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Women's Flat Shoes

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Women's Flat Shoes
You do not have to wear heels all the time or kill your feet to look fashionable. You can wear flats either to dress down or create a different look depending on how you go about choosing them.

Women who are tall often stick to flat shoes. Although heels are fun to wear, donning those flats once in a while can be equally stylish if you know how to pair them up. It is hard to beat flats when it comes to comfort. A few celebs are flaunting their flats at important red carpet events lately.

Whether you are tall or short, wearing flat shoes and wearing them right can make you look chic and comfortable. You can choose women's flat shoes with buckles, bows, sequins, peep toes and ribbons. Light colored flat shoes go well in the daylight with summery dresses and skirts, while darker colors vibe well with jeans for a fun evening out.

Leather flat shoes

Leather flat shoes in brown or tan colors are in demand although black is a more common color. These do not go out of fashion easily, and you can invest in one for long term use. They are a wardrobe must have, just like that little black dress! You can wear them with almost anything. Gold leather flats, black and brown leather flats are all available easily. Patent leather shoes are making a comeback, they have a glossier finish and are easy to maintain. Avoid wearing your leather shoes when it's raining as you would ruin them. Polish your leather flat shoes, keep them dry and wrap them up in a cloth for proper storage.

Ballet flat shoes

Ballet flat shoes can be worn with summer dresses or A-line skirts. There are many varieties of ballet flat shoes with different designs that can complement jeans, Capri pants, leggings, pencil pants and pencil skirts. More professional looking shoes can be teamed up with formal wear. Ballet flat shoes that sport a spectrum of colors are cut out for party and evening wear.

Ballerina flat shoes come in different sizes and materials such as satin and leather. These are similar to dance shoes with embellishments. Choose ballet flats with neutral colors for formal occasions. If you're not used to flats, practice walking with them at home before you step outside! As ballet shoes tend to make petite women look shorter, it is best to team them up with a short skirt. Taller women can wear these shoes with long skirts and dresses, although it is best to avoid pairing them up with long or pleated pants.

Bridal flat shoes

Bridal flat shoes look really divine and classy. They can provide you comfort as you walk down the aisle. Bridal flats are perfect for outdoor weddings, such as lawn and beach weddings. Ribbons and rhinestones are used on them to add that special touch. They are created with materials such as silk and satin to match the bridal wear. If you're wary of wearing complete flats, you can opt for a slight kitten heel.

Bridal flat shoes may be worn by the bridesmaids and the younger girls. These can be dyed in the same color to maintain uniformity. Although the choice and availability of bridal flats is limited, there is increasing demand for them.

Suede flat shoes

Suede flat shoes are the perfect choice for cool weather; from fall through winter. They are soft and comfortable. Suede flats come in a variety of colors, textures and have different types of embellishments. These shoes look cute, elegant and feminine and go well with jeans and pants. You can also wear them with a long skirt and with leggings.

Suede is harder to maintain than leather so it is ideal to coat it with a protective spray for extra measure. Suede flat shoes are the thing for fashion junkies. Choose classic styles that never go out of fashion. Suede shoes are more expensive than leather. So if you want suede shoes on a budget, artificial suede flats are a good option. Pay attention to the details that make your suede shoes stand out in a crowd.

Lace up flat shoes

Lace up flat shoes may be more masculine but you can go the Selma Blair way and team them up with pink laces to add that feminine touch. They look fun and sporty! You can buy a bunch of laces in different colors to create a brand new look each time. You can wear them with loose fitting Capris, shorts or with a frilled, summery knee length skirt. There are shiny lace-up flat shoes introduced by some designers as well. If you're looking for a pair of sensible shoes, lace up flat shoes are a good choice.

You do not have to wear heels all the time or kill your feet to look fashionable. You can wear flats either to dress down or create a different look depending on how you go about choosing them. There are casual flat shoes available but so are metallic, sequined and hotter styles. Flared sleeves, feminine tops and flirty skirts can be used to your advantage to accentuate the look.

Make sure your pants are not too long when you wear flats to look smart as ever. Choose current styles unless they come in very odd shapes, which will soon go out of fashion. Try going for colors different than black or brown unless you are looking for leather flat shoes. Now you know the guidelines, don't be afraid to flaunt those flats!

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