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Christmas Gift Gadget

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Christmas Gift Gadget
You can personalize your Christmas gifts to add the special touch. Christmas is also the season for corporate gifts. Explore many of the trendy gadgets for the special occasion.

If you are looking for Christmas gift ideas for a gadget lover, there is no dearth of exciting gizmos on sale. An ideal Christmas gift gadget for someone who peers at the monitor for most of the day is a hi-tech and funky keyboard. An illuminated keyboard that emanates an eerie bluish glow can reduce symptoms of computer vision syndrome (CVS) and eyestrain.

The good-old Swiss Army knife just got better - It now comes equipped with USB Memory. This trendy accessory is a perfect Christmas gift gadget for the handy man. This gadget has all the typical utilities found in the pocketknife, from nail file and screwdriver to scissors and red LED light. With a detachable storage device and password protection, the uses of this multi-purpose device are myriad.

A multi-function digital video camera is yet another gadget gift idea for Christmas. The top-of-the-line digital video cameras can offer a maximum picture resolution of over 14 megapixel, thus delivering high quality images. Mpeg4 technology coupled with USB 2.0 interface can make for an exciting gift for the shutterbug. Such digital cameras come with seamless 4x digital zooming and most even sport built-in electronic flash.

Christmas Gift Gadget

Tool Kits have always been very popular with handy do-it-yourself men. These tool kits come in trendy stowaway boxes loaded with plenty of tools - assorted box spanners, pliers, screw driver kits and electric drills which double up as electric screw drivers as they sport adjustable speed controls. When you select a tool kit, look for good quality tools as most of the cheaper ones are little more than toys. Good quality tool kits tend to weigh more than cheaper tools.

iPod is another gift item extremely popular around this season. The smaller iPod shuffle with about 2 GB uses Flash memories and cost less than hundred dollars at the moment. iPods are amazingly versatile as they can store vast quantities of audio mp3 files and video files. They can be coupled to the car stereos to listen to personalized music. They can double up as data storage devices as well with the bundled software.

Mobile phones are another ubiquitous gift items. They come with more gizmos these days. Camera mobiles sport good quality digital cameras starting from VGA to several mega pixel versions. They can also take movies using MPEG file compression. Most come equipped with infra red and Blue tooth connectivity making file transfers quite easy with similarly equipped devices. Many mobile phones made by Sony Ericsson notably among others have enough memory to play MP3 songs over stereo headphones. As is common with the digital gizmos the prices are falling everyday as the competition hots up.

GPS receivers: This page about Gadget Gift idea will not be complete without mentioning GPS receivers. If your gift recipient is an outdoors type, a handheld GPS receiver comes in handy. Many come pre loaded with North American base maps with enough memory to store your own map details. Portable in-car GPS are ideal for long distance drivers as they have larger color displays. Besides they sport more memories as they are not fettered by power consumption issues. Other options are available for GPS receivers - Blue tooth GPS plug-in for PDAs and USB GPS receivers which can connect to your laptop.

One cannot talk of Christmas gift gadgets and not mention the handheld PDAs! Want to keep track of important birthdays, dates, activities and services? Get the new palm handheld or PDAs. A handheld set with GPS capabilities will not only help you look up appointments and contacts but also locate them through commands. Get the power of automatic route calculation, electronic mapping, map data interference and turn-by-turn voice guidance in your handheld PDA.

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas Gift Gadget for the crossword lover, the handheld crossword puzzle game may be just right. With a spell checker and hint giver, this gadget can provide hours of activity. Slim recordable DVD players are also a rage with gadget buyers.

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