifts - toys, household items, hand made soaps, gadgets or any item of interest. Stocking stuffers are also known as stocking fillers.

Stocking fillers

  • Choose the right size of stockings so that you can accommodate adequate number of gifts.

  • Do not buy gifts that are too large and are difficult to accommodate in the stockings.

  • Try and wrap the gifts if you have enough time on your hands.

  • Decide on the people whom you are going to gift and segregate them according to their age groups. Choose gifts that will suit their age.

  • All gifts chosen for stocking stuffers need not be expensive, choosing the right ones makes it more meaningful.

  • Gifts in the stocking stuffers can be duplicated if you have too many people on your list.

  • Appreciate ideas from family members and let them also contribute to the making of stocking stuffers.

Stocking stuffers ideas

  • Conventional Christmas tree ornaments that can be hung on trees turn out to be great stocking stuffers.

  • Gift certificates and gift cards for books, food restaurants, clothing stores, etc that suit your budget.

  • Any consumable item like candles, phone cards, lottery tickets, candles, pens, pencils, etc.

  • Food items like candies, cheese, sausages, brownies, cookies, etc.

  • Any type of collectibles.

  • Toiletry and personal items.

  • Hair brush, tooth brush, loofah, etc.

  • Kids love toys.

  • Fancy shoelaces and piggy banks will be attractive gifts for kids.

  • Girls love fashion jewelry and cosmetics.

  • Boys love gadgets like multi tool kit, flashlights, etc.

  • Choose gifts according to the person's hobbies. For e.g. if someone loves to draw, gift them color pencils, artist's pencils, etc.

Homemade stocking stuffers

Homemade stocking stuffers symbolize personal love and affection. What better way to express your love during the festive season!

  • Paper dolls

  • Personalized playing cards

  • Doll clothes

  • Play dough

  • Paper airplanes

  • Bubble solution

  • Handmade jewelry like beaded bracelet or friendship bracelet

  • Activity book

  • Handmade soap shaped in attractive shapes

Where to buy socking stuffers

  • Dollar stores

  • Stationary stores

  • Bed and bath stores

  • Sports goods stores

  • Boutique toy stores

  • The car parts stores

  • Book stores

  • Discount stores

  • Pet stores

  • Grocery stores

  • Craft stores

  • Jewelry stores

Stocking stuffers for men

  • Darts

  • Headphones

  • Watch

  • Mini liquor bottles

  • Cuff links

  • Car air freshener

  • Weatherman

  • Paperweights

  • Lens pen

  • Radar detector

Stocking stuffers for women

  • Beauty treatment coupons

  • Jewelry

  • Home spa kits

  • Nail polish

  • Soaps

  • Cosmetics

  • Music CD

  • Gift certificate for dinner

  • Baby sitting coupons

  • Perfumes

  • Lotions

Stocking stuffer for kids

  • Travel-size games

  • Matchbox cars

  • Watches

  • Stickers

  • Bubbles

  • Disposable camera

  • Cosmetics to suit particular age groups, little girls love lip gloss and bubble bath

  • Art/craft supplies

  • Journal/Diary

  • Piggy banks

  • Cricket bat

  • Barbie dolls

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