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Lift Chair

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Lift Chair
Lift chairs are handy for people who find it difficult to stand up from a seated position. This informative article gives you details on recliner lift chair, wheelchair lift and stair chair lift.

Specialized furniture mechanisms have lessened problems for people with limited mobility. With equipment such as lift chair, they get to become more independent and mobile. Lift chairs are handy for people who find it difficult to stand up from a seated position. A lift chair is specially designed to help a person in and out of a seated position.

Lift chair

People suffering from arthritis or progressing age and find it very difficult to stand up from a sitting position benefit from a lift chair. A lift chair looks much like an ordinary chair. A motor fixed to this chair moves it either up or down. When you want to stand up or get out of the chair, you have to press a button.

This button in turn activates the motor and the motor tilts the chair to a standing position. You can just walk out of the chair from this position as this action requires zero physical effort. When you want to sit, you have to lean onto the chair. The moment you lean on the chair your body weight activates the device thus activating the motor. The motor helps in lowering you and the chair into a sitting position.

People who can benefit the best from lift chairs are those suffering from arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS), muscular dystrophy, any type of accidents, neuro muscular disease, accidental injuries, degenerative joint disease, bad knee and hip conditions and post-operative conditions.

Automatic lift chairs replace the need for a personal caretaker. Lift chairs are available in numerous styles, sizes; colors, prizes and a variety of fabrics are available for the upholstery. People can choose between reclining type, sofa type, bed type or chair type lift chairs. Lift chairs are available from a price range of US$ 400 for a simple one to US$2000 for a luxury one.

Buying lift chair

  • Keep in mind the height and weight of the person who will be using the chair.

  • The breadth and the depth of the seat and the elevation of the back should perfectly suit the person using the chair. People can choose between hard back and soft back.

  • Lift chairs for heavy built people can be custom made.

  • Commonly lift chairs are power-driven, there are chairs that have battery back up too.

  • Few chairs have therapeutic effects such as chairs built with massage units and built-in healing units.

Recliner lift chair

The most common type of lift chairs are recliners. Recliners bend to various angles depending on the need of the people. The most common position that recliners can reach are the 2 position, 3 position, and the infinity position. A 2 position recliner can recline up to a maximum of 45 degrees and a 3 position recliner can get almost flat. 2 and 3 position recliners operate with a single motor and button while infinity recliner has two motors and buttons.

Wheelchair lift

Wheelchair lifts are used to transport wheelchairs. These lifts provide the wheelchair easy access to the required place. These lifts have made mobility furniture more consumer-friendly. Few wheelchair lifts are used to lift wheelchairs into vans and cars for trouble-free haulage, yet others are devised to be used within the house.

Operating models of wheelchair lifts

Hydraulic wheelchair lifts: Principle of hydraulics is used in the operation of this lift. Use of fluid helps in tackling any sudden changes in speed and surface. These lifts are very safe and smooth but more expensive when compared to other lifts.

Electric wheelchair lifts: They are cheaper when compared to hydraulic wheelchair lifts. Most of these lifts have battery backups. Few lifts are provided with telephone jacks and automatic door openers.

Types of wheelchair lifts

Home stair lifts: These lifts can be set up anywhere inside or outside your home. New lift models are designed in such a manner that they occupy very little space and operate with minimal noise. Price range for these lifts is between US$ 2,555 to US$ 4500, standard lifts rise up to a height of 23 feet and can accommodate up to 350 pounds.

Automobile lifts: Regular automobiles are made accessible to wheelchairs with the help of these lifts. These lifts can be operated by a single person and can be disassembled after use. These lifts are manufactured to suit vans and cars. Price range for these lifts is between US$ 700 to US$ 3000.

Stair chair lift

Stair lifts are used to transport the user either up or down the stairs at home. The chair lift transports people using a mounted track that is fixed to the staircase of the house. Staircase lifts are also called as stair chair lifts, chair lifts, stairway lifts, stair chairs or stair glides. Two popular designs of these lifts are:

  • Straight design

  • Curved design

The price range for these lifts is approximately between US$ 2500 to US$ 4000. Curved stair lifts are made to order and are more expensive when compared with straight lifts.

  • Straight lifts can be installed on straight staircases only.

  • Straight lifts can be installed very easily when compared to curved lifts.

  • To install curved lifts, you have to hire professional help as installation has to be done perfectly.

Wheelchair lift vans

Wheelchair lift vans are manufactured for special purposes and are not readily available. These vans are manufactured to suit people who use the wheelchair for mobility and are designed in a special manner. Wheelchair lift vans make moving around a lot easier. These wheelchair lift vans lift the wheelchair into the van and make it a part of the seating system within the van. Wheelchair lift vans are altered by lowering their floor and adding a special ramp that facilitates effortless rolling of the chair into the van. While buying a new wheelchair lift van, ensure that the dealer is a member of the National mobility equipment dealers association.

Wheelchair lift ramp

Wheelchair lift ramps are constructed depending on the use:

  • Portable wheelchair lift ramps

  • Permanent wheelchair lift ramps

Permanent ramps are made for permanent purpose and are built using steel, RCC etc. Hospitals, public places; residences are the places where these ramps are built. They are built to handle heavy load. Portable wheelchair lift ramps are built using fiber glass, steel or aluminum and are used in vehicles and buildings. Ensure that the side railings are safe and secure. The ramp must be able to carry the weight of the person.

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